10+ Health Newspaper Examples and Templates [Download Now]

Oftentimes, people want to be informed regarding world health topics, for example, top healthy food, recommended diet, current epidemic diseases, how to improve health, and many other health-related concerns. One way to effectively relay the information to the general public is through a newspaper. The health section of the newspaper can be a great avenue for you to share news or issues or any articles that are related to health as this can be very helpful for the readers as a warning, an education tool, or a simple guide in their everyday lives. In order to create one, you can refer to the templates and examples below.

Health Newspaper Examples and Templates

1. Basic Health Newspaper

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Share the most inspirational health stories, tips in improving health, or latest innovations related to health and medicine sector through this basic health newspaper template that can easily be edited in just a few seconds. You will no longer get stressed in creating from scratch since this template is preformatted and comes in many available file formats, namely Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher, making it convenient for you to download and edit the document.

2. Food and Health Newspaper

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Help your audience stay informed regarding health-related issues and concerns through this food and health newspaper template. Apart from the useful and well-researched content that you will incorporate in the article, a high-quality image related to the topic that you will discuss will also help in making your newspaper article more attractive to the readers.

3. Community Health Newspaper


In order for your audience to stay interested and informed as regards community health issues, you can provide them a newspaper section or article that is filled with the right and well-written content about the health in the community where they are residing. This is important for them to be aware of what is happening around them especially when it comes to their health.

4. Nation’s Health Newspaper


When you create a health article for your newspaper, you need to make sure that not only your sources are credible but also that layout is organized and systematized. There are times when the readers would become uninterested in your topic just because of the format and layout, which makes it look overcrowded. As a solution, you must break down the topic into different sections and subsections, and you must ensure that there are enough white spaces, such as the presentation of the newspaper example above.

5. Heart Health Newspaper


In this heart health newspaper, the article is focused on promoting heart-healthy habits as well as the tips on how to make your heart stay healthy. If you are planning to create your own, you can refer to this example as a guide not just on what to include in the opening or closing paragraph but also on how to properly format your text as well as your graphics. You also need to make sure that your captured photo is of high quality so it would not get pixelated when the picture is resized during the layout process.

6. Medical Health Newspaper


Another important purpose of a health newspaper is to inform the public of the things or food that might cause serious health problems or issues. Just like this medical health newspaper, the public is made aware of the poisonous veggies from a certain place so that they can at least refrain from those kinds of food that are in the list. Other news included in the health section is about the setting up of procurement agency for the health sector goods, the surgery of a tumor, and the case of a missing patient.

7. Health Care Community Newspaper


We can see from this health care community newspaper that there are a lot of photos incorporated. This is important in order for the reader to have a guide on the article that they are reading through the photos posted. Hence, when you create your own health newspaper, you have to ensure that you have included high-quality and relevant photos. Moreover, you also need to post the date of the release of the newspaper as well as your contact information, such as email add or website.

8. School Mental Health Newspaper


Students might also be experiencing a mental health crisis for various reasons, making them unproductive in school. It is important that this issue, as well as other similar issues, must be posted in the newspaper so that parents and teacher will become aware and will make an effort in addressing such concern. In this example, a list of the major causes of mental health issues experiences by students is being discussed as well as the possible therapy that might help them overcome the mental health crisis.

9. Health Care Advancement Newspaper


Because a newspaper encompasses a wide range of topics, any trending events can surely be featured in the newspaper. Just like in this health care advancement newspaper, it features an awards event in which the leaders are being acknowledged during the First Global Health Pioneer Awards in Dubai. Moreover, advancements in health care are also being featured.

10. Health and Wellness Newspaper


In this health and wellness newspaper, it features an alternative medicine that can help the patients maintain balance and avocado as the food that targets leukemia stem cells. Having these kinds of topics can surely be beneficial to health-conscious readers, making them informed of the latest updates or research when it comes to health and wellness. So the next time you write an article that is related to health, choose to write the content that promotes and improves the wellness and health of an individual.

11. Health Information Newspaper


Being a part of clinical research can help one in a lot of aspects, for clinical research involves determining the safety and effectiveness of medications, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens that are intended for human use which are then used for prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of a disease. In this example, a sort of invitation to the reader to become a partner of clinical research is being featured in the newspaper.

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