Relationship Goals

You have probably seen couples on Facebook and other digital platforms sharing about how much they are so in love with one another just to convince the world which could care less. While they declare their intimacy to social media platforms, friends and best of friends are always there to comment on their photos as a sign of support. If you claim to be a social media specialist, then you might be familiar with the famous term “relationship goals”, which is also an example of life goals.

Anyone in a relationship can post something sweet online with their partner and claim that their relationship is perceived as goals or ideal despite the bitterness that uncertainty threatens. There are various of ways for a relationship to flourish and flourish still even if you have been with your partner for too long. The cynics would usually let you have a taste of their ill-willed minds by convincing lovers that it takes some time for a flower to be in its prime only to wither with excited haste.

Hearing cynical statements can actually make you reevaluate your worth to your lover and your lover to you. Probably those who are cynics of love have experienced the bitterness first hand, or have witnessed too many heartbreaks that had deprived them of hope or belief of the kind of love which leaves two souls wanting each other until both breathe their last. Circumstance as such could probably nullify the purpose of your event planning checklist for a grand wedding or anniversary.

How Does a Relationship Last a Lifetime

It comes with sheer folly to submit to the beliefs of the cynics. Always remember that your situation might be close to becoming similar, but this does not mean you will be sharing a fate of what had ended to them. The ways you react to circumstances and things can greatly differ from theirs and so are the reactions of your lover. If thoughts like these have made frequent hauntings over your currently-stricken-with-doubt heart, a list of tips are offered below to save you from being consumed by your now pessimistic assumptions.

