Why HR Is Critical to Your Company’s Success

In all its certainty, human resource plays a special role in the success of a company. There are a lot of ways where a human resource specialist could reel in not only profit but also stability to the growth of an organization. These, however, are usually underrated and unappreciated by many, even the head of the company.

Human resource is just one of the most basic components that a company should have in order to complete that building block. It may be considered an important structure when you want to have an established organization. They take the role of ambassadors for the company and sometimes even mediators to conflicts.

What Is HR?

Human resource (HR) is an integral part of a company that is responsible for the recruitment of employees as well as the implementation of the regulations and policies in terms of its employment. It is a division in the whole structural formation of an organization that is tasked to make sure that the new recruits are potential contributors for its growth and success. It also maintains the healthy relationship among employees and to continuously develop methods and training programs to hone their skills for the good of the company.

Needless to say, the human resource department is an important factor in the growth of a company. Aside from the fact that the individuals working for this team is responsible for reeling in the best candidates for a certain job, they also provide assistance in the continuity of the business through constant monitoring of all the employees in the company.

A human resource specialist has to deal with the scouting, screening, and recruitment of all candidates. This itself requires passion, determination, and the willingness to bring in the best people. In addition to that, they are also responsible to make sure that employees are of best quality to maintain competitiveness in the industry.

We all know that as the years go by, businesses strive to evolve into much better entities and compete with the rest. Thus, it is the role of the human resource department to make sure their employees have the abilities and skills to face every challenges that might come along the way.

Personnel management is one of the key roles of a human resource specialist. One is thereby expected to perform a number of tasks involved but not limited to what is explicitly specified. Staffing is just one among the many responsibilities of a person who works in the human resource management force. It is the process of selecting and hiring people into the organization as well as placing them into the job positions suitable within the framework of the company.

Thus, we cannot assume that a human resource specialist with simply pick in random people he/she thinks has potentials. The whole process requires intensive understanding of the applicant, with the combination of scrutiny and objectivity. One must be keen with details as well as observance with insight towards a person’s behavior. And more importantly, one should be a good decision maker without having to show any slight motive of any partiality.

What Are the Roles of a Human Resource Specialist?

A human resource specialist is not all the time playing the roles as described by the book. Most of the time, they perform even the most undefined responsibilities just so the company has sufficient amount of people with the best abilities. However, there are a few essential roles that a human resource specialist has to perform in order to maintain success and continuous growth in the company.

  • Assess employment rate. One of the important roles of a human resource specialist is to make sure there are enough people for a certain kind of job. There should be no excess of workers as well as deficiency of them. Excess of staff would mean more payouts with less productivity. We have to remember as well that less people to perform a great task would mean lower outputs. There should be balance in the employment, and that is a job only a human resource can make.
  • Recruitment and training. This is the most common type of role that we are all familiar of when it comes to human resource. And yes, this is essential in keeping the company afloat. It takes time and effort to look for the best candidate in a crowd of hundreds of applicants. The process is like finding a needle in a haystack. You need to be very careful not to hurt your company in the process. That is why a human resource specialist has to invest in experience in the selection of candidates. However, hiring a candidate is not the end of it. You also need to make sure the person receives the right amount of training and information in order to equip him/her for the task ahead. Lack of knowledge for the job position would only mean ineffectiveness, therefore, making the person unproductive for the company.
  • Manage employee benefits and compensations. The human resource department is also responsible in providing and managing employee salary, benefits, and compensations. As we all know, a car needs fuel to run for miles. So too are the employees. You need to provide them the right reward for all the hard work they have done.
  • Assist in career development and performance enhancement. Money is not the only thing that makes employees happy. They also need activities that would make them better persons and better employees. As a human resource specialist, you and your team of professionals need to make plans and methods on how to develop a career path for your employees. You need to assess who can work and perform best in other departments or offices and provide them growth within the organization. You need to rate every individual’s performance and check whether the person needs guidance. Since employees are the main contributors of a company’s growth and they generate most of the income, you need to invest in them. You need to provide them not only monetary rewards but also personal and work satisfaction that they could be proud of.
  • Ensure company policies and regulations are observed. Human resource encompasses anything that involves employment. This includes the welfare of both the company and the employees. The human resource department is tasked to make sure that the policies of the organizations are observed. They are the team who should be the first to rescue and protect the welfare of its employees. Discriminations should be avoided and beliefs should be respected. In addition to that, they should also maintain the observance of company policies such as proper dress code, right conduct in the office, and interpersonal behavior in respect to what is right and just to every human being.

10 Reasons Why HR Is Critical to Your Company’s Success

In every success story, there is always someone behind who made every impossible possible. The same way goes with a company’s triumph against all odds. There are a group of people who work whether on their desks or with a group of aspirants and would most probably spend most of their time in the office.

