17+ Photography Brochure Examples

Advertising a photography business or any types of business, in general, can be a really tough challenge, not to mention if your business is new in town. To compete with other photography businesses, you need to think of effective ways to market your business. And, you need to do it fast. For you not to be left out in the competition of photography businesses, resorting to brochure production would be a surefire way of playing keep up.

You might be rolling your eyes for forgetting how significant of a help brochure designs are up until now because of other marketing strategies that the digital revolution have a paved way. Well, remind yourself not to forget about it for its effectiveness in building a strong foundation in your startup. Before imparting some tips in creating the perfect brochure, you might want to know why resorting brochure isn’t failed investment.

Creative Photography Brochure Template

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Fashion Photography Brochure

Why Use Brochures in Advertising Your Photography Business?

Despite digital platforms which have taken control to almost all businesses, small and well-established, here are some reasons why brochure distribution remains effective in the field of market advertisements:

  • Brochures can be text or image-driven. Brochures are very  well balanced when it comes to text and images. Brochure distribution is very ideal in advertising a photography business for this shows off your sample outputs. Although there are various digital platforms that can be used as well in advertising your business, banners are not as compelling as how brochures are designed. By way that a brochure is designed, the images found in it displays already what the output of your business is and how finely these are printed in the actual. The thing about banners is that the toning of the uploaded images varies on the electronic devices that are used by both readers and target. For example, an iPhone is heavy in contrast while a Samsung is heavier in saturation to other devices.

Baby Photography Brochure

  • They are compelling to read. Don’t deny it whether you belong to the targeted audience or not, if an effective brochure is handed to you. You suddenly have this urge to open it, not minding if you are interested about the products or services that are promoted in it. An interesting brochure is what makes people want to read its content and take some time to admire the images found in it. Brochures demand to be read because, judging from its look, you can already see all the information about a certain business, which teases people to know more about the business. But, what exactly is an interesting brochure, or how is a brochure considered an effective one. Below are some shared facts about what makes a brochure effective:
    • Brochures should have catchy slogans. Including a very good pun or using a witty phrase as your brochure’s slogan is a good way to attract the attention of people. Hence, chances are great that your target will remember your business, and hopefully would pay anything just to visit your studio. You have to make sure that you are going to use a slogan that is relevant to your business, at the same time not difficult to be understood by the targeted audience. For example, “Capture the stillness of a motion”.
    • Brochures are straightforward. One of the best things about brochures is its being informative. These contain all the details about a business’s services and products, and most of the time answers all the frequently asked questions from both existing and prospective customers. They need only ask for or get brochures that are piled in one of your studio’s shelf for them to know more about your services.
    • Appealing to sight. Brochures are designed to be appealing to the eyes for readers not to get bored on what’s promoted in it. A perfect toning of the colors in the brochure and its designs should complement your sample pictures. There targets that are very meticulous about perfect toning and kinds of photos that are shown in a brochure, so be wary in choosing a good design for your brochure and make sure that’s the most fitting one for the sample pictures you desire to put in it.

Wedding Photography Brochure

  • Brochures are easy to carryLike business cards or name cards, brochures are easy to carry and can just be inserted to a customer’s bag. Some of your targets may not have enough time to read by the time it was handed by your employee who is assigned to distribute your brochure, so they just put it in their bags. By the time they reach home, they can refer to it anytime and, too, they can share it with their friends which also increase pubic awareness.
  • Brochures save existing and prospective customers’ time. It is a must for a businessman to assume that there are times where you and your staffs will be occupied as your business sets into a busy motion. Customers who are making their first time visit and would like to inquire more about your services might not be attended. Hence, this leaves a negative impact in gaining more prospective customers for their unpleasant comments about your business will spread to others. As a businessman you must know that customers listen to customers. Handing them a brochure during busy hours in your business is one way of attending their inquiries, though you still need to check on them for some time.This is because they might have further inquiries which are not present in the brochure, or some clarifications about your services. Don’t waste their time and just let them sit in boredom in your lobby, give them your business brochure or company brochure. If the customer already knows what he/she wants, brochures would serve them an enlightenment about other services that you offer. Hence, they might be more interested in the services that they did not know compared to the service that made them visit your studio.

Minimal Photography Brochure

  • Brochures are versatile. Brochures do not just cater to a certain type of business. In fact, brochures can be used to all kinds of business, small and big. For example,real estate brochure, food brochures, restaurant menu brochures, travel brochures, medical brochures, and many others. You may think that brochures used only for B2C transaction, but brochures can also be your ticket in doing business with other businesses. Thus, increasing the public awareness.
  • Brochures can serve as a platform where you can present the kind of photography services that you offer.  There are different kinds of market segments that have a variety of photography needs. This is the reason why you need to properly brand you photography services and offers. You need to make sure that you are tapping the right market and that information about what you can provide them with are properly disseminated

Elegant Photography Brochure

  • Brochures can showcase you previous works, which might interest future clients. As attractive as a photography brochure is, the pictures found in it are from the photographer’s portfolio. Yes, photography brochures serve as a mini-incomplete portfolio. While other kinds of brochure acquire images from various internet websites, the photos in a photography brochure must be from your portfolio (the most recent ones).
  • Brochures can gather more sales leads which can be converted to actual sales. As an advertising tool, brochures can be given to different business or individuals that are interested in acquiring your photography services. Hence, you can big a bigger scope or market share of the community that you are targeting to penetrate.

Photography Square Trifold  Brochure

Usages of Photography Brochures

A photography brochure may be simple when it comes to its structure and format, but there are actually a lot of ways that you can use it for your business advantage. Listed below are some processes, procedures and instances where photography brochures can be deemed useful:

Marketing Photography Brochure

  • Photography brochures can be handed out during photography expositions.
  • Photography brochures can be displayed in your studio.
  • Photography brochures can be a supplement to your photography business.
  • Photography brochures can be used as a business document for a B2B transaction.
  • brochures can be used for marketing if you wish to sponsor an event.

 Bifold Photography Brochure

Steps in Creating Comprehensive Photography Brochures

Having an artist’s ideals is truly great, yet the troubles that it brings might make your patience run thin. An artist’s mind is hard to satisfy, and we understand that that’s why we offer steps in creating a perfect brochure that meets your ideals.

Professional Photography Brochure

Business Photography Brochure

  • Gather photography brochures
  • Look for freelance graphic artists and content writers with impressive portfolios
  • Know what you want
  • Know what your targeted audience want
  • Be open to suggestions
  • Evaluate the output
  • If there is a need to start again, then do it

Photography Tri-fold Brochure Template

Modern Photography Brochure Design

Family Photography Brochure

Creative Photography Brochure

Photography Portfolio Brochure

Photography Exhibition Brochure

It remains a fascination how advertising papers are still used after the digital revolution. Instead of forgetting the use of pamphlets and leaflets, they have participated in its revolution and the changes in its appearance are drastic. Although these are said to be faced out in the course of age, it really is hard to be convinced by such a prediction considering how these are used by all businesses. If the prediction is deemed to be a matter of truth, then it’s best you use these brochures while they are still rampant.

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