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Even in the age of technological advancement and social media, conventional communication tools, such as poster templates, still play a key role in making public announcements. It’s common for local organizations and media outlets to deliver important news to their audience regarding the passing of a significant member of the community. That’s because funeral posters are perfect for relaying information in a clear and coherent manner. If you plan to do the same, you need to make sure that your poster is designed and written correctly to avoid any problems.

Best Funeral Poster Examples & Templates

1. A3 Funeral Program Poster Template

A3 Funeral Program Poster Template
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2. Final Funeral Poster

Final Funeral Poster

This is an example of a final funeral poster of the late Ghanaian journalist who once worked for BBC World News before he met his untimely death in 2014. Because of his contribution to the programme, an award was established in his honor. The poster delivers details of his funeral arrangements for colleagues and supporters of the deceased to be informed. A sense of professionalism is depicted through the material to represent the subject’s outlook and accomplishments during his time on Earth.

3. Formal Funeral Poster

Formal Funeral Poster

As a political figure in the southeastern part of Nigeria, a funeral poster for this individual, Jemimah Nwachi Nwakanma, was posted around the state of Abia to inform citizens of her passing. She was known as a pillar of strength to her family and was treated as such as her body was laid to rest in a public ceremony. The funeral poster is simple yet filled with honor and respect, as illustrated through the sharp elements of the material. Funeral arrangements are also indicated in the poster for visitors to be guided.

4. Funeral Arrangement Poster

Funeral Arrangement Poster


When someone dies, a ceremony is arranged in accordance with one’s cultural or religious practice. The ceremony may last for a few days or so, depending on the circumstances at hand. For burial and memorial services that are open to the public, details of the arrangements are often delivered through a poster to get a message across a lot faster. The event poster is likely to answer the basic what, when, and where questions of a reader.

5. Funeral Burial Poster

Funeral Burial Poster

Although there are no standard rules when it comes to the information included in a funeral poster, most families and friends of the deceased use it as a channel to pay tribute to a loved one in the most creative way possible. Making a death announcement for someone who has become a public figure is pretty tricky, to say the least, as you want to make sure your audience remains well-informed without giving away sensitive information to those who aren’t a part of the individual’s inner circle. The example above comes in the form of an obituary announcement, as clearly depicted through its written content.

6. Funeral Charity Poster

Funeral Charity Poster


Funeral expenses can sometimes put the family of the deceased in a financial burden. This is one of the reasons why people are usually encouraged to make any form of donations to help settle these arrangements as soon as possible. One way to gather the required funds to sponsor the ceremony is through a charity event. Fundraiser flyers and posters are often used to advertise the event and seek donors for the cause. Here, details regarding the event and the individual behind it are thoroughly explained so readers may fully grasp the need for such.

7. Funeral Fundraiser Poster

Funeral Fundraiser Poster


Contrary to what many believe, funerals are actually a celebration of life. Ceremonies are arranged to honor the departed and relive the memories that were shared during their time on Earth. But for this to be possible, funeral arrangements need to be prepared beforehand. A clever way to make a funeral announcement, while also inviting people to help cover the expenses, is through a poster. This should draw attention to the matter at hand and raise awareness for the cause.

8. Funeral & Memorial Service Poster

Funeral & Memorial Service Poster


Shown above is an example of a funeral and memorial service poster dedicated to the life of North Carolina Central University’s former chancellor. For public services like this, an event schedule is provided for visitors to refer to. It’s important to keep the poster as informative as possible for the convenience of readers. As seen in the poster, readers are also encouraged to make contributions to a particular foundation in honor of the late chancellor. By doing so, you can bring a significant matter to the reader’s attention and establish recognition for your cause.

9. Funeral Rites Poster

Funeral Rites Poster


Some funeral posters are lengthier than others, which is common when depicting the life and burial arrangements of someone who has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Relatives, friends, and supporters of the deceased often use the poster to find out when and where they can pay their respects. If you plan to open the funeral service for public viewing, details of such should be clearly indicated in the poster. Private ceremonies may also be announced through the poster for close friends and family members to be informed.

10. Funeral Announcement Poster

Funeral Announcement Poster


It’s common for communities to mourn the loss of a beloved mayor, principal, or pastor. To keep the message direct and to the point, funeral arrangements for the deceased are typically announced through a poster. It’s a formal yet effective means of delivering important information to the mass audience. Similar to the example above, some posters are made short and simple to make it easy for passersby to read. That way, visitors won’t find it difficult to get the information they need at a glance.

11. Simple Funeral Poster

Simple Funeral Poster


One factor that is likely to affect the readability of a poster is the structure of its content. A lengthy copy takes time to skim through, which may be a challenge to those who are in a hurry. The funeral poster presented above is a good example of a clean and organized layout that is easy to read. In addition to communicating the point of the poster, information is made clear through the format applied. This reduces the possibility of a person grasping the wrong details from the poster as they run their eyes through each word.

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