What Should be in a Project Plan?

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

What Should be in a Project Plan?

What Is a Project Plan?

A project plan, also known as a project management plan, is a formal document designed to guide the project execution and project control. The project plan is one of the most important documents that need to be established in any starting business project. The project plan is commonly represented in the form of a Gantt chart, to make it easy to understand and communicate.

The primary purpose of the project plan is to:

  • To measure and manage associated risks.
  • To document, record and to effectively communicate stakeholder products and project expectations.
  • To control sample schedule of the project.

How to Write a Project Plan in 10 Simple Steps?

  • Understand the scope and value of your project. A good project needs to have a solid work plan and in order for you to do that is you have to understand and learn your project and what it hopes to accomplish.
  • Conduct a research. Research what your project is all about. Make sure that the information and data in your project plan must be accurate that it will support your project plan.
  • Ask questions that will test your project plan. Ask all the questions that are relevant and significant to your project. Don’t stop at yourself, ask also your clients and team to gather more information and feedback towards the daily plan of project
  • Create a project plan outline. After you have done your research and gather some important information, create a free outline that will help you organize and arrange your project plan.
  • Consult with your team. Ask for their feedback questionnaire about your proposed project plan.
  • Write your project plan. Once you are done all that, It’s time for you to write your project plan in a readable and presentable manner.
  • Use Gantt chart. The Gantt Chart is one of the most effective ways to present your project plan.
  • Publish your project plan. Build your quality plan for the project and then publish it.
  • Have your team review your project plan. Check for errors and everything else.
  • Don’t stop planning. It is how you can make your future project planning smooth and seamless.

The Project Goals and the Project Scope of Project Plan

Project Goal

Defining the project goal of the project must be the very first step in project planning. The smart goal of the project will define what the project hopes to accomplish and what it wants to achieve.

Project Scope

The project scope of the project determines the specific project goals, deliverable, features, purpose, functions, tasks, deadlines, and costs. It defines what needs to be achieved what must be done to deliver a project. The best way to define the project scope is to define the limits of the project.

The Different Management Plans that Should Be Included in Project Plan

  • Budget. It determines how much money is allocated to accomplish an objective statement of the project.
  • Human resources plan. It defines who will be responsible in different areas of the project plan and shows how much of a time commitment each person is expected to make.
  • Risk management plan. The plan for risk management identifies and manages the risk that inevitable in the project.
  • Communications plan. It shows how will the project be communicated effectively to clients, stakeholders, project manager, etc.
  • Stakeholder management plan. It determines how the project stakeholders will be put into advantage,
  • Change management plan. It shows the changes in the project by creating a framework to represent it.

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