18 Personal Goals in 2018

Now that new year has finally arrived, we are also going to face new challenges. But the question here is are you ready to face the new year’s challenges for you with your old 2017 self?

If what you want to achieve in the year 2018 is personal growth, then it would be ideal for you to make some personal goals. Now, you might think that you are going to face another problem and that is what could be some personal goal ideas, both long-term goals, and short-term goals, that you might possibly want to achieve in the new year? Worry not, for here are eighteen personal goal ideas that will give you a heads up in the new year.


1. Learn a new skill

This personal goal can be considered both longterm and a short term. Even if we have already graduated and completed our education, learning does not stop once we receive the diploma. Learning, aside from change, is a constant thing in this world. If you would want to learn a new skill, say for example you want to learn how to cook, do not be afraid to enroll in classes that teach you how to do so. If you do not have extra budget to spend on enrolling in classes but can do self-teaching effectively, you can look up on Youtube tutorial videos on how to cook a particular recipe you want to cook. You can ask your friend who knows how to cook to teach you a recipe or two. If you want to learn how to drive, enroll in driving lessons or have a trustworthy (and patient) friend that can teach you driving.

It’s all right if you cannot learn how to cook immediately after having been taught. Take things slow and do not be afraid or ashamed that you are learning slowly than expected. What matters most is that you are trying to gain new or more learning or a skill and that you do not allow your growth and knowledge remain stagnant.

2. Learn something new every week

This is an example of a possible short-term, personal goal. Yes, it is possible to learn something new within a week. With the resources that we have in this age, particularly the internet, we can always easily look up on how things are done and you would realize that there are things you can learn even in the span of just seven days. You can learn how to make crafts, knit a scarf, sew a piece of clothing, bake a batch of cupcakes, plant flowers in a pot, and carve a wooden figurine in just a week.

And, learning something in a week does not always have to be learning a new hobby– you can learn how to clean your bathroom without having too much and too expensive cleaning supplies, you can learn how to fold your clothes effectively without consuming too much space in your drawers, you can learn how to arrange your small bedroom in a way that you would have still make room for space, and you can even learn how to play one or two songs with a guitar or a ukulele. All of that and more can be learned in a span of just a week if you are willing to learn so.

3. Read 12 books for the 12 months of the year

Before the articles and stories we can read digitally through our computer or cell phone screens and the internet these days, we had books as one of our entertainment resources during the down times in our lives before. Without the need for an outlet or a charger, books are our companions that do not lose power. The best thing about books is that it is also a way for you to learn something new and learning something new can be helpful in our pursuit of achieving your personal goals.

You don’t have to read a book every single day if you are not really a wide and wild reader; you can just read one book at least once a month for the entire year. And if you cannot help but read some more, really, reading more books is and will never be a negative thing.


4. Schedule social media break and detox

Have you ever felt like instead of giving entertainment, social media and the internet, in general, is making your life toxic? Instead of feeling inspired by the posts of your favorite celebrities, artists, bloggers, models, and even your friends, you would now get envious that you would try to imitate their lives to feel good and when you cannot imitate, you would feel frustrated and down? How about making a personal goal that you would have at least five days or even for just a week off from logging into your social media accounts?

While others might say that you just need to have a healthy mind and heart so would you not feel envious when you see such posts online, taking a break away from it can also be of help. For example, you would try to project that you are not envious at all while you are scrolling away an Instagram feed of your friend who just had a vacation overseas. You might project and look like you are not jealous at all but mind you that any kind of feeling, deep down, can never be faked or made up. You are also trying to suppress your true feelings which are equivalently toxic as well. So don’t be worried if you would want to take a break from social media or the internet as a whole if you want to detoxify your thoughts and feelings and do not be worried if you are behind the latest updates of whoever that person might be because the only person you should get updates from is your own self.


