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Traditionally, people use banners as a symbol for their organization or group. It serves as symbol-bearing flag for the identification of the group. It is the pride and honor of the group to have a representation in the form of a simple banner. But nowadays, banners are utilized in different ways, and one of the common uses of banners is in the aspect of marketing.


Editable Modern Web Banner Example

Editable Modern Web Banner Example

For how many years or even decades, attractive banners are still preferred by marketers as they are proven effective in catching the people’s attention. Due to the constant upgrade in our technology, banners can be created in a snap, another reason why business entities still prefer banners in their promotion.

Companies also use effective banners especially when they are launching a new product, announcing their promo, and any other announcement to give information to the public. But as has been observed for ages, not all banner can attract people. There are really those that can be easily ignored by people as they are not interesting at all. Hence, in order to make a statement and convey information to the public, your banner must be designed well in such a manner that it is not only attractive but also readable.

What is a Banner?

When we talk about banners, each one has his or her own perception. One might think that it is the one placed on the roads as a campaign material during the election. The other might say that it is placed beside the store bearing promotion and discount advertisements. Another person may also say it may be used during a rally or parade. Some may also say it is a flag used as an identification by a certain group. You may also see roll-up banner designs & examples.

Well, in substance, all of these are correct. There are a lot of types of banners that people use. But no matter what it was and how will they use banners, there is one thing common to all the banners—they convey information to the public. Every banner has its own purpose and role. Moore of this discussion on the next section.

But before that, let us first know the basic about banners. Firstly, what is a banner? It can be a flag or any piece of cloth with a symbol, logo, slogan, or any message on its face. The term banner is derived from the French word “bannière” and Latin word “Latin bandum” which is a cloth out of which a flag is made. You may also like event banner examples.

In German language, it means an official decree or proclamation. And because the orders are commonly a form of prohibition of some forms of human activity, the word “bandum” assumed the meaning of a ban, prohibition, or control. In the same way, the word “abandon” means to change loyalty, which literally means to leave the cloth or flag.

In the modern days, banners may also take part in online advertisement such as the banner advertising, or simply banner ad, also called display advertising. This is a rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top (also called a leaderboard), bottom, or sides (also called a skyscraper) of a website and is image-based rather than text-based, with the purpose of promoting a brand or products or services to attract visitors from the host website to go to the main website of the advertising company.

Modern Floral Heart and Banner Example

Modern Floral Heart and Banner Example

Modern Long Word Custom Banner Example

Modern Long Word Custom Banner Example

Types of Banners

For the sake of discussing about the types of banners, we will focus on the tangible banners that are first used in the old days. Below are some commonly used banners and their brief description.

1. Vexillum Banners

This type of awesome banner is a similar to a flag that is used as a military standard by units in the Ancient Roman army. It is a diminutive of the Latin word “velum” which means “sail.” Literally, vexilla, the plural of vexillum, means “little sails.” For this type of banner, the cloth is draped from a horizontal crossbar suspended from the staff. The bearer of this banner is called  vexillarius or vexillifer.

In the later years, vexillum was generally used for any object such as a relic or icon that is used as a standard in battle. Vexillology even derives its name from vexillum which means the study of flags. Vexillum type of banner is also the commonly used banner in many Christian processional banners.

2. Heraldic Banners

Also called banner of arms, heraldic banners are often in square or rectangular shape that exhibit the basic coat of arms only, the ones that are displayed on the shield and disregard any other elements such as the crest, helmet, and motto. This may also refer to heraldic flags which include banners, standards, pennons, and their variants like gonfalons, guidons, and pinseld. You may also see pop-up banner designs & examples.

There are several types of heraldic flags which are as follows:

  • Pennon
  • Banner or arms
  • Standard
  • Banderole
  • Gonfalone
  • Guidon
  • Pinsel

3. Relating to Religion

To reiterate, in the aspect of religion, particularly in Christian churches, banners are used mainly for processions inside and outside the church. In recent years, the use of banners shifted towards the permanent display on walls or pillars of the church. They can also be used in open-air preaching by the evangelists and public ministers to communicate the testimony of Jesus and to spread the good news. You may also like examples of anniversary banner designs.

