10+ Best Church Logo Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Religion is a tough topic to tackle. We all have different beliefs and practices that define a part of us as individuals. Christianity, for one, is comprised of a number of denominations that are each identified according to a specific set of traits such as a name, organization, leadership, and doctrine. The logo designs of these branches represent the community based on the values that they uphold. Continue reading to see how church logos are designed for the assembly of all believers.

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Best Church Logo Examples & Templates


Despite the many orders under Christianity, the Catholic Church is known to be the largest denomination with over one billion members from around the world. The logo seen above contains an image of the sacramental bread and wine which symbolizes the Lord’s Supper during a Eucharistic celebration. Although this is a sacrament accepted by nearly all Christians in the sector, this is a symbol that carries significant value in Catholic teachings.

2. Cross and Flame Logo of The United Methodist Church


It’s not unusual for an organization to use a graphic drawing for their logo without the presence of textual elements. In a church logo, these images are often symbolic, bearing a deeper meaning than what a viewer may initially perceive it to be. Here, the Methodist Church uses the cross and flame to represent Christ and the Holy Spirit, respectively. This minimal logo serves as a reminder of Pentecost which commemorates the Holy Spirit’s descent upon the apostles and other followers of Jesus.


When we talk about the Church, we refer to the group of people that are there to worship and follow in the footsteps of Christ. While we may not be bounded by blood, everyone in the community is considered to be our brothers and sisters in Christ. The image of hand-holding in front of the cross shows camaraderie in its purest form. This logo says a lot about what the Church is about along with the objectives that it aims to achieve through its teachings, celebrations, and charity works.


In a Gospel Church, the doctrinal teachings of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Christianity are taught and practiced by its members based on their interpretations of the Old and New Testament. Shown above is a modern logo designed by the congregation for believers living in Hawthorne, New Jersey. One thing notable about their logo is how different it is compared to what people would expect from a religious assemblage. It adds a more stylish dynamic to the church logos that we’ve become accustomed to, catching our attention as soon as it comes to sight.


Jesus Reigns is a community of believers who honor the Son of God as the King of all nations, hence, the name and logo design of their congregation. This is a religious group that holds simultaneous worship events across the globe to celebrate Christ and his miracles. The ministry and its vision are so compelling that believers in the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, and the US come together as one body to honor and enthroned Jesus as King over their nation. As a recognized assembly of God, their logo depicts the role of Jesus in their lives as well as their vision for the community of believers and non-believers.


St. Jude is recognized as the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes in the Roman Catholic Church. In this example, the church is committed to worship, grow, serve, connect, and give with the Holy Spirit as their guide, which is inspired by what St. Jude has accomplished in his lifetime. This is made clear in the congregation’s church logo. Each element found in the logo represents the vision and mission of the church as a community of believers and disciples of Christ.


One of the trademark graphics of a church logo is the cross. It is a principal symbol of the Christian religion that depicts the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the redeeming benefits of his Passion and death for mankind’s salvation. While this may also be common among health and medical logos, the cross represents an act of prayer, dedication, and commitment in a religious context.


Seen here is a logo of a church that is committed to carrying out the Gospel in a way that they may express the truth in love as defined in Scripture and to bear witness to Jesus Christ. This is a Church that educates its members through programs conducted by the ministry and the education brought to students from preschool to college. Given its audience, the logo design of Sugar Hill Church carries a modern yet elegant character that best represents its nature. This allows the ministry to connect with its younger audience through a visual representation of their Church.


The Baptist Church is one of the most recognized denominations in Protestant Christianity. Their identity is distinguished from the practice of baptizing professing believers, as opposed to infants born into a Christian family, and doing so by completely immersing the individual in water. Holidays and events celebrated by the ministry usually take place within the four walls of their church, which could explain why using the structure to symbolize the assembly is a good way to craft your church logo.


Protestants are known for following the principles of the Reformation. Their congregation is the second largest form of Christianity with between 800 million and 1 billion members worldwide. In this example from the United Reformed Church, the symbol of the cross and the fish is a reflection of their call to renewed focus on the fundamentals of their faith. It is considered to be a contemporary and simplified version of their previous logo design that communicates what the ministry stands for in today’s world.

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