5. Do a savings challenge.

Do you feel like you still do not have enough monetary funds for your life even if you receive enough pay every month from your job? It’s probably because you cannot keep track on what you have been spending on with your latest pay. Do a savings challenge– you can find a lot from the internet. You can save in two possible ways: by keeping a piggy bank or to open a bank account where you can solely put in all your savings. Savings can be divided as well into categories. You can save up for your upcoming trip, you can save up for your emergency funds, you can save up even for something you have always wanted to buy like a car or a house and lot. Having savings is a good way to feel financially secure in your life. Also in that way, you would not be worried or feel scared whenever there are emergencies.

6. Do a no-spend challenge.

This personal goal goes hand in hand with the previous personal goal which is to save. How can you save? Of course, by not spending too much on pointless and unnecessary things. One tip that you could always use when you are shopping is that before you put an item into the cart, you have to ask yourself with just these two questions: do you need it now? Do you see yourself actually using the item? If no is your answer to both questions, then put that item down and proceed to the shelves where you really have to buy something important. Another way to not spend a lot of necessary items is that you should make a checklist of the things that you really need as of the moment. If you think that the item you are tempted to buy is something that you can use in the future, then just buy it in the future.


7. Travel at your own place like a tourist

Sure, traveling to places outside your hometown or the city you’re currently living in is both thrilling and fulfilling. But have you ever thought that traveling like a tourist in your own place can actually be fulfilling and thrilling, too? Think about it, there are some places like tourist attractions and even undiscovered gems, that you can find in your place. You don’t have to go too far from home and you also do not need to spend a lot. There could be something new in your hometown that you never had the time to check out– this is your time. You can call your friends who are willing to go with you and the fun and thrills will be so much more than you have expected– plus, you do not have to break the bank or your piggy bank which can help you achieve the two previous possible personal goals mentioned which is to save and not to spend too much.

8. Create good habits and ditch the bad ones

Tired of your bad habits but you still keep on doing it anyway? Make new and good habit then. It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. You have 365 days in the year and it would only take you 21 days out from the 365 you have for the entire year to make a good habit that would last a lifetime.

9. Learn to say no

If you keep on saying yes to people but the word causes a jolt of pain to your feelings, maybe it’s the perfect time for you to learn and say no to things that make you uneasy, unsafe, and uncomfortable. There are days or moments when we know what we actually want and there are days and moments when we are offered or ordered to do something that makes us feel otherwise.

There are some instances wherein we are compelled to do something because the person who asked you to do so has the power to rip you off of the things that you have now. Stay grounded on your virtues, morals, and principles. There are also some instance wherein you are asked to do something even if you do not know how things work. Do not be afraid to say no when you are asked to do things beyond your capacity. Learn to be humble and admit that you do not how to do it.

10. Take risks and welcome challenges

If you have always been afraid of taking risks and facing challenges, maybe 2018 is the year that you will. Even risks could somehow put you at a pedestal, what’s important about risks is that it would test how you would react to a situation and it also tests how mature and critical-minded you are when you would be already handling the consequences and results of your risk-taking moments. Taking risks could be resigning from your job that does not fulfill you anymore. One of your doubts would be what if I cannot find a job easily? Have faith in yourself and in your capabilities and trust that in the right time, you will, and when you do, you would find a job that is not only fulfilling but a job you can love and take pride on for the rest of your life.

Most of the time, it is our negative thoughts that hold us back from taking risks. Taking risks, with a logical mind, is not negative or bad at all.

11. Give some of your time to a cause that matters to you.

There are causes you want to fight for and 2018 will be the year that you would strongly fight and do something for it– way beyond than Facebook likes and Twitter retweets can do. If you have the love for the abandoned children, visit an orphanage where you could make a difference through your service. You do not have to break a bank in order to help. Sometimes, the people in need do not only just need food, water, and shelter– most of the time, they just need someone to talk to, someone to share life experiences and even life hardships, too. Offer a listening and lending ear and you might just save someone’s downtrodden life and soul.

