What Is a Survey Questionnaire?

What Is a Survey Questionnaire?

A survey questionnaire is a set of questions used in a survey.

The survey questionnaire is a type of data gathering method that is utilized to collect, analyze and interpret the different views of a group of people from a particular population. The survey questionnaire has been used in the different field such as research, marketing, politics views, psychology, and so on.

People use survey questionnaire to gather information that is beneficial to a group of individuals. The survey questionnaire uses statistical analysis to collect data, and the result of it will be used in the development of an individual or to a community.

How to Write Survey Questionnaire?

Use these tips in writing a survey questionnaire.

  • Keep the questions simple and to the point. Your survey questionnaire should be understood by all of the respondents. Make the respondent answer directly without having them to reread it.
  • Use words that have clear meanings. There are words that have a different interpretation to different readers. Use only the words that have a clear meaning and only suggest one definition.
  • Reduce the ranking option. Do not make the respondent list a rank of more than 5 items. If your survey questionnaire goes beyond that, it will result in an abandoned survey questionnaire.
  • Cover all options in the multiple choice. The choices in the survey questionnaire must list all the possible answers of the respondents. The respondent might be having a hard in answering the survey questionnaire if they don’t find their answers.
  • Don’t ask two questions in one sentence. The questions in the survey questionnaire must only focus on one subject at a time. Again, the respondent may find it hard if they don’t know which subject they will have to focus on answering.
  • Provide an “out” option. There are questions in the survey questionnaire that the respondent may won’t answer or they don’t feel answering it. Offer options like, “Does Not Apply” or “None”. Check our feedback questionnaire for more examples.

Difference Between Polls and Survey Questionnaire

Polls and survey questionnaire are both methods in gathering information and data from an audience or population. But these two has some slight differences.

The polls are more focused on providing a multiple choice question to respondent where the respondent can only select one option. However, there are polls that allow for multiple answers in one question. While the survey questionnaire example can include a wide variety of question types to gather information and data from the respondents, such as multiple choice, ratings, short and long text, and ranking questions.

How to Pretest and Pilot a Survey Questionnaire?


  • Find 5-10 people in your target group and have them to pretest it.
  • Ask them to complete the survey questionnaire as honest and efficient as possible.
  • Observe them on how they complete the survey.
  • After the pretesting, determine the up’s and down’s of the questionnaire in word format and make some improvements based on the result.


  • Select the pilot sample. 30–50 respondents are enough to identify the problem.
  • Perform all the steps from start to finish. Start by distributing the questionnaires, inputting the data to the database, and then test the analysis.
  • Make improvements based on the results of the survey questionnaire

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