Selling Your Business Checklist

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Selling Your Business Checklist

A checklist can be used in different manners – from the simple to do checklist that you need to follow on a daily basis up to a checklist that involves business matters which can affect your finances. When selling your business, it is highly recommended to have a checklist as this tool will help you to have an easier time implementing the things that are connected with the selling process. Hence, it is not only an evaluation checklist when buying a business that matters as it can also go the other way around.

Selling Business Checklist Example

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The first thing that you need to do while creating a checklist for the purpose of selling your business is to have an idea on how to create one. Be knowledgeable of the basic steps and the necessary information that you need to put in the document. The discussion below can help you be more aware of how you can come up with effective and complete checklists usable for the stages of planning and actual selling of your business.

What to Put in a Checklist When Deciding to Sell Your Business

Your checklist when selling a business needs to be detailed and comprehensive so you can use it accordingly. Some of the information that should be in the specified tool are as follows:

  • Identify the reason why you would like to sell the business. Your checklist should first have the objective that you would like to achieve so that you can always resort to it whenever you will make new decisions in terms of business selling.
  • List down the possible help that you will be needing. This includes professional advice from brokers and other industry experts. Doing this will allow you to have objective and professional opinions with regards to your decision to sell your business.
  • Identify the value of your business so you can get its worth through the money that you will receive once it is already sold. There are certain industry standards and regulations that you need to be aware of and these should be written logically in the checklist that you will make.
  • Know the strategies and activities that you will execute so you can find the most promising buyer of the business. May it be advertisements or through third-party transactions, you have to ensure that your checklist contains a list of options when it comes to generating leads.

Checklist for Selling a Business When there are Already Prospective Buyers

The checklist that you will create when planning the selling of your business should be different from the checklist that you will use when reminding you of the selling processes that you need to honor. Though there are some that combine both checklists, it will be best if you can separate the two of them as there are different decision-making factors that you need to consider when doing them. A checklist for selling a business when there are already prospective buyers must include the following:

  • Ensure that you can identify the scope and limits of the business selling negotiation. Some possible buyers haggle and some of them have specific requests when trying to buy your business. List down the information of your sale price range and the payment specifications so you can easily identify whether you can sell your business to a particular buyer or not.
  • Your checklist should also have the procedures that you need to implement when preparing the contract. All the items that are legally binding should be listed in the contract to ensure that you can protect yourself when disputes occur.
  • If your business has shareholders and investors, you should also have a checklist on how to deal with investors and shareholders as they deserve to know the current standing of your decision when it comes to selling the business.
  • Include all legal activities that you need to undergo because of selling your business. This will help you to properly transfer the ownership of the business without facing legal charges especially when it comes to business taxes and the like.

Why Create a Checklist When Selling a Business?

If you want to sell your business, you have to make sure that you are making the right and sound decisions. With this, it is suggested to have a checklist as this tool can help you in a lot of ways possible. Some of the reasons why we think it is important for you to have a checklist when selling your business are as follows:

  • The process of selling your business have many areas and phases. If you have a checklist, then you can properly group items that are relevant with one another. Moreover, you can have a tool that can serve as your reference whenever there is specific information that you need to know or update from time to time.
  • There are many factors that you need to look into when selling a business. This can be a bit overwhelming which can leave you unfocused and disorganized. If you have a checklist at hand, it will be easier for you to keep on track.
  • Selling a business is one of the most tedious tasks a business owner needs to face. Hence, a checklist used for this matter is more detailed compared to seminar checklists and other kinds of checklists used in daily personal processes. If you are already in the process of selling your business, you need to have a guide that can make it more efficient for you to identify the call to actions that you have already done and those that you still need to execute.
  • There is money involved when selling a business. Hence, you need to ensure that you are getting the correct amount of money equivalent to the worth of your business. More so, you need to handle financial matters accordingly and a checklist is your best tool in relation to that.

Convinced to Use a Checklist When Selling a Business?

If the above-mentioned information has already convinced you to make your own checklist, then we suggest you have references when developing the document. Use samples that can guide you the proper ways on how to put together relevant content in the document. More so, refer to templates if you need help in terms of formatting the actual document.

Once you already know the usage of the specific checklist that you want to develop, it will already be fast and easy for you to make that document. Use a checklist so you can ensure that selling your business is guided by a tool for effective planning and decision making.

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