12. Invest in your health.

Investing in your own health could be the most valuable and worthy investment that you will never regret investing in. There are so many ways you can invest in your health. You could have fitness goals that you should achieve in 2018. You can signup for a gym membership, you can have someone who can create an effective workout routine for you, or you can even look up on YouTube for videos on how to do basic exercises. You can also take on internet challenges that would challenge you to make gradually increasing push-up, planks, or burpees every single day throughout a particular time frame which usually goes on for whole 30 days and some challenges would even challenge you for the whole year. If you want to lose or gain some weight, have someone give you a nutrition plan or a balanced diet plan. We all know of the saying that goes “health is wealth” and it still stands especially true in this age where fast food and the instant food is on the rise because of the ease it brings to our lives without knowing it also decreases our lifespan.

13. Do theose things you have been putting off for a long time.

Have you been an aspiring story writer but you have never even finished writing one book or even a short story? In the year 2018, make it a point that you would already finish your passion projects that you have ignored, avoided and neglected for a long time now. Who knows? You might already achieve your big break once you could already finish the passion projects you have long been putting off. You could have stopped your education and maybe it is in the year 2018 that you could already finish and complete your education.

14. Have a work and life balance.

One of the rules, when you are already in the so-called real, corporate world, is to keep a work and life balance. Work and life balance is a concept of giving proper, enough and equitable time between work and lifestyle. One way of achieving a work and life balance is not to bring unfinished work at home. When you are at home, give time to your family. Know that you can always easily look for a job but you can never easily look for a new family.

15. Schedule dates

Have you felt like losing touch with your friends and loved ones? Maybe in the year 2018, you can finally set up and schedule dates with everyone. Even though there are social media and text messaging you can use to communicate, it is still different than you would meet your friends and loved ones in person.

16. Do what you have always wanted to do.

You might have one thing that you have always wanted to do with your life but, somehow, you just have never done it. Whatever your reasons are, maybe you should take the consideration of finally doing it. Keep in mind that you are not getting younger, might as well do the things you’ve always wanted to do while you still have the energy to do it. Have you always wanted to take photography classes but you do not have enough budget to enroll in one? By simply exploring your own camera, or even your cell phone camera, as well as looking up on Youtube for a tutorial and inspirational videos, you can learn your own technique on how to do the thing that you have always wanted to do.

17. Fulfill personal morals

After all the things you could do to make your physique presentable, maybe it’s time to look after the things that cannot be seen. The things that cannot be seen are your morals, your personality, your behaviors, your principles, and your values. If you have the negative and bad ones, maybe in 2018, you can make it a personal goal to improve it. It is not because you want to look good to others and that they would change their impressions about you but it is about not just having a beautiful mind and body but it is also about having a beautiful heart and soul that encompasses beyond time.

18. Love yourself.

Loving and putting yourself first when you need it to be placed first is never a selfish thing. Remember that the person that is the hardest to forgive is your own self. If you do not love yourself deep and hard enough, chances are, when you would make mistakes, you could not easily forgive yourself. As a result, you would keep on hating yourself. When you love yourself, you could easily forgive yourself, that you can understand that you are just human and mistakes are just a part of life where you can learn from. If you do not forgive yourself, chances also are, you would keep on making mistakes because it is then that you would lose confidence in yourself.

Have faith in yourself.  Treat your own self with rewards. Give yourself a chance to grow, to take risks, and to face new adventures because life is not just about doing good and being good to others. If that kind of mindset is what you possess right now, then you probably have a hard time on deciding things and you keep on having doubts and second thoughts because you would always keep on thinking what others would feel. Of course, it is right to think and be sensitive of other’s feelings towards your actions but keep in mind that you are not obliged to please everyone and that there has never been a need to do so. So in this year, you could make it your “you'” year– the year that you will finally choose something that makes and keeps you happy, the year that you will finally learn how to love, forgive, and heal yourself, and the year that you will fulfill all your personal goals because you have finally learned how to love your own self.

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