Top Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business

Last Updated: March 5, 2024

Top Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business

This 2017 is a good opportunity to start a business and be part of the entrepreneur realm. For those of you who believe in Chinese astrology, you might be a little positive of what this year can do for you. There is that fire burning within you to succeed in your business.

According to Chinese zodiac, 2017 is the year of the rooster (Fire Rooster). Since ancient times, the rooster is believed to have the ability to feel what will happen in the future. The fire rooster anticipates what is coming and provides solutions for the problem. Hence, as an entrepreneur, this year is a great opportunity to think of good plans for the business.


What Makes a Business Grow?

The year 2017 is what I call the “start of the golden era for business.” When I say business, that includes those who are already in the game and those who are just starting. We all know that all these mighty corporations also started from humble beginnings:

  • The likes of the late Steve Jobs, who had no idea that a simple invention from his garage would be a key to revolutionize computers.
  • Another example is the billion-dollar company Facebook, a social media platform giant, which started as a concept in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm until it was famous throughout the entire campus of Harvard University.
  • And lastly,, the world’s largest online shopping retailer, whose founder, chairman, and CEO Jeff Bezos recently became the world’s richest man, replacing Bill Gates (no matter how temporarily).

To grow a business, you need to have not one, not two, but a multitude of talents and skills in order to battle any challenges that lie ahead. Part of growing up is being able to handle difficult situations and to stand up during moments when life is pulling you down. The only key is to never give up. The difference between the successful ones and those who have failed in their career or in life is perseverance and determination. One needs to persevere despite adversity to reach the desired goal.

Another point to consider when one wants to make a business grow is to create a support system. You need to surround yourselves with people who can provide you healthy advice and smart opinions on how to grow your business. Do not mingle with people who are full of negativity and insecurity. A secret to finding the right support system is by going to places such as business gatherings where people seek for opportunities to grow. Talk to those who have the same interest as yours and share some experiences about your story for they will share theirs too.

Never grow tired of seeking new adventures and do not be afraid of going out of your comfort zone. The best teacher is experience, especially if you know how to see things from a different perspective. The ordinary person would often see failure as a burden and that there is no way out of it but to embrace it. But, if you are optimistic, after accepting these difficulties, think of the many ways you can lift that stone off your shoulder and accept it as part of reality. There is no burden too heavy that you cannot carry if you have a strong spirit.

Top Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business

People nowadays are more creative and dynamic. They have to be, in order to survive. And thanks to the increasing popularity of technology, information is no longer out of reach. When you want to grow and develop your business into something no one has ever imagined, you simply have to look around you and you can find the answer.

The year 2017 has become a breakthrough for new and better inventions, not just in technology but also in business. Everyone can be entrepreneurs, enabled through ubiquitous technology. The Internet is just one of the possible ways to market your skills, but one of the most powerful. With it, you can expand your horizons.

But is not the only way. Here are the top marketing trends in order to grow your business this year.

1. Social Media Marketing

This is one of the most popular trends nowadays that even small businesses use. According to the latest report from Facebook, there are now more than a billion users, and 95% of them are active every month. This figure increases every now and then due to the availability of the Internet in most parts of the world. This statistical figure is composed of different age brackets which means even those who we now consider senior citizens are already using this form of communication.


Along with Facebook, other social media giants on the list includes Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others that are either still growing in popularity or are on the brink of discovery yet. Since more and more people are using these social media platforms, businesses have used them as a means to market their products through designed advertisements. Latest surveys showed that eight out of ten people cannot get through their day without opening these social media networks. The more people visit these sites, the more possibility it is for them to see an advertisement.

2. Video Content Marketing

This is probably one of the oldest ways of marketing a product other than the newspaper. Back in the early decades, big companies invested in television paid advertisements in order to gain popularity for their products. They would even spend millions of dollars just to have their brand shown on television networks. However, as technology developed, there are newer and better means of video content marketing.


Since most people have smartphones and Internet-ready mobile devices, video content has evolved as well. You can now advertise your brand and make it available anytime, anywhere. You can create a video presentation about your product and have it shown in different ways. There are now big screens for advertisements where they can show video content. Most notably also is marketing via YouTube.

