Email Marketing for Growth

Thanks to the adoption of mankind to the digital age, doing things using our desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets has become the norm in both a social and business email. There are times when it is required for us to go back to the usual pen and paper style, but there are only certain things that can be done when using our personal devices and getting connected to the World Wide Web. Once we are connected, our reach is extended to a great degree that if we were to live in the past, we would never have thought that this would be possible and we would feel like we are in a dream.

Email marketing is one of those techniques we could use to be able to reach out to a greater audience that we normally would never be able to make contact with. Formal emailing people gives us a unique form of advertising in which we would be able to make contact with potential and existing customers or audiences without having to directly see or hear them and they would be able to give us a reply directly outside the realm of social media and works extremely similar to how mailing works except much faster. So here are some examples you can use to expand your business through the use of the strategy of business emailing.

Sign Them Up

When you have a potential customer in your midst and is interested in checking out the products and services that you offer, try getting their email address so that you would be able to send them an email later in the day.

If you have a website or a physical store then there is no harm in trying to get their email address either way but only do so if they express interest otherwise if you were to force getting that information then those potential customers would most likely not do business with you anymore. The email would contain information on the latest products and services that you offer, other pieces of information about your business, and you can even send them a copy of their sales invoice should they wish for a digital copy.

You can even get it automated if you want as there should be plenty of programs on the Internet that could do that for you or you could just make the program yourself if you are feeling up to the challenge and have the technical know how. Just do not forget to add an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email just in case your target audience is no longer interested or is just annoyed by the constant waves of emails that you keep sending. You would not want them coming over to your shop in a fit of rage, now would you?

Staying in Contact

Sometimes your customers will not be able to go to your shop or frequently visit your website because of matter that is outside your realm of yours and even their control, so thanks to email you are able to stay in contact with them even though you can no longer see each other. The relationship that you and your customers have will be able to grow thanks to this method. Also make sure to add some links that would direct them to your website within the email, provided you do have a website for your business. You can also provide a questionnaire for customer satisfaction so that you can improve your business moving forward.

An example of this would be when a loyal customer of yours would move to a new location so they are no longer able to visit your local store. You then send emails to them so that they would know that no matter how far apart they may be, they are still valuable customers in your eyes and would gladly welcome them back as soon as they are able to visit once again.

Raise Your Brand’s Awareness

Emailing your customers or target audience would enable you to raise the awareness of your brand to a wide audience. The more exposure you can get for your brand, the more successful you can become and you would then be able to see a big increase in sales or have higher statistics whether it would be in a local or global sense. The more popular you suddenly become, the more chances you will also get to get some exclusive partners or contacts from bigger brands which would give you the ability to do more things you normally thought was beyond your capability.

For example, you decided to sell your own set of conductors and you sell them for an affordable price. You then started emailing your customers about it and they then started to become aware that they save money by buying from you. You started to get more exposure then and it did not take long for others to start availing of your own brand of conductors.

Getting Your Target Audience Updated

You would want your audience to be updated with the latest stuff going on in your website or your business and one of the best ways to do that is to email them about it. Whether it would be a new product or some problem that needs to be rectified about the services that you currently offer, then it is worth emailing your customers or audience about it. You can also update them on who your new partners are and depending on the names that do business with you, it might raise a few eyebrows or it might let them see you in a better light. In this day and age, everyone needs an update.

Take for example something happened to your website and for the time being, it is down because you needed to take it offline so that you could fix it. So what you did first was to notify everyone who has subscribed to your site so that they would know that it is temporarily down and any issues it has will be resolved soon enough.

Promote Your Products and Services

If you have new products or offer some new services, then you can let your customers know through email. It is an efficient and low-cost method of letting them know that you have some new stuff that they might be interested in checking out. It is also a great way of letting them know that your business is thriving since you are constantly getting new stuff to offer.

You would also be able to let them know how much the pricing would be so that they would not have to ask anymore when they try to contact you or through the store and you can also give them a direct link that would send them to the new product’s or service’s page so that they can check it out straight away.

Let us say that your business partner suddenly decided to ship you a few new unreleased models of controllers which were ahead of the production schedule. You then decided to send an email to some or all of your customers who might be interested in the new product even if it is limited in stocks at the moment. It would be perfect for those enthusiasts since you are already legally selling unreleased products to them so they will be able to avail it ahead of the rest of the world. They would then be excited and would even go about spreading the word about your new product which would then give you a big boost in sales and in how many people are now aware of your store or website.

Run Contests and Giveaways

There are times when you might be feeling generous or you have an excess of products that you feel is taking up unnecessary space in your inventory. So you then decided to have a contest or just give it away to some of your loyal customers or even all of them if you so wish.

So you emailed them about it as well as give them the mechanics on how to participate. The mechanics can even play to your benefit like requiring them to like your page in social media or having an essay contest and share them everywhere. This would increase the overall awareness of your business at the same time you are giving something back to your customers creating a win-win situation.

For example, you have too many of the latest iPhones in stock, so you decided to have a giveaway for them. You sent an email about it and for those who are interested in participating then all they have to do is like your page or tweet about it with a certain hashtag. Once the contest was over, you then noticed that you have 8,000+ more likes than before the giveaway and more than 2000 people have tweeted about your business in the last few days since you started the giveaway.

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