Peter Pan Birthday Banner Example

Peter Pan Birthday Banner Example

4. Trade Union Banners

These banners showcase the factories, mills, mines, as well as the visions of the future, for example, a family living in a newly constructed house where they cared for each other and lived happily.

In one of the most prominent annual stage celebrations in Australia, the Eight Hour Day, trade union banners were unfurled with pride during the march. Trade union banners are also used by thousands of unionists during parades to represent their respective unions through the emblem or logo printed in the flag. You may also check out company banner examples.

5. Sports Banners

These are banners that are created and brought by the fans during a sports event to give support to a specific team. This would also mean the banners that represents the team that participated in the event.

A sports banner typically contains logo, name, motto, and the colors of the tea. There are also sports banner that honor notable players or athletes that are in the hall of fame. There are even sports banner that commemorate the past championships. These banners are hung from the rafters in stadiums or carried by specific persons or fans. You might be interested in valentine’s day banner examples & designs.

6. Advertising Banners

Advertising banners are the banners that we commonly found in public places especially in the cities and downtown areas. These banners are often fabricated commercially on a plastic background and are printed on different types of materials such as vinyl and fabric. using solvent inks and UV-curable inks. You may also see vertical banner designs and examples.

These banners can also be found plastered behind a window screen, atop skyscrapers, or towed by airplanes. This comes in different size and shapes depending on the preference of the owner of such banner.

A manifestation of advertising banners, banner ads are advertisements on websites which contain hyperlinks to other websites. The notable music streaming service, Spotify, even have a tag line stating, “click the banner to learn more.” Banner ads can be found anywhere on the screen usually on the top, bottom, and/or sides. You may also like examples of superb birthday banners.

Modern Black and White Banner Example

Modern Black and White Banner Example

Modern Web Banner Example

Modern Web Banner Example

For Like Ever Modern Banner Example

For Like Ever Modern Banner Example

Types of Banner Stands

There are also different types of stands that can support banners. You can opt for whatever you like as long as it can withstand any weather conditions according to your used of the banner. Here are several types of banner stands that you must know:

1. Feather flags

These flags can easily be set up and can be printed for a low price. They are also called swooper flags, flutter flags, blade flags, sail flags, teardrop flags, and quill flags. You may also see examples of poster design.

2. Retractable displays

These are lightweight stands that are perfect for trade shows, presentations, and conferences as they are easy to transport and set up.

3. Non-retractable banner stands

These are more economical than the retractable displays and a little inconvenient to assemble or disassemble.

4. Outdoor banner stands

These are durable systems that can withstand most weather conditions; hence, they are perfect for outdoor advertising, outside retail locations, concerts, and trade shows. You may also like examples of advertising poster design.

Social Media Banners – Modern Example

Social Media Banners - Modern Example

Custom Wedding Vinyl Banner Example

Custom Wedding Vinyl Banner Example

Bundle of Modern Vector Banner Example

Bundle of Modern Vector Banner Example

In Sum…

As a whole, banners are useful in different ways depending on the needs of the user. Banners may take the form of a tangible piece of cloth that can be used as a flag or those bearing with modern logo, symbol, and any other information or it may also take the form of an online advertisement such as the banner ad or display advertising. They are commonly used by companies to promote their branding especially in their company, products, and services.

In terms of tangible banner, there are several types of banners namely vexillum banners, heraldic banners, those banners relating to religion, trade union banners, sports banners, and advertising banners.

In connection to banners, there are also different types of banner stands that would complement the different banners. They are as follows: feather flags, retractable display, non-retractable banner stands, and outdoor banner stands.

Now that you know the different types of banners as well as banner stands, you may have already a banner design in mind. With the help of the examples presented above, we hope that you can design your own banner for whatever purpose your banner may serve. You may also like poster billboard designs & examples.

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