This marketing trend could be a little costly—however, the returns are immeasurable. Nowadays, people pay more attention to moving advertisements like videos, instead of static ad designs you see on newspapers. This is because of the fast-paced lifestyle that most people are now accustomed to. They no longer have the luxury of time to read. The moral is clear: Make the most of video.

3. Email Marketing

People would often say that email marketing is no longer a trend because of the popularity and availability of social media sites. However, in some countries like the US, people still prefer to receive promotional letters through their email and not through social media platforms. Young adult professionals check their emails more often than not for something important and business-related. A good strategy to boost your business is to use email marketing.

You will be able to draft and send email messages to a larger audience without having to send every email one by one just like what you do in a standard email. Some businesses use this medium of marketing their brand because of its value. In addition to that, there are some companies who offer this service with free business email templates so you can easily design and create them.


4. Web Content Marketing

Since most people are now staying online almost the entire day, some businesses take this as an opportunity to market their products. Creating a website for your company is now as easy as setting up a tent for shelter. There are some companies who offer this service at a given price and you can hire a website administrator to handle its content. Digital marketing is now the trend so you have to tap into the different options on how to harness its power and use it to your advantage. The use of the Internet is a way to market your product fast and easy to attract more consumers. In addition to that, the website is not only available locally but to a vast expanse reaching parts of the world that has an Internet connection.

5. Professional Blog

This is another means of making your product closer to the consumers via the World Wide Web. Blogs have increased its popularity for the past decade. Blogs are personal- or company-owned online content that usually include comments, photographs, videos, and other materials. Big companies and even small businesses use this medium as an effective tool to advertise their brands. Since most people nowadays have Internet connection, you have to make yourself visible on the Web if you want to gain popularity. Blogs are not just for personal ramblings. Most people use it to talk about religion, politics, and even business. This is a good avenue for you to showcase what your business can contribute to the public.


6. Automated Marketing

Automated marketing is something that business startups struggle with. Not only it is costly, it also takes time to get yourself familiarized with as well as manage its maintenance. However, if you have the necessary funds (by presenting a business loan proposal) and the willingness to take risks, then automation is something you need to consider. Nowadays, there are a lot of software developers who have devised tools to automate calculation, distribution, and data analysis. This makes your work fast and efficient and you can control it even from a single device. Goodbye to teams of marketers doing the job of an app.


7. Mobile-Centricity

Nowadays, the center of technological development has slowly shifted into making everything fit into one place. Because most people in urban areas are either living in the fast lane or busy running around every corner, it is somehow becoming a necessity to have every important stuff in their mobile devices. And more importantly, people even in the rural areas are no longer strangers with even advanced mobile gadgets. You need to invest into developing a software application that is mobile compatible (i.e., you need tools to create responsive Web design) and that would showcase your products and services.


As a business, the closer you get your brand known to the public, the more possible it is for you to have better return of investment. Another advantage of having a mobile software application for your business is an edge amongst your competitors. Countless research and development has to be invested when you want to have a software application. But if you have the resources and proper information, you will have an upper hand and a full control in growing your business.

Why Is Digital Marketing a Growing Trend?

As the years go by, man is becoming more and more curious about the things that are still unknown to him. We are always looking for ways to discover and unearth new things. Since man landed on the moon one day in July 1969, we have proven that we can climb heights and that there is nothing impossible if we will it. That event has become a giant leap for mankind to continue to discover and venture into the infinite depths of knowledge.


Almost fifty years from that glorious moment, we now find ourselves in an era where technology is at the core of our lives. In is inevitable and we have to admit to ourselves that we have become familiar and probably used to surround ourselves with the things that make our lives easier. Technological developments have brought us farther than what our forefathers have probably even thought of.

Digital marketing is the use of digital technologies in marketing products and services. It is mainly done through the use of digital platforms that includes the use of the Internet as well as television and digital advertisement banners. This has become an increasing trend nowadays because of the availability and popularity of mobile devices which businesses use as a means to transport their brands to the consumers. It provides growth by means of supplying information through digital platforms which are readily available in most consumer’s mobile gadgets.

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