Email Message Font and Style

The Best Fonts Style and Size for Email Messages

When writing a formal email, the use of proper font styles and font size is as important as the content of an email. It is very important to use a font that can be easily read so that your recipients can easily understand your email message.

Arial, Verdana, Calibri, and Times New Roman is the best font to use in an email because they work well. It is also best to make the font size large so that the recipient could read it clearly, 12 point fonts size is just right.

How to Select an Email Message Font

You can have it two ways in selecting your font. You can select the font style and font size at the top of the email message box before you can start typing your email, or:

  • Type your email message first in the box.
  • Highlight the section or the paragraph which you want to change the font style and font size.
  • Select the font style and size from the list at the top of the formal email message box.

That’s it. If you’re uncertain about how it looks like, you can send the email to yourself first before sending it to the right person.

How to Set the Default Font Style

Setting the default font style for an email can be different depending on the email application that you are using. However, the ways on how to do it generally apply to all email application.

  • Log in to your email account.
  • Open the settings menu. In most email applications, the setting menu can be usually found at the upper right of the application.
  • Choose the general tab of the settings and scroll down to find the “Default Text Style”.
  • Select and adjust the font style and font size, as well as the color of the text according to your liking.

What You Need to Know About Using Fonts in Email

  • Web safe fonts are the fonts the are commonly used right now.
  • Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Times New Roman, and Courier are considered to be web safe fonts. These fonts are safe to use for live text in an email.
  • Not all email job application views the fonts of the messages the same as the sender.
  • Only the fonts that are currently installed on the recipient’s computer can be displayed, this results in having different fonts displayed to both sender and the recipient.

3 Design Tips to Make Email Fonts Stand Out

Here are the tips to make your email look like a professional email.

  • Select the right font style and size. There are some font styles where some of the letters of it are hard to distinguish from each other, making it harder for the recipient to see. Use the fonts that there is the uniqueness of each letter or the fonts that you can easily identify what letter it is.
  • Identify headers with a paired font or styling. Headers can be a great way to highlight or emphasize a section in the email in pdf. When selecting a font for the header, make sure that it is different from the font of the content and make it larger.
  • Create a good link formatting. Use other styles in formatting a link rather than the typical blue with an underline.

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