  1. Always look for stars in the silent depths of the night. In times of conflict, insignificant or great, there is an unusual stretch of silence that could lead you to imaginations about how everything could end in a matter of time. If you are becoming aware that you have reached this state, why don’t you use the silence to think about the possible ways to get things resolved. No matter how grave the situations will become, if you are willing to forgive and compromise, things could actually work out. Forgiving a soul that has learned the ways to corrupt your vulnerable heart can be extremely hard–not to mention, the gravity of a fault.
    You have to consider though that some faults are never realized until they are pointed out. The latter refers to actions that are done with the absence of ill intentions. This kind of fault can be easily forgotten and the actions altered. If your lover has done you only wrong, yet has caused you a tragedy of an impact like cheating, it would be safe to assume that a lifetime kind of relationship is not for your current relationship and allow things to crumble until there is nothing left to crumble.
    Despite this, always learn to forgive and leave with grace. Or you may choose to forgive and stay, but see to it that you are not a martyr of a failed cause. If you are the type of person who cannot and does not tolerate such faults, never lose your faith in love. There will always be that person who is so much deserving of your love, and you to his or her.
  2. Never let respect for one another diminish through time. A relationship feeds on affection, care and respect. Although chances are faint, a relationship may give birth to a new kind of evil that abuses your existence that makes you question your worth. If you think your partner no longer gives you any sign of respect or that starts physically abusing you, just leave the book unfinished and let it rot gracefully in your past.
    Never allow your partner to land any abusive touch on you and most importantly never allow yourself to feed his or her malevolent, prideful desires by submitting to these kinds of touches. You need to have respect for yourself before committing to someone whom you think is the one. Respect for yourself may narrow down the number of admirers, but who cares? At least you know you’re safe from the spawns of the devil. It would be totally hard to spot abusive partners especially if the relationship is a baby. All you have to do is keep your grasp on sanity and don’t let your desperation of being loved or to love get the best of you.
  3. Convince your partner how much you love him or her by showing it rather than abusing the phrase “I love you”.  A line in the poem Repetition by Phil Kaye states “…if you repeat something over and over again it loses its meaning.” By saying I love you over and over again without making any efforts to show your affection the conviction in the famous phrase reduces greatly until conviction and sincerity can no longer be sensed in it. And no, this does not mean you have to take your partner out on a fancy date on a daily basis. There are many ways you can show your affection to your partner even in the absence of the phrase “I love you”.
    Human as we are we like to aggrandize and romanticize the traditional practices of love letters on fancy papers along with cheap yet significant presents. Aside from that, you can go on lovely picnics at parks or places where the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful without having to spend too much. You can try surfing the web for cheap yet awesome places where you and your partner may hang out. These traditional practices of showing your affection to your lover never run out of style and no generation trend can parallel to the greatness of these.
    There are still countless actions that you can still do to your lover all you have to do is figure out if the actions are the best ones for your type of lover. In the occurrence of circumstances that threatens to discourage you to stop these actions of intimacy, endure these threats and never submit to their goals. These discouragements are most commonly coming from the cynics.
    Negative remarks and pieces of advice like “why are you investing too much in your current relationship when you are still too uncertain on how things could be in the future” and “aren’t you a little too young to take relationships on a whole new degree of seriousness? Have fun and mess things up” have the potential to make you question your relationship’s worth; thus, you stop doing the acts of intimacy.  Furthermore, the growth of a potential relationship that could last a lifetime is impeded because doubt manifests in every action you take. When you encounter a cynic’s remark, try to divert your attention by thinking of lovely thoughts to keep your optimism and faith firm.
  4. Minimize your relationship posts on social media. Not that we are entirely against relationship posts on social media, rather our intention is to save you from the disdainful remarks of your social media circles who grew annoyance over the frequent posting of your relationship status or uploading cheesy or sexy photos of you and your partner.
    You are probably old enough to understand how the minds of people work, right? The human mind has a higher tendency to destroy things that are lovely than admire them. To people who think like the former, they perceive these lovely things as too worthy of worldly admiration that they have to be destroyed. This illogical repugnance is spread rampantly on digital platforms given that the cyber world is where most people take shelter in.
    It will be useless to confront their cynicism for their replies would be “that’s because you asked for it”. Aside from that, tagging your boyfriend or girlfriend’s account gives the creeps and the lurkers, with intentions weaved with ill, the chance to pry on your partner. Gives you the freight doesn’t it? You can post the status of your relationship or upload you and your partner’s photos with a cheesy message online, just don’t do it very often.
  5. Practice humor. Let’s face it a relationship deprived of humor or greatly lacking on inside jokes can be boring. In fact, it becomes too boring that you find other people to entertain you. A relationship like this is doomed to end soon. We all know that humor a good humor shared by similar minds keeps things interesting. Humor is something that keeps you and your partner laughing for hours no matter how boring things. Just state a witty remark over something that is boring and the flames of your relationship are fanned. If you consider yourself as a person who sucks at jokes, it’s about time you develop your sense of humor. Not sure how? Read the steps below:
    1. Observe the pros. For you to effectively immerse yourself in humor try watching clips or videos of comedians or vines online that amuses you. Since we are living in the digital era it wouldn’t be hard for you to look for one because the internet caters to almost all the things you need and want. Aside from videos, you can even look for numerous lines of jokes that are categorized online. From healthy humor to dark humor, name it and the Internet has it.
    2.  Wit over silliness. Being silly can be funny sometimes but being witty is so much more. The power of wit leaves a more lasting impact than that of silly jokes for these are the type of jokes that make people actually think. Although silliness is funny, it can be a little too annoying to some people as the jokes are immature and may be disturbingly painful. Needless to say, you have to consider the taste of your audience for being silly can be too extreme for observers who prefer witty jokes over silly ones.
    3. Timing and delivery. Timing is as important as the way you deliver your jokes. Always consider the situation or the topic, if you are in mid-conversation, you are in before cracking a joke. A joke that relates to the topic guarantees you that your partner will laugh rather than uttering a practiced joke out of nowhere. The situation you are in has to be considered as well. Imagine cracking a joke during a funeral ceremony, not so fantastic right? And, too, you have to make sure that you deliver your joke flawlessly; otherwise, countless eye rolls would be met. Never laugh at your own jokes before it is uttered (no matter how you find it witty), for you not to appear like a total idiot laughing over nothing. This can be really discouraging and the end results would be a low blow to your sense of humor’s pride.
  6. Have a positive outlook on life. If a dire situation takes its toll you, always see the oh wells in it rather than the what ifs. Having a positive outlook on life does not only affect yourself but also your relationship. Practicing optimism affects your partner that he or she will eventually have a positive outlook on life, that is if your partner is a pessimist to start with. By always being positive, relationship impediments in the future will eventually be resolved. Additionally, you can assure yourself that your relationship will not be a toxic one. Practicing optimism won’t be a challenge if you just think of solutions in the occurrence of a problem, rather than tracing back where you went wrong and blaming one another which only exacerbates the situation.

