6+ Church Bulletin Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Church events are pretty common in Christian denominations. This includes charity programs, religious gatherings, worship celebrations, and other related activities that surround one’s beliefs and practices. These events, along with the latest happenings in the Church, are often broadcasted through a bulletin display. This allows the congregation to deliver important news items to their members in the simplest way possible.

Church Bulletin Examples & Templates

1. Church Bulletin and Connect Card Flyer

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While some bulletins communicate statically through a board, others are distributed through a flyer. Church flyers help disseminate information to a mass audience at a quicker rate due to how easy they are to produce and distribute at public places. Recipients of the flyer will also find it convenient to carry around and read for later. This approach can help you release official statements about the Church to those concerned and attract new members to the congregation by handing out the bulletin flyer along with a connection card. If you’re having trouble constructing your bulletin, don’t think twice about using the template provided for your convenience. This template is specifically designed to meet market standards and personal requirements for an efficient and effective design process. Simply customize the content of the flyer to deliver your message and you’re good to go!

2. Catholic Church Bulletin


A congregation is considered to be a fellowship of people who come together to worship and celebrate God’s blessings. However, getting people involved in the activities of the church is far from easy. Some people might have the time to participate in these events, but the lack of awareness has hindered this opportunity for the volunteers. For Catholics that might have a program planned for a religious holiday, it’s a good idea to design a bulletin that every passerby would want to read. The posting should contain key details about your church activities, including your phone number, email address, mailing address, and website that people can contact to raise any questions or inquiries that they may have.

3. Church Announcement Bulletin


Church bulletins are commonly used for posting an announcement. This could refer to a death announcement of a beloved member of the clergy, or maybe a holiday announcement for the updated schedule of the Christmas Day mass. Using a bulletin to spread the word out about these events and changes can help you reach your audience without much effort. All you need to do is post the announcement on a bulletin board at the entrance of the church for everyone to see. Certain design techniques and elements can even help you emphasize your message in order to draw attention to the bulletin. It’s best to group similar items together so people can quickly scan the bulletin to find the information they need.

4. Church Bulletin Cover


One notable attribute of a church bulletin is how it’s always kept simple. But simple doesn’t always constitute as being boring, as a minimalist design can easily catch a person’s eye and build a level of curiosity that’s hard to ignore. However, bulletins are only meant to cover things that are important to a particular audience. This means that a direct, focused, and objective-oriented content should be created in order to deliver a message that readers can easily grasp. Thus, be sure to organize the overall layout and flow of information to make it easy for people to find they’re searching for. Always remember to include the date as to when the bulletin was posted to let people know that what they’re reading is current and relevant to their needs.

5. Church Calendar Bulletin


Creating a calendar of events is always a clever idea, especially when the entity is known for hosting a ton of activities at a time. Toward the end of the year, you might have a lot of events planned for members of your Church. It can be hard to keep track of everything without a proper guide to remind you, which is why including a calendar in your church bulletin will be appreciated by your audience. This allows you to make a list of activities to tackle within the month, including the exact time, date, and venue of each event that was scheduled. Feel free to design your bulletin in such a way that will drive the interest of your audience and make an impression that lasts. You can be as creative as you want to be, as long as your message is clearly communicated for readers to comprehend.

6. Church Web Bulletin


Now that we live in an age of technological advancement, you can now find your community church somewhere around the web space. A lot of churches have built websites and social media profiles to increase their online presence and connect with members over the Internet. Knowing this, you’re likely to find a series of web bulletins designed by the Church to make announcements and deliver news to their intended audience. Some congregations even send email newsletters through the platform to make sure each person in their subscription list receives the message. It’s a modernized strategy that has helped many congregations gain better recognition by converting the non-believers to followers of Christ.

7. Weekly Church Bulletin


There’s nothing worse than an outdated bulletin. If you plan to engage in this communication strategy, you need to be committed to your goal regardless of the circumstance. Some people read what’s on the bulletin to stay updated on current events, so it’s only practical to remain consistent at all times in order to meet the needs of your audience. You can do so by preparing weekly bulletins for the public to refer to. The bulletin may contain information regarding church services and events that members of the congregation might want to be informed about. Other announcements may also be included in the bulletin, so as long as you have a good reason to include it and that it concerns its intended readers.

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