Social Media Plan

Last Updated: March 4, 2024

Social Media Plan

Social media sites are now considered as one of the central marketing platforms that every business needs. With the large amount of people who are ever present in these locations, finding and targeting a specific audience has never been so easy.

Gone are the days when people had to rely on advertisements on paper, and paid TV announcements which may or may not be helpful. Why spend so much money when mass media is free and more effective?

A couple years back, when social media was still not the gigantic household name that it is now, simply having a social media account without the social media strategy was enough. Businesses simply created a presence for themselves in the world of multimedia, and already considered themselves better than their competitors.

However, now, because of the higher chance of customer success that social networking offers, many business entities are now employing it for their marketing attempts. Which means that simply being there is no longer enough. You need to make your existence felt and heard. You need to make as much noise as possible so that you can overpower the buzz that your rival is making. You may also see weekly plan examples.

Statistics tell us that at least 30% of millennials engage with a business brand on social media at least once a month. If this is the case, you need to develop a better strategy than simply existing. Otherwise, this audience (slash massive sales potential) is your competitor’s for the taking. You may also like business plan examples.

It is important that brands invest in their social media marketing strategies, and that they are completely head over heels over this engagement. Otherwise, they will lose their chance to meet willing customers, which will have a serious effect on their overall profit.

Social Media Business Plan Template

Social Media Business Plan Template
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Social Media Marketing Plan Example

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January Social Media Editorial Plan Example

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Social Media Content Calendar Plan

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Social Media Goals to Consider This Year

Setting a social media goal is considered a staple of every marketing strategy. For you to understand just what purpose your efforts are directed to, determine what your objectives are exactly. Here are some of the most common social media goals you can consider for your brand:

1. Increase brand awareness.

Social media can offer you a wide range of fresh audience to whom you may introduce yourself. This can help you earn a more extensive list of prospective clients.

Once they’ve gotten to know your brand, you can then proceed to try to create a lasting and authentic impression upon them. By filling your social media channels with meaningful content that can effectively project your brand values, you can convert the crowd into becoming your devotees. This increase in public attention will be positively reflected on your long-term profit. You may also see evaluation plan examples.

2. Higher quality of sales.

Keywords, phrases, and hashtags are common in social media avenues. You can’t simply dig through any of these platforms without encountering at least one of these. You can use them for effective social media targeting so that you can reach your core audience more efficiently. You may also like daily plan examples.

3. Drive in-person sales.

Social media is basically just a gigantic electronic bulletin board for the whole Internet population. Use that to your advantage. You can notify your followers about the latest updates in your store. You can use it to spread the news about an upcoming sale, or the release of a new product, or a giveaway contest. You can utilize it to attract more people to your stores which can help generate in-store sales. You may also check out management plan examples.

4. Improve your return on investment.

This goal is so important that it has become the center of most brand’s social media plans. It needs to be apparent that your efforts are actually contributing something to the overall organization.

You need to make sure that the cost of labor, advertisements, and design are less than what you’re earning through this medium. Keeping track of your ROI (return of investment) can also help you identify which tactics are working so that more time and resources can be dedicated on them, and which ones should be improved to be able to deliver marketable value to the company. You might be interested in annual plan examples.

5. Create a loyal fan base.

Aside from monetary return, the greatest aim of every brand’s social media plan is to create a faithful bunch of people who regularly follow your posts and patronize your products and services without much encouragement needed from your side. If you reach this point in your social media channels, you have achieved success in many ways. You may also see training plan examples.

However, getting there is not easy. It will take time and effort to create a positive brand persona on social media. If you want that for your brand, you better start now.

6. Better pulse on the industry.

If you are in the social media world, chances are, your competitors are too. This can offer you a chance to observe their efforts that seem to be working so you can adapt the techniques for yourself.

By having a pulse on the industry, you can be kept updated on tips that will help you improve your efforts. You’re not exactly copying from them, if that’s what you’re worried about. You’re simply taking inspiration from people who are doing better than you at this. You may also like advertising plan examples.

If you have decided on more than one professional goal, that’s still okay. Your social media plan doesn’t have to focus only on one picture. In fact, you can be as ambitious as you want. Once you’ve chosen one (or more), you can proceed to finalizing the other important aspects that every plan needs.

Social Media Marketing Plan Example

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Scheduled Social Media Plan

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Decide Your Platforms

Maybe you’re thinking that you will just create an account for every social network that exists. After all, the more entries you send, the more chances of winning, right? Wrong. Having ten social media accounts you do not have the time for will only minimize your chances of achieving your goal. Your audience don’t just want you there. They want you being actively present.

