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There is a kind of industry in the business world that is so subtle and yet is very lucrative. It is lucrative because in one way or another, people will have to go through it. It is also subtle because it seems like it is not making any sound. We are referring here to healthcare products. You may also see hospital strategic plan examples.

If you have no idea about any healthcare products, it is probably because you do not notice it in many advertisements. But even if you have no idea about it, you have actually availed healthcare products even before you were born, and when you were delivered in the womb, and even until now. Do you want to be reminded?

Healthcare Marketing Plan Example

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Marketing Planning in Healthcare Industry Example

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Healthcare Industry

Some countries make categories of health care products into segments or sectors, such as in the following:

1. Health care services and facilities

Hospitals. When we mention the word hospital facilities, the first thing that comes to mind is hospital. Hospitals are symbolic of a town’s or city’s status when looked from a health perspective of a community. This includes emergency units, birthing, and some other serious cases that require serious treatments. This is the hub where doctors show off their expertise. You may also see marketing plans.

Nursing facilities. The other thing is the nursing facilities. This is in some places called the health center. Health centers may include institution that provide first aid kits. In some case, nursing facilities allow for or open for birthing. Other services may include such, but not limited to, vaccine implementation, child birth seminar, and others. You may also see hospital operational plans.

Mobile services. This includes the access and use of an ambulance. The ambulance will act as a middle ground between a hospital and a health center. You may also see business strategic plans.

Medical practitioners. These include the medical practitioners: anesthetists, surgeons, optometrists, nutritionists and dietitians, physical therapists, and many others.

2. Medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies manufacturers

These are the equipment you find in the hospitals such as nebulizers, syringe, stretchers, catheter, medical gloves, speculum, scanners, and all the big machines.You may also see financial adviser marketing plans

Medical insurance

Examples of health insurance companies are the following:

  • Highmark Group
  • Unitedhealth Group
  • Aetna Group
  • Wellpoint Inc. Group
  • Kaiser Foundation Group
  • Humana Group
  • Cigna Health Group
  • HCSC Group

Pharmaceuticals and related segments

These segments are the ones we are familiar with because we see these products every day.

  • Antiseptics: prevents germ growth
  • Antipyretics: medicine for fever
  • Antimalarial drugs: medicine for treating malaria
  • Analgesics: pain relievers
  • Antibiotics: inhibits germ growth

Given the following examples, you can tell there are too many options for one to indulge in a health care business. But the very main concern that one can encounter when facing the challenges of starting a health care business is legality and permit. In some states, one can not just start selling medical supplies without a permit. But depending on the state or country where you came from, you may or may not need one. You may also see nursing flowcharts.


For example, when opening a pharmacy. In some countries, it requires a licensed pharmacist in order for the pharmacy (or drug store) to be operated. But say you want to venture into the business of pharmacy or selling pharmaceutical products. You may also see healthcare swot analysis

There are many options for venturing into the world of healthcare medicines. The one example that we have is about starting for a pharmacy, a drug store. Example of drug stores that you can model from are the following: Walgreens Boots Alliance, Rite Aid Corporation, CVS Health Corporation, Walmart Stores, Inc., Express Scripts Inc. That is one option. The second other option is selling herbal products. You may also see incident action plan.

Healthcare Marketing Plans that Work Example

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Hospital Marketing Example

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The following are things to be considered:

1. Capital

To some, capital is a big concern. People who venture into business, with whatever business, the availability of funds is always a concern. Always the excuse is, if you have no funds, then there is no reason for you to start a business. And the bigger the funding available there is, the bigger the business you can open, the bigger the pharmacy. In the Bible, there is a passage, a parable, about these two characters who were given some capital. You may also see sales and marketing business plans.

The one was given a bigger capital, the other one was given with a smaller amount. In the end, their master accounted for what they have done, and what they have turned their capital into. The one with the bigger capital has invested the money into some business, so that he had some earnings and profit. The one given with the smaller amount buried his money deep in the soil, so that when was accounted, he could only show the same amount that was given to him by their master. Such is our mentality when thinking of business capital. But the message in the parable simply says that it does not matter how much is our capital. If you are resourceful enough, there can be no reason for one not being able to do so. You may also see website strategy plans.

2. Stocks

Many drug store these days not only sell drugs but variety of items as well. It is a marketing strategy, and if you can think of looking for other products other than medicines, the better. Even in a convenience store, the technique is to have all items, all kinds of merchandise as much as possible. You may also emergency care plans.

This can invite more buyers as they do not need to think if the store they are heading to has that particular product or not. The idea is the same as that in the mall. Why people would love to go to a mall when shopping is that, in a mall, all products can be found as opposed to specialized ones that only cater one kind of product, thereby you need to travel to the next store to look for the second item. You may also soap note examples.

