3+ Short Descriptive Essay Examples in PDF

Have you ever tried or wrote a descriptive essay before? Either it was for school or you simply wanted to try and see if you could write one? Was it a long descriptive essay or a short one? If you did, how did it go and what did you write about? If you have not written one or you may have and still want to try your luck in writing a better essay (which you will), here is a good article for you to check out. 3+ Short Descriptive Essay Examples. Did I mention they are on PDF?

3+ Short Descriptive Essay Examples

1. Short Descriptive Essay Template

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2. Office Short Descriptive Essay

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3. Short Descriptive Essay in PDF

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4. Structured Short Descriptive Essay

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Defining Essay

An essay is a literary piece of writing that focuses on the views of the author. It focuses mainly on the point of view of a certain topic the author is writing about.

Define Descriptive

Descriptive means to describe something. To expound on a certain topic may it be about an object, a person or a place. To describe it in a non-judgmental way. 

Categories of Essays

The four categories of essays are Argumentative, Expository, Narrative and Descriptive. There are a lot of types of essays, however they are all categorized by the four types above. 

Define Descriptive Essay

When we hear the word descriptive and essay put together, the first few things that pop into our heads would be writing a topic wherein we are going to describe. A descriptive essay is a type of essay that describes the topic a writer wishes to write about. It uses the 5 senses of a writer. Describing something through taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. By doing so, the writer uses descriptions to explain in their essay. It gives the reader a sense of what the writer is trying to say.

Ways on Writing a Short Descriptive Essay

Here are some simple ways to write a good short descriptive essay. We start of with:

  • Introduction: Introduce your topic in the first paragraph. What is your topic about? Simply talking about the topic in a general way and not in a detailed way. This is where you are going to attract your reader’s attention. So do not give out everything in the introduction. Leave a few information. Hook your readers in. Give them some background information but keep it generalized. Add a few sentences in the paragraph, around one to four sentences. Keep it short.
  • Body: In the body of your essay, this is where you are now going to start describing the topic you chose. Remember in the introduction, you were merely giving a general overview. In the body, you are now able to give the specific overview of your chosen topic. Add the five senses as much as possible in your body of the essay. Let your reader know how it all goes for the character or the person or object you chose to write about.  Add the sense of touch, what your character is seeing or what you are seeing if you are talking about an object. Remember to put as much detail as possible. Keep your sentences short in this part of the paragraph as well as giving out specific details. Not less than six sentences.
  • Ending: End your essay with a conclusion. In a neutral thought or a happy thought. Your conclusion or ending must not be longer than your body of the essay. 

Tips on Writing a Short Descriptive Sentence

  • Think it over: Writing an essay may seem easy but it’s only easy if you think about what you wish to write. This also makes it easier to gather your thoughts before you write.
  • Make a draft: Before you start writing the actual essay, make a draft. This helps you see which ideas you want to add and which ones you do not want to add in the actual essay.
  • Read out loud: Once you have made a draft and finalized what you wish to add, read out loud. As much as it’s not that obvious, reading your draft or finalized work out loud can really help with seeing what you want to write or take out of the essay.
  • Be creative: Be creative with your essay. Just as long as you are descriptive and follow the guidelines when writing. Draw your readers in.


How much is the word count for a short descriptive essay?

For a short descriptive essay, the word count may depend on the writer. But it should not be lower than 300 words nor higher than 2000 words.

Do I really have to be very descriptive with my short essay?

You must be descriptive since you are writing an essay that describes what the topic is about. Use the five senses when writing your essay. Describe what you are talking about as well.

How important is using the five senses when writing a descriptive essay?

Since you are writing a descriptive essay, writing with the five senses helps the reader understand your essay. You are using this to help describe what you are trying to imply.

How do I write a good descriptive essay?

Follow the guidelines and the tips above. They may help you write a good essay.

It goes without saying finding ways to write a good descriptive essay can be challenging. You have to go through a lot of drafts before you can finalize what you wish to write. But writing your drafts for your essay can be a good start. This is where you can edit and reread everything before writing a good short descriptive essay. From the term itself, describing. So you must always remember to describe your topic.

The best way to do so is to use the five senses, touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing. This helps your readers understand what you are trying to show through your words. With all that being said, as long as you follow the tips and the guidelines, you are now able to write a good short descriptive essay in no time.

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