How to Write a Meeting Agenda

What Is a Meeting Agenda?

A meeting agenda is one of the most important and essential tools used in planning and preparing meeting. It outlines the activities and topics that must be taken up during a meeting. The meeting agenda usually starts with a call to order and ending with an adjournment.

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How to Make Meetings More Productive

  • Develop a effective meeting agenda and distribute ahead of time.
  • Start and end the meeting on time.
  • Make sure that all the right people are present in the meeting.
  • The duration of the meeting should be on the right length.
  • End the meeting with a clear agreement.

Basic Elements That Should Be Included on the Meeting Agenda

Below are the basic elements that should be included on the business meeting agenda to conduct an effective meeting.

  • Type of meeting. The meeting agenda should state what type of meeting it is. Whether it is a department meeting, committee meeting, and so on.
  • Meeting’s objective and goal. There should also be a clear statement of what is the meeting all about.
  • Date of the meeting. When the meeting will take place.
  • Start and end time of the meeting. What time should the meeting start and when should it end.
  • Venue of the meeting. The location of the meeting
  • Topics and subtopics. The main points that must be discussed in a meeting.

The Steps on How to Write a Meeting Agenda

  • First, give your meeting agenda a title.
  • Second, write who should attend the meeting, when and where the meeting will take place.
  • Next, provide a brief statement of the meeting.
  • Then, write the schedule of the topics and activities that must take place in the meeting.
  • After that, give an additional time for unexpected events, questions and answers, or briefing.
  • And lastly, check for errors after the distributing the staff meeting agenda.

Or you can download are ready-to-use printable agenda here.

Dos and Don’ts of Meeting Agenda

Creating an agenda for a meeting does not necessarily require a set of skills, as long as you know what the meeting is all about and who should attend the meeting, you can create an agenda in just a span of one day. But if you are looking for some guidelines in creating a meeting agenda, here are the do’s and don’ts of meeting agenda.


  • Always provide a title for the meeting agenda.
  • Create and prepare the free agenda ahead of time.
  • Provide the objectives and goals that the meeting hopes to accomplish.
  • Include all the important information, such as the date, location, the participants, and the topics or activities.
  • Allocate the schedule of the topics or activities in the meeting agenda properly.
  • Distribute the agenda at least three days before the actual date of the meeting.


  • Creating the agenda on the actual day of the meeting.
  • Including irrelevant and insignificant topics and information on the meeting agenda.
  • Not proofreading and checking for errors.
  • Not organizing the topics logically and well-structured.
  • Setting non-realistic time for each topic on the meeting.
  • Not providing an extra time for unwanted events, questions and answers or briefing.

Check out our agenda templates here to give you more ideas about meeting agendas.

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