These are the individuals who work in the human resource management. But, what is it really that they do that we can say they contribute to an organization’s growth? Here are the reasons why you need such people of you want your company to reach the highest peak of success.

1. Scout and Hire the Best Candidates

Whichever industry you belong, you certainly need to hire people to work for you. They comprise the production division of your company thereby providing you the income to fuel your business. And in order to make sure you have the best and most talented people, the human resource department is the only people you can count on.

They look for the best people and hire them for you. The more skilled and knowledgeable people you have, the more success should you expect from your business. And the more experienced and hardworking human resource specialist you have on your side, the closer you get to writing your success story.


2. Creates Methods and Development Program

Human resource specialist study people’s behavior and how it correlates to work as well as how to effectively market these talents into a business. They are responsible for making sure that there are enough training and developmental programs your employees should undertake. They devise strategies for your business and how to compete in a growing and evolving business environment.

3. Keen Observation of the Business

Human resource specialists are also called business generalists in the sense that they look at the business at a different level compared to those who run or own the business. While these owners’ mindsets are focused mainly on gaining profits and expanding the business, human resource specialists look at it from both the consumers’ and the company’s perspective. They can contribute insights that could be needed especially when making important decisions. They also have an idea of how employees perform and what are the things that could make them do better.

4. Creates Reasonable Compensation

Since these people know their talents and the kind of people working for the company, they are the best sources for information regarding compensation. Benefits and salaries for employees is an example of a company expense that a business owner should always and carefully consider. Reluctantly paying high salary and constantly providing unreasonable compensation could lead to poor business management or worse, bankruptcy.

Human resource specialists know exactly what motivates and how to motivate the employees so they have an idea what are the types of rewards they prefer. They also know the people who deserve compensation much more than the rest of the staff.

5. Knows How to Engage with the Employees

Your employees are not robots who merely come to work, perform their duties, and then go home to prepare for the next day. Nope. Therefore, you need to have a group of people who know exactly how to engage with the employees and plan activities that would motivate them more to work harder. Engagement activities refresh the minds of the employees and somehow gives them a good feeling that working for you is not a disappointment. A sound company is the one that observes work-life balance.

6. Saves You from Unwanted Suits

One of the most important roles of a human resource specialist aside from hiring and staffing is making sure you are adhering to the existing rules and policies of the government when it comes to labor and employment. They study the governing laws in order for you not to violate any. When you have a business, there are certain rules that you have to follow. That includes rightful and lawful employee benefits and compensation, trading rules, and business management. Without a proper knowledge and broader understanding of these rules and policies, you might get into serious trouble. Better have someone who knows how these things work.

7. Studies Organization Framework

A successful company is comprised of different divisions and branches that work in unison and perfect harmony. Since human resource specialists are the ones tasked with the search, recruitment, and hiring process of your company, they know exactly who are the right people for the job. Therefore, if there is one thing that you need to know that they already know, it is who should take the right post. Placing someone who has no sufficient knowledge and skills on a certain job would just create a topsy-turvy in your company and affect the whole production.

8. Keeps the Profits Intact

When you have the best people working in your human resource department, you could save a lot of money. You can use these savings for an investment opportunity, additional budget for production, or employee benefits and compensation. Hiring the right employees could save you a lot of money.

Why? Each employee you hire undergoes a training program and underdevelopment programs needed to prepare them for the job. If the employee does not have the right abilities and skills, the money spent on training will just be a waste and in effect, you will have to look for another candidate.

And the process goes over and over again until you find the right personality fit for the job. If you have a competitive group of people manning the recruitment process, you can save a lot of money and your profits are intact.

9. Ensures Safety in the Work Environment

Another key role of a human resource specialist is to assess and make sure that the workplace is suitable and safe for employees. These people study all topics and factors related to business, employment, and marketing.

Therefore, they have a larger understanding and grasp of the business processes. Unsafe and hazardous work environment could hamper employees safety and therefore becomes a violation of their rights. Governments are after the safety of their citizens and when you put them to harm, you are in a serious trouble and you could lose millions in lawsuits.

10. Keeps Employees Satisfied

Employees’ satisfaction is a combination of the salary and compensation they receive, the treatment and respect they receive from the company, and the career development offered to them.

Human resource specialists draft questionnaires and conduct surveys in order to gauge employee satisfaction. They need to make sure that the people around them are happy with what they do as well as the company as a whole. This keeps the ball rolling making sure it’s on the way to success.

The difference that a human resource specialist makes to a company is unquestionable. It is such a noble task that not everybody can commit to. It takes perseverance, determination and most of all, selflessness. The human resource department is an important division in the company who makes sure that every employee is well-rounded.

A success story of a company can be credited to the people who work best in finding talents and people who can contribute to a greater cause. It is a workforce who believes in the importance of the employees and that they should receive a fair amount of treatment just like everyone else.

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