How to Get Funding for a Startup?

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

How to Get Funding for a Startup?

A startup is a business plan with some unique feature or a uniquely new idea. The ideas are offered, more often, by some young entrepreneur who believes that the idea can transform the market with its several merits and advantages. Not all the startups could get fundings for the business from their family and thus they present their ideas to the potential investors whom they promise to give certain shares of the profit they would achieve.

How to get Funds for Startups?

Several entrepreneurs are arising with their fantastic ideas since the past recent years and the word startup or its idea is being prevalent from then in the market. Many entrepreneurs and their business ideas did well in the market while many got doomed in the competition due to several reasons. Thus it can be understood that not all the startup’s ideas are successful and it can, sometimes, also sink your capital and savings. That is why the potential investors who feel to invest in startups look at several aspects of the ideas critically and analytically before spending on it. The following are the steps that can be followed to get funded for your startup ideas.

Get Funds By Winning Contests

Prepare a Detailed Business Plan

Whomever you are targeting to get funded by for your business plan has the complete right to understand the idea properly. In this, you can help them by providing a detailed note on all the aspects of the entire business plan.

Prepare a Detailed Business Plan


If you are not getting any finance or investor for your startup plan but you have faith in it that it will do good, bootstrapping can save it. Sometimes people might not give attention to your ideas even if it is useful and might perform good in the market. Bootstrapping can help you to execute your idea in the market by taking funds from your family and friends.


Crowdfunding is a new option in the business world where several common people come together and invest in small amounts that collectively support one business idea. The entrepreneurs prepare a rough description of their business plan with important aspects highlighted in it. They mentioned the targets and objectives of the business and the needed amount of investment on which the interested people can invest a certain amount of capital. There are several crowdfunding platforms in operation in the market.

Venture Capital

Angel Investment

The angel investment can also easily believe in your business idea if it has any strength because they are the once who prefer to take more risks for greater returns. Angel investors retain surplus cash and have an interest in investing in startup ideas. They are known to work in a group of networks that prefer to screen and observe the business proposal collectively before investing. Even the most prominent sites of the current dates like Google, Yahoo, and some others were financed by angel investors.

Venture Capital

The investors of venture capital professionally manage their funds and invest in the businesses they see some huge potential for success in. They are often seen investing against equity and exit the process when they see an IPO or acquisition. Getting such investment might be better for those businesses who have already started their operations and are now in the revenue generation phase.

Get Funds By Winning Contests

Giant companies and financer groups who often like to invest in new businesses organize several contests for startups. In such contests the entrepreneurs present their ideas and potential of the business and they pass through several rounds to win the competition. The winners get a huge amount of fund that helps them to support their startup idea.  from where the


Take Bank Loans

When you couldn’t get capital from different sources bank loans can be one option that might get you some positive results. Banks give two types of loans working capital loans and funding. In working capital loan, the loan supports to run the cycle of generating revenues and the hypothecating stocks and debtors decide the limits of it. While funding refers to the regular sharing os business plan, valuation details, and the projects report.

Taking Loans From Microfinance Providers or NBFCs

Micro finance loan providers help those who fail to get finances from conventional bank services. Mostly in the case, while the entrepreneur’s requirements get limited by the credit ratings from the bank the micro financing takes place.

Governmental Programs and Supports

If companies and firms would start generating huge funds the government would get profited by the taxes and other shares. That is why different nations have shown interest in funding the startup ideas that they found having the potential to excel in the future. Like the Government of India is introducing the fund in crores in the union budget since 2014 to fund and support the startups.

There are some other ways too that can have you the fund you require to start your business. Like products pre-sale, selling the assets, credit cards, getting funded by business incubators and accelerators, etc.

Get Funding for a Startup

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