Six Messages of I Love Yous without Saying I Love You

As what is mentioned above, most traditional practices in showing your love just never goes out of style. Despite the evolution that caters greatly to our needs, writing love letters can is one of the many conventional practices that have a good chance of wooing your lover or when performing the courtship. A DIY designed love letter displays your effort in crafting one, which we would like to recommend. Of course, a love letter can go plainly sour when the content consists of cliches or love quotes that are obviously from the various pages in the digital platforms. It is a lot more commendable when you cite circumstances you consider special and worthy of being auctioned to your best memories.

Enough with the I love yous, tell your partner what he or she is yet to know. Through this, the letter will be memorable and will be truly convinced that you are so into your lover. The circumstances you cite doesn’t always have to be the grandest moments, as per society standards. You may mention mundane things that your partner takes delight in and aggrandize that moment. You can even use figures of speeches like metaphors and similes, hyperboles, idiomatic expressions, and others. If you are uncertain of how it’s done, check the sample messages below and use them as your guideline.

  • I have always thought that my life before your was the best one ever. The world has offered me colors that I only had acquaintances with the grayscale for some time. And then like the lightning, you suddenly happened. My world was painted anew and my silent gasp of awe was heard by those who are in search of love. As a matter of fact, five years has past and I still am in awe. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and what a bliss would it be to have you here with me until all the fibers of my existence decompose.
  • Good morning, lady with unparalleled beauty, you have not the faintest idea about how fortunate I am to have wedded one of the world’s greatest marvels. I am infinitely grateful to the gods and goddesses who have considered me fitting for their ultimate gift to the humanity that is you. I never regretted the bravado I mustered to get your number on the day my eyes first laid on something exquisitely pleasant. You radiated of aura which compelled all men to ask for your number, yet gay was I to have known that the god of fortune was with me and gave your number only to me. I love you is too shallow a word for describing the depths of my love for you. My admiration and intimacy for you are too much to cater a million lifetimes.
  • Do you have any idea how lovely you are in your most vulnerable state? As the six AM ray of light kisses you gently on your cheeks my doubts about the existence of angels are reduced to nothingness. I thank the world for offering me a sight my eyes refuse to not look at during mornings for it’s everything I could ever ask for. As you wake your eyes and try your hardest to remove sleep in it, I can’t help it but watch you with awe. Though you always argue that I am being sarcastic when I tell you you’re most lovely in the early hours of the morning, I will never tire of firing back how I am a passionate practitioner of the virtue of honesty.
  • It truly is surprising to find a girl who prefers cheap thrills over expensive dates. The first time I asked you out on a date I can still remember how you flinched and your face mildly contorted out of heaven knows what the reason is. Trust me you contorting your face is to die for. You only replied with a how about pizzas, beers, and indie films. After the first date, I never looked at pizzas, beers, and indie films the same way before. Just to remind you, tonight at seven PM will be the anniversary of our first date. Why don’t you go home early and celebrate it with me over pizzas, beers, and indie films?
  • Having a boyfriend who’s fond of the family pets over his girlfriend can be pretty infuriating– not to mention the times where I badly need your attention. Just an FYI thing, you spend more time with my dog than me. Despite this major conflict, I can’t help it when you start smiling upon seeing our dog and convincing me to have plenty of them once we become wedded couples. It makes me think that you are going to be a very good father to our future babies. There are so many qualities in you that I truly admire. I want to thank you so much for being so good to me and for always including me in your future plans. Each time I tell you of my plans that conflicts yours, you always find a way to compromise. What on earth did I ever do to deserve a man like you? Although I don’t want to be hasty, I truly wish that both of our dreams would come to life sooner than imagined.
  • All my life I’d known sadness alone. I am the perfect embodiment of all things sad and had convinced myself this. I used to believe that I am not really worthy of loving anyone until you came along and converted that belief. I am infinitely grateful for teaching me not only to exist but to live. I thought it was really hard until love happened to me. To us. I have lived again full of love and cheer because of you. In times where my awful past makes its haunting, you are always there to comfort me with patience.

The term relationship goals is not merely about posting something on social media about how much you love your partner. In social media, you can always put up a facade and fake your happiness. Before you post something about your relationship online, make sure that you are not trying only trying to convince anyone, but also yourself.

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