3+ Car Selling Contract Examples [Vehicle, purchase, Agreement]

car selling contract examples

You already have heard of this being repeated to you at some point, that when it comes to selling or purchasing vehicles you will have to be very careful with what you write on paper. Selling any object or material that requires another party or person you may be selling it to will require you the correct paperwork. Paperwork which means the legal documents that are necessary to make this happen. You may already have the idea of an agreement or a contract which is what you will most likely see and notice for selling vehicles, equipment, materials or machinery. Often than not, you may also think about why a selling contract is necessary and why should the information in the papers be exactly as it is discussed and enclosed to you. The reason is quite simple. But before the secret is revealed, check out these car selling contract examples you can choose.

3+ Car Selling Contract Examples

1. Second-Hand Car Sales Contract

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2. Car Sales Contract and Security Agreement

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3. Contract for the Sale of Used Car

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What Is a Car Selling Contract?

A car selling contract is a document that revolves around the selling contract of an item, more specifically a car. The selling contract consists of the description of the vehicle, the information of the previous owner and the new owner, the contract’s terms and conditions and the date of the contract. In addition to that, a car selling contract is also used as a means of written agreement between two parties for the selling and purchasing of the house. This will mean that when you want to sell something to someone, having a contract as proof of sale is necessary. 

How to Make a Car Selling Contract

A car selling contract is necessary when making a deal with a potential buyer. You will need the contract in order to set up the exact and entire deal and to show that the contract is a written agreement that both parties have agreed on. With that being said, here are some tips to making a car selling contract.

1. Vehicle Information Must Be Complete

Selling the vehicle or the car, you must be aware that vehicle information is important. The vehicle information and anything that is made legal information must be placed and clear in the contract. Anything about the vehicle, the make, the color, the model, the year it was made. All these kinds of information are made public and should be placed in the contract for the purchaser to be well aware.

2. The Contracts Conditions Must Be Clear

The terms and conditions of the contract must be clear as day. What you and your buyer have agreed on and what you have discussed in the terms and conditions should be in the contract agreement. Any information that has not been discussed nor explained should not be in the contract.

3. The Dates and Signatures of the Parties

The dates and the signature of the parties should also be present. When the deal was being made, who you made the deal with as well as the signatures of those who witnessed you doing the deal. Any party who was involved should also be signing the contract.

4. A Copy of the Contract for the Buyer

When everything is settled and signed, always hand a copy of the complete contract to your buyer. The complete contract should have the information of the two parties, the vehicle information, the dates of the deal, the names and signatures of the witnesses and the signature of both parties. The copy must have the complete set of information. In order for that to happen, check before you print and make a copy.


What is a car selling contract?

A car selling contract is a document that binds two or more parties into the dealing of a car selling.

Why do I need a selling contract?

The contract serves as a written agreement between you and your buyer. It also serves as a proof of sale. Anything that has been verbally discussed with your buyer can be found in the car selling contract.

How do you make a car selling contract?

To make a car selling contract, you must have all the details of your vehicle, the information about your buyer and the discussed conditions between you and your buyer.

It goes without saying, when you are buying, purchasing or selling your car, there will always be some paperwork that you have to handle. It comes with the territory. But the most important part of your paperwork is you contract. The contract is a written agreement between you and your buyer, it is also acts as a proof of sale.

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