Funeral Leaflet

Leaflets, pamphlets, and flyers—these are the terms that are used interchangeably by many people. While these papers are similar to each other, they have slight and subtle differences. A flyer is usually a single-page piece while leaflets and pamphlets can have multiple pages or can be folded into two or three. Leaflets and pamphlets only differ in the content or subject as leaflets include one or two key messages while pamphlets have a broader purpose. When it comes to design, a leaflet has a minimalist design compared to the two.

For this reason, a leaflet is one of the best options for featuring funeral or memorial programs, services, announcements, among others, as it is a cost-effective option for your funeral material. Whenever you need to create one, here are several funeral leaflet templates and examples that will surely help you in this overwhelming time of your life.

Funeral Leaflet Examples and Templates

1. Elegant Funeral Leaflet


With this elegant funeral leaflet, you can surely communicate with your relatives and friends regarding the passing of a dearly beloved. You can use it to notify them regarding the death of a family member or a close friend or inform the details of the memorial and funeral program. The design of the leaflet may be an important factor especially when you are doing it to give honor and respect to the deceased, but you must also spend more time on the content, making sure that all the important information regarding the death of someone is included.

2. Simple Funeral Leaflet


As has been said, a leaflet contains a minimalist and simple design, just like the simple funeral leaflet example presented above. In this example, a photo of the deceased is featured on the face of the leaflet as well as his name, date of birth, and date of death. For the content, you have the option of incorporating the details of the funeral order of service, a short biography of the deceased, a quotation or Bible verse, or a thank-you note to those people who provided any form of support, may it be financially or morally.

3. Church Funeral Leaflet

In this church funeral leaflet example, the name of the departed loved one is featured at the front as well as his dates of birth and death. Additionally, the information regarding the funeral or memorial is also presented, such as the day date, and time of the service. It is important to note that apart from this information, you must also include other key details such as the location of the service as well as the officiating priest or pastor. You may also include your contact information in case the recipient of the leaflet has some questions and other concerns related to the funeral of the deceased.

4. Funeral and Memorial Leaflet


Funeral and memorial differ from each other in a way that funeral is a service held to memorialize a deceased person while the body is still present, while a memorial is held with the body not present. Regardless of whether you are creating a leaflet for a funeral or memorial, it is essential that the important elements are present which are as follows: details of the deceased, such as the name, dates of birth and death, and a short obituary; details of the memorial or funeral, such as the date, time, and location; your contact information; and other graphic design elements.

5. Funeral Menu Leaflet


It is customary to have meals or snacks after a funeral or memorial service. Because it would be a hassle to prepare the food during this time of grieving, the services of a food caterer are needed. In order to choose the menu, the catering service provider must give a list of the available options with the use of a menu leaflet, similar to this example. The details included in this funeral menu leaflet are the following: the information of the service provider, the packages available for purchase, the inclusions for each package, and the rates of the packages. If you would create your own menu leaflet, make sure that it is attractive and appealing by incorporating high-quality photos and interesting designs.

6. Funeral Program Leaflet

When you inform the family members and friends of the deceased, it is important that you must also include the order of the funeral program in the leaflet so that the recipient would know the flow of the program and what to expect during the service. Hence, in this funeral program leaflet, the following details can be found: the obituary of the departed loved one, the order of service, time and date of the service, and acknowledgment. This might just be a simple paper, but this is something that provides helpful information to those important people who are related to the deceased not just by blood but also by the bond that they have shared.

7. Funeral Service of Thanksgiving Leaflet


For this funeral service of thanksgiving leaflet, the vital information contained are as follows: name of the deceased, date of birth, date of death, venue of the funeral service, and date and time of the funeral service. The design is very simple, so the printing costs for this leaflet is expected to be lower. Hence, this is appropriate if you want to print a lot of copies especially if there are a lot of people whom you need to send the funeral leaflet.

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