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Presenting yourself can be one of the most crucial parts of any professional work application. Looking at how employers hire new members of the business, it is not only your physical presentation that is reviewed and considered but your professional background and works ethics as well. Creating a portfolio that can support your resume and cover letter is very useful and handy as it allows you to validate your claims about your promised deliverable.

If you want to have a portfolio but is unaware on how to make one, looking at tips for creating a portfolio as well as downloadable templates and existing samples can help you identify the design, format and content layout that you personally want to have. We created a list of thirty-three examples of attractive portfolios so it can be easier for you to develop your own professional compilation of work samples. When selecting a sample to refer to and use, make sure that you will consider the purpose of making your portfolio.

One of the most common usages of portfolios is to present graphic designs or items that contain visuals. This is the reason why some people think that portfolios are only for artists and entities who are involved in design or arts. Use a simple template when making the format of your graphic design portfolio so you can give more focus on your work samples.

Business Portfolio


Do not be intimidated to use a portfolio if you are employed in a company with a corporate setting. Most successful branding tips already recommend business portfolios to be used in presenting different kinds of work samples from corporate letters up to marketing and sales plans. Maintain professionalism when presenting your work by using a sleek and formal portfolio design and layout.

Multipurpose Landscape Portfolio


Short Resume and Work Portfolio


Photography Portfolio Sample


Editorial Portfolio PSD


Kinds of Portfolios

Creating a portfolio is both an enjoyable and tedious process. If you are developing your own portfolio, it is a great way for you to look at the outputs that you have created within a particular time period. However, you should also keep in mind that you must professionally present these outputs so you can get the most out of using your portfolio.

There are different kinds of portfolios which cater to various instances and processes where their specific usages are needed. A few samples of portfolios include the following:

Design Portfolio

screenshot from 2017 11 02 11 03 09

Minimalism Portfolio


Portfolio Booklet

screenshot from 2017 11 02 11 06 59

When creating a strong branding for a small business or even for an individual, all the materials, and items that are used for branding activities must be unique and related to the characteristics of the company or the person. As a branding tool, your portfolio shall also be designed and created according to your likeness. Keep in mind that you have the liberty to select the size and format of your portfolio. If you want to veer away from the common and basic look of professional portfolios, then you can use a portfolio booklet template. It may be smaller in size but it can be a great way to present your work samples in a more interesting manner.

Resume/Portfolio Template

untitled 3

Vibrant Portfolio


What to Include in a Portfolio

Aside form your personal branding statement; your portfolio is also a presentation of who you are, what you can offer, and what you aspire to be. With this, the content of your portfolio should always depend on its purpose of usage. If you will use it to apply for a professional and corporate work post, here are some of the basic information and relevant items that you can include in your portfolio:

A portfolio that is used by creatives and artists can be considered simpler in terms of content formatting. A few information that can be found in a creative / artist portfolio include the following:

There are still other things that you can include in your own portfolio as long as you think that these details can be of help to your application or presentation.

Pastel Portfolio

proposal 001 1

Design Portfolio

design portfolio

Portfolio Design Sample

proposal 001

When to Use a Portfolio

A portfolio is designed and developed depending on how it is desired to be used by its owner. More so, branding principles are suggested to be applied when creating a portfolio as you need to incorporate your brand and character in the final portfolio design. Your portfolio is an effective tool that can be beneficial in the following instances and activities:

Corporate Portfolio


Multipurpose Blog and Portfolio


Classy Portfolio Sample


Multipurpose Portfolio

multipurpose portfolio

How to Effectively Use a Portfolio for an Application

When applying for a professional job position, you need to make sure that you are equipped with the knowledge as well as the documents that you need to standout from your competitors. Especially in highly-technical industries, your ability to perform well during the interview can provide an impact to the decision of your prospective employer.

If you want to present your work even before you are considered for employment, a portfolio is the best tool that you can use. Here are some ways on how you can effectively use your portfolio when seeking for employment:

Minimal Portfolio Template

minimal portfolio template

Professional Geneva Portfolio


Avenue Portfolio

avenue portfolio

Portfolio Template


Photography Portfolio

moscovita photography portfolio 4

Advantages of Having Your Own Professional Portfolio

All professionals from different fields of work can use a portfolio to help them present tangible proof about the value that they can provide to a company or a client. If you will create your own professional portfolio, here are some of the advantages that you can experience:

Spring Portfolio


Bushwick Portfolio


E-Photography Portfolio


Related Portfolio

cover image 1

Minimal Portfolio Design Template

08 close up

Primrose Portfolio

studio standard2

Things to Remember When Making a Portfolio

The process of making your own portfolio can make or break the portfolio’s effectiveness. You have to be organized when putting together all the information that you would like to present so that your prospective employer or client can have an easy time browsing the compilation that you have created. Some of the things that you should always keep in mind when making a portfolio are listed below.

Photography Portfolio Template

screenshot from 2017 11 02 11 26 25

Aside from a photographer brochure, a photography portfolio can also help you to present your photographs professionally. Use a template that will look cohesive with your photography style so your portfolio can look polished.

Portfolio Brochure Design


Minimalist Newington Portfolio


Square Portfolio Brochure Example

square portfolio brochure example

Is an Online Portfolio Better Than a Traditional Portfolio?

Even if there are people who still use a hardbound portfolio, it is highly suggested for you to create one that is online. Not that we discourage the usage of a traditional portfolio; but we just think that it will be better if you can also present your professional body of work in a more modern and digital manner.

Though traditional portfolios can still be used, an online portfolio can provide more benefits and is easier to develop and update. However, it depends on the person and his/her line of work on whether an online portfolio can be deemed better compared to a traditional portfolio. Here are a few factors that we looked into which made us realize the importance and advantages of having an online portfolio:

Again, we still think that a traditional portfolio is usable. The usage of an online portfolio is an option which we think is important to be selected and properly implemented for you to keep up with current trends in specific fields of expertise.

May it is an online portfolio or a traditional portfolio, you should always make sure that you can present yourself properly through the use of the specified document. Your portfolio can seal the deal for you – only if you will put together all the appropriate and relevant details that can help you showcase your strengths in the best way possible.

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