10+ Best Church Magazine Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Making and printing a magazine for a church is among the best ways where you can encourage your target attendees to participate in the church events that are lined up within the month. Through church magazines, you will be able to provide convenience to people like no other. In this article, we have provided church magazine templates and examples that will help in simplifying the process of making a church magazine.

Church Magazine Examples & Templates

Below are the best church magazine templates and examples that we have provided especially for you. Do take note that these templates and examples can be customized using various editing software applications that include those that are under Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and iWork Office Suite.

1. Autumn Church Magazine


Printing church magazines can be quite costly considering the fact that it requires a lot of resources in order to come up with one. But this does not mean that you should already give up on the idea of providing magazines to your readers because you can always opt on releasing magazines on a seasonal basis or creating e-magazines. Here is a template of one of the seasons within the year which is autumn or fall that you may use for your church’s autumn issue.

2. Church Anniversary Magazine


As mentioned, publishing magazines can be quite costly, but you should never miss out on printing an issue particularly on your church’s anniversary month. With all the activities and festivities that you have lined up for your anniversary month, you surely would not want your target attendees to miss out on these events. With that, here is a magazine template that is specifically designed for a church’s anniversary celebration.

3. Church Annual Report Magazine


Before the year ends, you may want to provide a magazine issue wherein you can provide in full detail and review of the events that the church had celebrated within the year. Through this kind of magazine issue, you conveniently provide your fellow church members a trip down to memory lane as well as show them how much they have contributed to the church’s developments and relevant festivities within the year. Here is a church magazine template that is specifically made to effectively show the church’s annual report.

4. Church Capital Campaign Magazine


Churches will never run out of special church events to celebrate even in a month-long span. This is why having a church magazine where you can list down all of its events is a very convenient thing to have because it also encourages people to pay more attention and give more participation to the various church events that have been scheduled. We provide you with this simple template that can already help you in coming up with a church magazine in no time.

5. Church Mission Magazine


By publishing church magazines, you will be able to provide church members a resource that will place your church at their hearts as well as the people your church serves. There are still so many people who would love to read updates about the church through traditional reading materials such as a magazine. Lucky for you because we have already provided you with a template that can help you jump-start your church magazine-making process.

6. Church Souvenir Magazine


If your church is one of the popular tourist spots in your hometown, you can never go wrong in publishing a church magazine that is specifically meant as a souvenir. And since it is a souvenir, you may include facts about your church as well as the community it belongs in so that it can serve its purpose well as a church souvenir magazine. It is also good to consider that you will have some readers who have never stepped foot inside your church, which makes your magazine a window for you to showcase the best features of your church.

7. Creative Church Magazine


You can never go wrong in following a creative path when it comes to designing for your church’s magazine. In fact, you can even encourage more readers, particularly the younger ones who are usually not interested in such kind of reading material. You may consider making use of this template above that already contains creative design elements that are simply perfect enough to reach your goal, which is to design a creative church magazine.

8. Harvest Church Magazine


While harvest time is known as the time when people will reap what they have sown, it is also the time when Thanksgiving will arrive. With all the church wants to thank for, the use of a church magazine is definitely the best way where the church can extend its gratitude to the people that have been supporting them even by just attending to the church activities that have been held earlier in that year. To make it convenient for you, here is a harvest church magazine that already contains the elements that you will need for your church magazine during the fall season, as well as the Thanksgiving holiday.

9. Sample Church Anniversary Magazine


Here is another magazine template that is specifically made for a church’s anniversary event. The other things that you can include in your church anniversary magazine are the details and images of what happened during all of the events that are related to the anniversary celebration. This can also serve as your accomplishment report wherein you can present all the activities that were successfully conducted during one of your church’s most significant events.

10. Catholic Church Magazine


Catholic churches also have a long lineup of events year-round. One of the ways that they inform people about such events is through publishing magazines. It is also through the publishing of magazines that they can also present and publish the images of the previous church events for the attendees to enjoy reading and scanning. Here is an example of a Catholic church magazine where you can get inspiration from for when you will be designing for your Catholic church’s upcoming magazine issue release.

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