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Close your eyes for a second. Imagine a world without hope. Imagine a life where there is nothing but despair. Imagine a world full of darkness without light. How would you live in such a world? Would you be able to stay sane? Would you be able to continue living each and every day to the fullest when you yourself know you are not doing alright? Take a look at it this way. Suicide is very common in all parts of the globe. So, why do people do what they do? It can be many things: depression, social anxiety, shame, guilt, out of passion, no meaning. Give it a word. You may also see presentation speech examples & samples.

There are many reasons why people would decide to take away their own life. They think it’s the easy way out, well, that is true. Out of their problems, out their miseries, out of their pain, everything. But that’s the whole point. Life was never promised to be easy. Life was never going to be a smooth drive all the way. Albert Einstein once said that if you have never failed, it just simply means you have not tried anything new. There is always a way to get through your problems. It may not be the easiest way and it may take some time, but you will rise above it. Only if you choose to look at your problems and trials from another angle. You may also like speech examples for students.

If you think your problems are unsolvable to the point where you lose all hope trying to solve it, there are other people whose problems are bigger than yours. There are people who have risen above their poverty and became the successes they are today not only because of their hard work and perseverance but because they have chosen to do something about their poverty, using it as their stepping stone in order to become something more. You may also check out thank-you speech examples & samples

There are people who are born with no hands or feet, who have now become sought out motivational speakers while living life to the fullest by playing golf, surfing, etc. Which begs to ask the question: How do these people become so motivated? How do they have the strength and courage to rise above their own failures and face their demons? The answer is simple: they JUST DO IT (Nike)! Give yourself time to mope, give yourself time to rant, give yourself time to heal, give yourself time to vent out to society on how pissed you are. By all means, you are given that right. But, do not do it longer than necessary. You take too long, you will eventually forget your purpose and goals that you still want to fulfill in life. You may also see introduction speech examples & samples

Here is a sample excerpt from J.K. Rowling’s speech, ‘The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination’. 

I was convinced that the only thing I wanted to do, ever, was to write novels. However, my parents, both of whom came from impoverished backgrounds and neither of whom had been to college, took the view that my overactive imagination was an amusing personal quirk that would never pay a mortgage, or secure a pension. I know that the irony strikes with the force of a cartoon anvil, now. You may also like informative speech examples & samples

I would like to make it clear, in parenthesis, that I do not blame my parents for their point of view. There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you. What is more, I cannot criticize my parents for hoping that I would never experience poverty. You may also check out motivational speech examples & samples

They had been poor themselves, and I have since been poor, and I quite agree with them that it is not an ennobling experience. Poverty entails fear, and stress, and sometimes depression; it means a thousand petty humiliations and hardships. Climbing out of poverty by your own efforts, that is indeed something on which to pride yourself, but poverty itself is romanticized only by fools. You may also see special occasion speech examples & samples

All the great people you see on TV or see in movies and in basketball games have all one thing in common: they have all started from somewhere below the ash heap. How they made it all the way to the top of the food chain must have been quite a journey, indeed, but here they are. Before inventing the light bulb, Thomas Edison has taken at least ten thousand ways that did not form the light bulb. At his ten thousand and first try, he has successfully built the first working unit. What if he gave up on his tenth try or even his five-thousandths try? Would we still have light bulbs at present? Maybe it wouldn’t have been invented at all, maybe it would have but by another person this time and not by Edison. You may also like appreciation speech examples & samples

Before Michael Jordan, (and no, this is not the guy who played Killmonger in the movie Black Panther, that’s Michael B. Jordan) was also known as the greatest basketball player of all time, he was responsible for missing nine thousand shots, lost almost three hundred games, and he was entrusted with the winning shot at least twenty-six times and missed it. “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed”. The end goal of every motivational speech is to not try and comfort you, but give you the drive once more to resolve the situation at hand to become stronger and better where you have left off. You may also see inspirational speeches for more examples of these kinds of speeches. To end this article is a summary of Steve Jobs 2005 speech entitled “How to Live Before You Die”. 

My second story is about love and loss. I was lucky that I discovered what I loved doing and that Apple became such a huge success. It began in my garage when I was 20 and later became huge. I later got fired as someone I hired to run the company with me and I had different visions of the future. I lost what I loved most and I was devastated. But I realized I still loved doing it, so I started over and was free to be perhaps the most creative I have ever been in my life. You may also check out award speech examples

During the next few years I founded a company named NeXT, a company named Pixar and fell in love with the woman who would become my wife. Remarkably, Apple bought next so I returned to Apple with the new technology we had created with NeXT. I also had a wonderful family with my wife. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t been fired from Apple. Even when life hits you hard, what really keeps you going is what you love. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you’ve found it. You may also see speech outline examples & samples

After reading this article, what you are planning to do? Are you planning to continue moping over how much of a failure you are in this life? Or are you going to stand up, dry those tears and continue to fall again and again until you reach the point where you can look back on your life and say: “I did it!”? The choice is completely up to you. By the way, you are not being forced to be encouraged or motivated after reading this, but you are highly encouraged to be. We all have a choice in this life. We just gotta choose to grab it! You may also like youth speech examples

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