Think about the amount of time you can devote on an account per week. Preferably enough that you can quickly build a solid audience by being dynamic, but not too much that you no longer have the time or resources for other important elements in your business management. Plan at least an hour for one social media network. With that budget, how many hours can spend on how many platforms?

Once that has been settled, choose the most appropriate social media avenue for you. Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are inherently visual, which means that if you choose to utilize them, you will have to improve your photography game. While Facebook and Twitter, although bigger on words, still require you to use graphic elements to grab your audience’s attention. You may also see training plan examples.

Do you have enough resources to cater to these demands of maintaining a social media face? And do you have a reliable and effective content team who can work on each account’s subject, and fill it with absorbing information?

To help you decide which social media platform to invest in, here is a short description of six of the most popular avenues today. Study the demographics of each one to help you identify which audience is best for you and your business. You may also like assessment plan examples.

1. Facebook

  • As of this year, Facebook is still the most popular social media platform.
  • It has 1.79 billion worldwide users (so if you are aiming for a bigger audience, look no further).
  • 73% of the US adult population has an account.
  • Out of its 1.79 billion patrons, 1.66 billion of them are active mobile users. You may also check out financial plan examples.

2. Twitter

  • Twitter is, arguably, the second most recognized platform out there. However, it only ranks fourth in the number of users.
  • It has 230 million monthly active users.
  • Despite its considerably smaller clients, it delivers 1 billion unique visitors to websites through the embedded links found in the platform. You might be interested in work plan examples.

3. Instagram

  • 400 million active users each month.
  • Instagram’s user base is more focused on a much younger demographic (so if you are aiming for a more juvenile bunch, this one’s your answer).
  • It has a 4.21% user engagement, which exceeds that of Facebook and Twitter.
  • 40 million photos are shared on Instagram every day, 75% of which is outside the US. You may also see event plan examples.

4. Pinterest

  • This is the third most popular social media platform as of this year.
  • 21% of its users are adults.
  • 84% of its population are females (so if you want to market to the ladies, Pinterest is your accomplice).

5. LinkedIn

  • 414 million  users.
  • 38% of all Internet users with an income of more than $75k are on this platform.
  • 79% of all LinkedIn users are 35 years old or more. It’s considered as the oldest platform on this list.

6. Snapchat

  • 50% of its new users are over the age of 25.
  • 85% of its monthly users within the US are between 13 and 34 years old.
  • 30% of teens have ranked this platform as the most important existing social media avenue.
  • 7 out of 10 users are millennials.
  • 60% of college students say that they would be willing to purchase from a brand if they have been sent a coupon through Snapchat. You may also like action plan examples.

Social Media Marketing Plan

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Boost Your Number of Followers

Once you’ve chosen a social media account, we can now start trying to raise people’s awareness of your existence. Your platform will be close to useless if you don’t attract an audience with it. This part of the process is the longest and the most difficult because building a name in a place where everyone is trying to excel the other (businessman and common person both) is a major challenge. You may also see transition plan examples.

But a lot of brands have successfully introduced and popularized themselves through their social network, and its time that you do the same. Here are some activities you can try to attract people to your site like paparazzi to a particularly juicy gossip. You may also like sales plan examples.

Remember the concept of people liking things that have already been liked before

Customer testimonials, good reviews, and recommendations, to put it lightly, work. People will have a difficult time trusting you unless somebody else has depended on you before. Let people know about all your satisfied customers who don’t regret a penny of what they’ve spent on your brand. These general statements are more convincing that any advertisement that you will release, so make the most out of them.


This is a great promotional event for first-time contest runners. These are the simplest social media event and they are excellent for quick and simple lead generation.

Social Media Marketing Planning Guide Example

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Instagram Hashtag Contest

An Instagram hashtag contest lets users post a photo on your social media platform and tag it with a contest-specific hashtag. You can spark your audience’s creativity and competitive spirit by engaging them in this event. The post with the most votes on their submission will be declared the winner. You may also see company plan examples.

Referral Promotion

This one works through incentivized sharing. The entrants can share the contest with their friends and family. Whoever will get the most people on their network to enter the contest will win the final prize, while everybody else can receive something too, like a discount code, for entering. You may also like research plan examples.

Photo Contest

This contest is similar to the Instagram hashtag-based competition we’ve discussed earlier. But, instead of focusing on the hashtag, this one will focus on the photo.

Interested participants will submit a photo and then share it with the people in their social media accounts, asking them to vote. The entrant who will get the most votes will win the contest. This is a simple technique you can utilize to increase the spread of your promotion. You may also check out strategic plan examples.

Although it can be difficult (and expensive) to start building your brand’s identity on social media, it can be rewarding. Your virtual audience will be automatically turned into prospective clients, then, hopefully, to actual clients. It may take time but with continuous focused efforts, you’ll eventually get there. You might be interested in audit plan examples.

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