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Having a business requires it to be promoted and endorsed to the public, specifically the target market. This needs promotional materials such as elegant flyers, simple posters, simple billboards, general banners, and best brochures. But did you know that advertising materials also need to be marketed? You need to design it in a way that it is compelling to the viewers for them to be interested on it and read your whole advertisement.

In the next sections of this article, presented are the ways on how to market and promote your brochure, one of the most effective marketing tool for a business entity. But before that, you may take a quick peek at the different examples of minimal brochure designs below. This is vital for start-up companies as well as those companies who have not yet created a brochure for their products or services.

Minimal Horizontal Brochure Example

Minimal Horizontal Brochure

Square Portfolio Brochure Template Example

Square Portfolio Brochure Template

Minimal A5 Brochure Example

Minimal A5 Brochure

Minimal Product Catalog and Brochure Example

Minimal Product Catalog and Brochure

Minimal Business Brochure Example

Minimal Business Brochure

Minimal Portfolio Brochure Example

Minimal Portfolio Brochure

Minimal Brochure or Portfolio or Catalog Example

Minimal Brochure or Portfolio or Catalog

Brochure Ideas to Promote Your Business

Every business is striving hard to stay on top of the competition and to maintain a good reputation in the industry. We see a lot of brands in the market, and the success we see in their branding is just the top of the iceberg—we do not see their struggles, sleepless nights, and staying up late brainstorming on how to create a name and to have a lasting impression. While there are many companies who are ahead as compared to the others, there are also a lot of newly established companies who are in need of boosting and promotion for the people to recognize them. Before thinking on how to maintain a good image to the public, the basic thing a newly started company should do is to launch their name in the market. You may also see examples of company brochure.

To maximize the scope and range of their advertisement and promotion, companies need to utilize marketing tools. Brochure, being one that is proven effective and is commonly used, should be designed and prepared well as it represents the company and it bears the name and characteristics of your entity. Hence, you must spend time in the creation of your simple brochure.

So how then will you make your brochure eye-catching to the viewers? How can you stand out against all the other competitors? Below are some ideas that you perfectly need in order to create an attracting brochure that is used to promote your business.

1. Utilize colors

Colors are among the first things that can catch people’s attention. You have to use them well to create a perfect combination that is neither too bright nor too dull. Too bright colors may catch people’s attention but it does not make them stare at your brochure for so long because of the intense color that you incorporate in your brochure. On the other hand, dull colors won’t, in any way capture one’s attention as they might think your brochure is just among the boring stuffs published for the public. Hence, you must study color combinations, what colors perfectly match the others well. A minimalist color scheme becomes a trend in the market today, and so as pastel colors. They become a trend in the 70s and 80s and has been revived in today’s generation. You may also see advertising brochure examples.

You also have to note that in deciding for the colors of your brochure, you need not to please everyone, because you really can’t, as people have different preferences. However, you must choose a color that you think and believe can make appeal to your target market. Consider the most commonly selected color and match it with colors that will perfectly complement with it. You may also like real estate brochure designs & examples.

2. Be informative

It is common for companies to create a brochure that is all about the products and services that they are offering. No, there is nothing wrong with doing that. However, readers may tend to be overstuffed with all your promotions about your product that they feel the need to put it down immediately. Hence, to have this remedied, you must include facts and educational matters that will give them information and general knowledge. You may include trivia and fun facts to keep them interested in their read. This gives them the reason to take read more and browse through your creative brochure and see if there are more cool stuffs in the next page.

An example for this is the brochure of a solar power company which delivers a great impact to the readers. Instead of focusing too much on how grand and fabulous their products are, they incorporate information about solar power and how solar power actually works. People’s curiosity will get triggered as they stumble on this brochure, and that is when the goal of the brochure, which is to catch the readers’ attention, is achieved. You may also check out examples of bi-fold brochure design.

3. Change up the brochure size

We commonly see brochures in rectangular and square shape. What if we go beyond the ordinary? What if we break the custom of having four-sided brochures? We actually can! There is no rule that your brochure must be in a certain shape and size. Hence, feel free and unleash your creativity to think of what other desires may seem fit for your products or services. You may also see examples of service brochures.

For example, if you are having a burger business, you can have your brochure shaped like a burger. This adds to the overall aesthetic of your brochure. This can also captivate people’s attention since your brochure is unique and stands out among all others.

Other than that, you can also have extensions in a page of your brochure. For instance, you may include a page inside your brochure that is longer than the others. The extended page may be folded inwardly to maintain the smooth and uniform edge of your brochure. When having this kind of perk, ensure that there is something interesting on that unique page that makes people become interested to that single leaf in your brochure. You may also like tri-fold brochure designs & examples.

Minimal Photography Portfolio Book Example

Minimal Photography Portfolio Book

Get Minimal – Brochure 01 Example

Get Minimal - Brochure 01

Minimal Business Brochure Template Example

Minimal Business Brochure Template

Minimal Brochure and Catalog Example

Minimal Brochure and Catalog

Modern Minimal Marketing Suite Brochure Example

Modern Minimal Marketing Suite Brochure

Editable Minimal Square Brochure Example

Editable Minimal Square Brochure

Get Minimal – Brochure 02 Example

Get Minimal - Brochure 02

Brochure Ideas to Promote Your Business (continuation)

4. Be interactive

It is natural that you stuff your brochure with the things that you are offering to the public. This is the general sense of having a brochure. However, you must also find ways that potential customers as well as returning customer can interact with you. One thing to do this is to have a feedback form within your modern brochure. This form must be detachable so that the feedback can be submitted or placed inside the feedback box. In this way, you engage people to have an interaction with you and they can give their opinion and reviews regarding your products and services. Feedback is also one thing to gage how efficient is your service to the people and what else can you do to improve them. Constantly improving your services to people can help the company meet the growing needs of the customers, the target market specifically. If a customer is satisfied with the services that you provided, it is more likely that he or she will endorse your company to his relatives and friends and your company can gain more and more customers.

5. Be simple

Being simple doesn’t mean that you are not going to incorporate designs anymore. But, you must limit your designs for a minimum of 3 to 4 colors, with designs that are not complex, and typography that is easy to read. It is a common pitfall by most of the companies that they put everything into one box, which means that they try to incorporate every design that they think is needed to be placed in the brochure. However, the truth is, the lesser, the better. The lesser and less complex your design is, the more it can get people’s attention.

6. Don’t go with the normal folds

In terms of folding options, many companies prefer to fold their brochures into different types of folds such as bi-fold, tri-fold, gatefold, double gatefold, centerfold, and many others. It is true that folds provide more space for you to write the important information regarding the product or service that you are advertising because it creates a lot of panels that serve to segregate different contents. You may also see examples of business brochure design.

7. Go horizontal

Similar to the two previous discussion, there is no rule in brochure designing that your brochure must be vertical. Companies just go with vertical brochures because this is common in the market and vertical brochures are easy to print. Looking for a paper size that can be used for vertical brochures is a lot easier than that for horizontal brochures. You may also check out event brochure designs & examples.

Thus, having horizontal brochures makes you unique and you stand out from the rest of the pack, making your brochure noticeable over your competitors. It is a plus factor that you are different from all the others because people are more curious when a different design will be launched in the market.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article as we provided some important points on how brochures can promote your business. Also, don’t forget to make a purchase from our brochure collection above!

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