10+ Funeral Postcard Examples & Templates [Download Now]

When someone dear to you, may it be your relative or a close friend, will pass away, it is inevitable that sadness will consume you and you will surely get overwhelmed with the situation. However, it is a must that you have a presence of mind so you can still do the necessary funeral arrangements and preparations and post the death announcements and funeral notices. Moreover, you must not forget to inform and reach out to other relatives and friends with the use of a funeral postcard.

Creating all these would be burdensome especially during this time that you are still grieving. Hence, we are here to help you by providing several postcard designs that will give you an idea on how to create one and what to include in your postcard.

Funeral Postcard Examples and Templates

1. Classic Funeral Postcard


Basically, when you create a postcard, you must incorporate the necessary elements which are as follows: back image, cachet, credit line, postmark, barcode or QR code, stamp, applique, message, frame, and caption. For a funeral postcard, you can include the photo of the deceased on the face of the card, any religious image, or beautiful sceneries or views, similar to this classic funeral postcard.

2. Elegant Funeral Postcard


A funeral postcard will serve not just as a form of notice or announcement of the death of someone but also as a memorable keepsake that honors and pays tribute to the deceased. Hence, when you create a funeral postcard, you may include the name of the deceased as well as his or her photo on the face of the postcard and the dates of birth and death. In this example, colorful flower designs are also incorporated for an added aesthetic.

3. Floral Funeral Postcard


Floral funeral postcards are the commonly picked designs when making a postcard as it is versatile and can be used whatever the gender of the deceased is. It also serves as a complement for the cursive text style which is the typical font used for any funeral-related designs, such as funeral invitation and funeral program. Hence, in the above example, you can see floral designs used as a background, making the postcard more attractive and good-looking.

4. Funeral and Memorial Service Postcard


Besides a funeral brochure which provides the details of the funeral and memorial service and program, another way to present the information is through the use of a funeral and memorial service postcard, such as the one presented above. You can include the details of the funeral and memorial such as the date, time, and location of the service as well as the officiating pastor or priest. You may also include your contact information so that the relatives and friends of the deceased can communicate with you regarding other details of the funeral and memorial that are not stated in your postcard.

5. Funeral Photo Postcard


Because funeral postcards also serve as a remembrance or keepsake, it is more appealing when you include a photo of the deceased on the front portion of your postcard, similar to this funeral photo postcard. Below the photo of the deceased, you can write the dates of birth and death, a short quote or Bible verse, your contact details, and even a short biography or obituary of the deceased. You can design the postcard according to your specific preferences or the preferences of the deceased if you know them beforehand.

6. Funeral Service Postcard


Write the funeral service announcement in your postcard and send it to the appropriate recipients, such as the family, relatives, friends, and colleagues of the deceased, just like the example above. You can include the name of your loved one, the dates of birth and death, a short statement of death and obituary announcement, the date, time, and place of the funeral and memorial service, name and address of the addressee, and a photo of the deceased.

7. Funeral Thank-You Postcard


Let your guests and donors know that you are thankful for their moral and financial support with the use of a funeral thank-you card, just like the one presented above. You can write a message through the postcard, telling the recipient that you are forever grateful that they attended the funeral service, show any support that they can give, or simply uplift your spirit and console your grieving heart. On the front of the postcard, you can feature the image of the deceased or any photos that would remind you and the recipient of the deceased. Additionally, you can add the name of the departed loved one and his dates of birth and death.

8. Religious Funeral Postcard


Through this religious funeral postcard, you can relay the passing of a loved one to your family and friends. This is very helpful in notifying those people close to the deceased so that they can attend the funeral service or mass or give honor and tribute to the departed loved one. Hence, in order to provide the complete information of the memorial or funeral, you must include the date, location, and time of the services and funeral program.

9. Watercolor Funeral Postcard


Watercolor patterns and designs are perfect when you want to achieve a minimalist yet artsy funeral postcard. Apart from the design, you must also work on the content of your postcard by determining its primary purpose, for example, to announce the death of a loved one, to inform relatives regarding the memorial and funeral, or a memorable remembrance or token that would remind the recipient of the departed loved one. You have the freedom whether to incorporate the image of the deceased on the postcard or include other good-quality religious photos.

10. Vintage Funeral Postcard


Postcards are already circulating even several decades ago, such as this vintage funeral postcard, as it is a way for people to communicate with each other or to inform the recipient of the sender’s current location and situation. When used as a funeral postcard, this will serve to give notice to the important persons regarding the death of a beloved relative or friend.

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