3. Location

This is a very critical factor. You need to have a very strategic location. For example, where do you think should you erect your drug store? Should it be in a desolate place or in a crowded one, should it be in the corner or anywhere in the side of the street, should it be in the market or near the hospital? You can tell if the place is a very strategic one because it (the lot, land) would cost a lot than usual. Prime lots are the ones that are crowded by people. You may also see implementation plans.

4. Registration

Whatever business you venture into, you need to register it. This is not just for drug stores. Inquire your trade and industry department at your local state for the requirements needed in registering your pharmaceutical business. Registering your product business means that you are legal to go operate it. Other implications of a registered business operations means it has passed on some quality tests, hygiene, as well the proper documentation of salary employment and cash registers. You may also see wellness recovery action plan.

5. Staff

The business we are talking here is about medicine. And medicine is to be consumed by humans. It must be handled well. To do that, you need to have a licensed pharmacist. By good pharmacist, we mean to say, a drugstore attendant who is knowledgeable in identifying what illness requires a particular medicine, or what medicine is applicable to a particular illness. You cannot just hire anyone with no knowledge whatsoever about drugstore. The staff or the pharmacists are also responsible for all the sanitation, hygiene needed to run the store. You may also see asthma action plan examples.

6. Clearance

Before you will be able to get registered in your local trade and industry department, you should be able get a permit from your town. This is more of a courtesy, but this is an official one, a requisite.

7. Suppliers

If you want bigger profit, you need to have a good deal with the suppliers. And by that, we mean you need to have good connections with them. The more knowledgeable you are about finding the right suppliers, the bigger the chance you can scout for one that can make a good deal. And we are not talking about discounts, lower price, and higher resales, we are talking about reputability. You may also nursing strategic plan.

Herbal Products

Herbal products are gaining popularity these days. The fact that it is affordable, many people are now switching to alternative means of healing and cure. Selling herbal products is fun. You do not need to be licensed to start selling one. In fact, anyone is free to engage in such business. This is an easy type of healthcare business. But you pay the price that this kind of business is known for, such as it is traditional, it is not scientific. Some names for herbal products are alternative medicine, questionable medicine, fringe medicine, pseudo medicine. You may also see business marketing plans.

If you are not offended by these brandings, then this kind of business may be for you. Herbal products sellers counter this by claiming that these natural medicines were made from plant extracts, and so are healthy. As Marcia Angell would say, “There can not be two kinds of medicine—conventional and alternative. But there is even a new name for herbal products, which goes in the name, CAM, or Complementary and Alternative Medicine. You may also see restaurant marketing plans.

Health Care Insurance

The other one is a health care insurance. But it may not be treated as a business per se in general. It is a commission-based income, so you do not need capital and all the requirements needed in starting a business. But it is such an interesting thing to mention it here because it may appear as a business, but it is not. It is like those that you see in the hospitals where executive looking people carry a big attache case. They seem to be selling products to the doctors, but they are not; they are just making commissions. These people are just working for someone else. They are like the pharmacist in the drugstore. You may also see apartment marketing plans.

XYZ Marketing Plan Example

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Health insurance is a complicated case. It is unlike the business of medicine wherein customers buy it and simply take it in. A health insurance is more than that and requires a lot of documentation such as contracts in terms and condition. And there is even a gamble involved in it. If a customer avails in the health insurance, and say he is obliged to pay an amount every month, what if the said customer cannot avail such insurance until his last breath? This question addresses those kinds of health insurance that cannot be shared to a relative. But that is just one question that one should ask about health insurance. You may also see personal marketing plans.

We have given three examples in which one can engage in a business of medicine. The business of pharmacy is given emphasis as it is clear either from a perspective of a seller or from a consumers’ point of view that it is such a business. One look at a pharmacy and you can immediately tell that it is a store. It has some merchandise in it; it uses receipts; it has some attendants, the pharmaceutical sellers; and it has that basic requirements that a business operator needs in erecting one, the registration, the marketing strategies, and all other considerations. You may also see social media marketing plans.

If you have the money, if you love medicine, and if you want to venture into business, then you may have what it takes to start a business. If this is your first time to start one, always remember that a business can be sometimes like a gamble. You may win some, you may lose some. And that is normal for any business. The trick is to be consistent. The trick is that you know where you are heading. And that is why a business plan is very important. And a business plan is only a business plan if you write it down.

One more thing, if you are not confident what you are into, you can always hire a business analyst, and expert in health care business. You can present to him your ideas, what you have, what you do not have. You lay all your cards to him, and he will do the organizing, the systematizing of all your plans, he will make it easier for you. The con is, you need an analyst that you can trust because those business ideas of yours are precious and unique; you cannot afford to lose it to a stranger. You may also see integrated marketing plans.

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