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Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Church Banner

Although it is often described as an infrastructure built for public Christian worship, a Church is a biblical term that refers to an assembly of believers who come together to praise and discuss the teachings of Christ. Christian worship services and other religious activities are often held within the premises of the church as a celebration of God’s blessings. So to encourage members and non-members to participate in these events, different banners are posted online and along church and community corridors for all to see.

Best Church Banner Examples & Templates

1. Church Banner Template

Church Banner Template
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Size: Vertical, Skyscraper, Leaderboard and Rectangle Sizes


Banners come in all forms and sizes. When designing a banner for any particular purpose, you need to have an idea of what you plan to include in the banner to get your message across. This will help you determine the type of banner that would suit your objectives and garner the best possible response from your target audience. Banners that are used for a marketing campaign must also consist of a call-to-action to ensure that viewers know exactly what to do after they have read your banner. That being said, feel free to use the template provided to get a head start in the design process. Simply customize the content of the banner template to meet your own standards and church requirements and you’re good to go!

2. Church Anniversary Banner

Church Anniversary Banner


While we’re all aware that Christianity began during the 1st century AD, some denominations in the Christian Church have only existed for several decades. These congregations often host month-long celebrations to commemorate their anniversaries in the form of charity programs and religious functions. Advertising posters, flyers, and banners are often produced to promote these activities to the public. Think of it is an open invitation for viewers to attend the event at their own free will.

3. Church Event Banner

Church Event Banner


It’s extremely common for a Church to host a series of events within the span of a month or so. These events are organized to cater to the needs and interests of its members of different age groups. This is done to get more people involved in what the congregation has to offer for the religious and spiritual development of each individual. These days, reaching your intended demographic has become pretty easy thanks to the works of a banner ad. Many organizations have even managed to successfully advertise their events to the community by simply posting the advertisement in their platform of choice.

4. Church Roll-Up Banner

Church Roll-Up Banner


You’ve probably encountered this type of banner numerous times before. Roll-up banners are often used for trade shows, exhibits, conventions, and other venues for static advertising because of the purpose they serve. You can easily display the banner in a public area that’s heavily populated to grab the attention of passersby and prospects. Similar to the example above, you don’t have to put a lot of things in your banner to make an impression. What matters is your ability to express an idea in the simplest and most creative way possible for viewers to grasp. Ensure that the text elements of your banner remain readable as well so that it stays visible from an expected distance.

5. Indoor Church Banner

Indoor Church Banner


There are many organizations that use banners for a purpose other than advertising. For instance, welcome banners are used to greet people who enter the building to attend a mass or any religious event. We have indoor banners that are used to display a message as well. It could contain Bible verses, words of wisdom, and other motivational thoughts that can lighten the mood in a room and inspire anyone going through a rough patch in their life. This is a great way to remind people of God’s love and the teachings that Christ encourages us to follow without forcing these words down a person’s throat.

6. Victory Church Christmas Banner


It’s impossible not to notice the amount of work the Church does to decorate the house of God for the holiday season. From the colorful lights to a captivating display depicting the birth of Jesus in a manger, Christmas is always a wonderful time to spend at the church with your brothers and sisters in Christ. You’ll also find a lot of Christmas banners being posted at the venue as a way of expressing the season’s greetings. Rather than spending your resources on holiday cards and other stationery, you can always use a banner to communicate a message instead. This is perfect for organizations that have a tight budget to stick to but still want to spread the holiday cheer to those around them.

7. Youth Church Website Banner

Youth Church Website Banner


These days, you’ll find a lot of religious organizations that have managed to build their online presence through a website. One of the first things you’ll encounter in these sites is a web banner which shows the name and church logo or symbol that represents the congregation. These banners are designed distinctively to communicate the identity of the Church through a visual display of elements. This will help site visitors distinguish the Church from the rest of the congregations found online. Keep in mind that there are a lot of Christian Churches in different regions that bear the same names. So to help visitors find the group that they’ve been searching for, you need to establish an identity that is both unique and memorable for people to recognize.

8. Church Web Banner

Church Web Banner


The Internet has helped many religious organizations in widening their reach to spread their spiritual mission and teachings to a mass audience. Website and social media banners have even made it easier for these congregations to establish their online identity for members and non-members to acknowledge. This enables the Church to send regular updates regarding in-house activities that followers can take part in. Shown above is an example of a web banner that has an image of the church and a set of words that define its mission for all to see.

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