Short Speech for Students

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Short Speech for Students

Any student will tell you, making speeches for any event or for school purposes was both exhilarating and tiring. But what their teachers may have not told them was there were also some short speeches they could do. For most of us who have been there, writing speeches may have depended on how we wrote it which was also a challenge itself. So to keep the ball rolling, here are some examples of 3+ short speeches for students in PDF.

3+ Short Speech for Students Examples

1. Short Persuasive Speech for Students

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2. Short Welcome Speech for Students

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3. Short Speech Training for Students

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4. Short Online Speech for Students

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Defining Speech

Speech as defined is an act of expressing one’s thoughts through spoken words. To communicate with a person or a group of people using a spoken language. To exchange ideas and opinions through a matter of conversation. A public discourse.

Kinds of Speeches

There are a lot of kinds of speeches, but the most common ones or the ones most used and talked about are:

  • Persuasive Speeches: this type of speech is used to persuade your readers or your audience to agree with the topic you choose to write or talk about.
  • Informative Speeches: an informative speech from the name itself, gives your readers or audience information that they need.
  • Thank you Speeches: thank you speeches are used to simply thank an individual or a group of individuals for either coming to an event or to show gratitude to someone for the help they have shown you.
  • Welcome Speeches: welcome speeches are the types you give to welcome someone to an event. Often used as an introduction when opening a ceremony.
  • Introduction Speeches: An introduction speech is often given as a way of introducing yourself or introducing an individual to new or other people.

Use of Speech

The usage of speech is to simply communicate with people. To be able to share what is on your mind. To be able to express yourself through words and writing.

Tips for Writing Short Speeches

Here are some tips for writing a short speech, whether for school activities or for a formal event.

  • Analyzing your topic: this is the first step to knowing what you are going to be writing about. Think and understand your topic. If you are writing a persuasive speech or an informative speech, analyzing your topic as well as doing research is a good way to help.
  • Do your research: Doing research on your topic if your speech is informative, analytical and persuasive, this can help you understand and write your topic. 
  • Scribble: Write down all your sources, your ideas and your opinions. You don’t have to make them perfect. This is your drafting stage. Reorganize your thoughts and opinions. 
  • Tone: Check the tone of your speech. Depending on the speech you are going to present, always check.
  • Revision is Key: Before you are able to present your speech, check everything from the beginning to the end. Check if you have added the necessary details. See to it that the tone, the grammatical structure and the spelling are all correct and in their proper forms.


How many words does a five minute speech have?

A five minute speech has about 750 words.

What can be written in a short speech?

This depends on the speech you are told to write. If you are writing an introductory speech, you may begin with telling everyone about you, your dreams and aspirations, your course and a fun fact about you. For another type of speech, say a persuasive speech, you are going to persuade your audience to agree with your topic.

How many paragraphs are expected in a short speech?

About three paragraphs maximum. The first paragraph is your introduction, the second paragraph is your main idea which is to be discussed, depending on the topic you chose as well as the speech used. The third is your conclusion and ending.

What ceremonies can a short speech be used for?

Any ceremony or event, even an activity in school that short speeches can be used for.

Writing short speeches of any kind of event whether formal or informal, is fun when you are able to know what to write about and what type of speech you are writing for. With that being said, familiarize yourself with the tips and the examples will surely help you with your speech activity the next time around.

Short Speech Generator for Students

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