Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket

It’s true that weddings are a celebration of the union between a couple, and that all the preparations are dedicated toward creating a ceremony that will serve as the beginning of their marriage. But, if we really think about it, all that fuss is really just for the bride. Most grooms couldn’t care less about cake flavors, or flowers, or fancy venues. The desire for a perfect wedding is often every five-year-old girl’s dream. You may also see bridal shower greeting card designs & examples.

From finding the most gorgeous wedding gown, to booking the best wedding singer, to making sure that her mascara is waterproof, it’s an actual fairy tale finally lived. And bridal showers are just another piece in the jigsaw puzzle. You may also like bridal shower banner designs and examples.

Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket Template

Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket Template

Baseball-Themed Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket

Baseball-Themed Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket

Vintage Paris Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Invitation Design Example

Vintage Paris Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Invitation Design Example

What Are Bridal Showers?

Bridal showers are a traditional excuse that the bridal party uses to get the chance to give the bride a pre-wedding celebration in honor of her upcoming wedding. It’s their opportunity to take the bride away from all the wedding planning and general day-to-day stress to shower her with gifts which she can use to start her new home.

Bridal showers’ theme and format have evolved over the years. A lot of party organizers have become more creative in the activities involved in these gatherings. But the common format remains the same: bridal showers are meant to be a women-only daytime event organized to celebrate the bride’s upcoming wedding. You may also see bridal shower label designs and examples.

Who Hosts and Pays for the Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers are usually hosted and paid for by the bridesmaids, the bride or the groom’s mother, or by other close female relatives. However, anyone close to the bride can also organize the event for her, as long as the intentions remain the same. Regardless of who is hosting the bridal shower, it’s best that everyone communicate with each other to make sure that the whole arrangement run smoothly. You may also like bridal shower card designs and examples.

Who Should Be Invited to the Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers, as with other pre-wedding events, are limited to guests who are also invited to the wedding ceremony. This usually includes the bridal party, the mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and other close female cousins of the couple. Other female friends are also included, but most bridal showers are small and intimate events comprised of only the closest, most important members of the bride’s little world. You may also check out bridal shower thank-you cards.

However, most hosts play it safe with the guest list by letting the bride decide on the people to invite. You can do the same by asking the bride’s opinion on the girls who should be on the party. But, if you’re planning on a surprise party, then you should ask for help from the maid of honor and the bride’s mother since they probably know the bride best, which means they’d know who to invite to the affair.

When Should the Bridal Shower Be Held?

Bridal showers are often organized between three months and two weeks before the wedding. Anything sooner than that may not have given the bride to assemble a final wedding list yet, which would mean that you still don’t have a reference on who to invite.

Anything later than that may already be too close to the wedding, which means that everybody is busy with last-minute preparations, and a party in the middle of it all isn’t a very good idea.

Try to think about what date will be most suitable for the busy bride’s calendar and for the guests you are planning to invite. Although this is an important affair for the bride and for all the significant women in her life, we should still try to make the event as convenient to everyone involved. You may also see bridal luncheon invitation designs and examples.

You can simply schedule the shower to coincide with other get-together where all of the guests can be present. For example, everybody will gather for the bride’s bachelorette party that night. Why don’t you try reaching everyone to ask them if they could come a little early so you can have the bridal shower in the afternoon? That way, everyone can make the most out of their time, especially if some of them had to drive all the way to the bride’s place for the event.

When Should Bridal Shower Invitations Be Sent?

Make sure that you send your invites at least four to six weeks before the day of the event to give your guests the chance to clear their general schedules for it, buy gifts for the bride, or to alert you if they couldn’t come. Also, don’t forget to include the bride’s information on the invitation so that the guests will know what the event is for.

Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket Design Example

Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket Design Example


Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Ideas and Tips

The thing about bridal shower invitation wording is that they must be kept short and sweet, with only enough words to let the guests know the who, what, and where of the bride’s pre-wedding party. They are at least a hundred times less complicated to make than wedding invitations, so you’re in luck in that aspect.

If you’re having a difficult time thinking about what to write in that invitation, here are a couple of notes you can use to guide you on what to do.

1. Give the guest of honor the spotlight.

The guest of honor is, of course, the bride who is the main reason why you will all be gathering. You can kick off with a short greeting to your guests, and then move along to flattering the bride (in as less words as possible). You can be either formal or playful in your attractive invitation’s wording, depending on the theme of the bridal shower, and on what you think the bride will prefer. Just make sure you get to the point.

Here are a few examples:

  • Before our friend says “I do,” let us celebrate the old and toast to the new.
  • Calling all party dress, fancy hats, and pearls. It’s a vintage bridal shower with all the girls.
  • Put on a pretty dress and leave this world behind, as we journey back in time to honor our bride. 
  • Strap on your boots and layer on the bling, let’s have a shower to remember before the ring!
  • She finally roped in Mr. Right. It’s time to shower her with gifts and a wild night.

2. Let everyone know the theme.

If you have chosen a specific theme to rule your party, make sure you let everyone know through the invite. This can save you from being bombarded with numerous texts about attire, gifts, activities, and food. That’s just fuss you can do without. You may also see examples of ticket designs.

3. Include the date and the time.

It’s important to share the specifics of the event with the guests (and we are all assuming you already know why). Although it seems like a really simple task you can, in no way, mess up, it’s still best to be thorough. Include the month, day, year, and exact time of the event on the invitation to avoid any confusion. You may also like event ticket examples.

You can also include the end time if you want to get rid of the people after the party has wrapped up so you can have the chance to clean up after them. But make sure that, before you book the day for the event and before you send out the elegant invitations, that the bride knows about it already so that she can clear the schedule too. Or, for surprise bridal showers, ask someone close to the bride to make sure she’s available on the said day.

4. Include the location.

Your party won’t be so much fun if your guests don’t arrive on time because they got lost. So make sure they know where to go. Include the address of the house, restaurant, or venue of the shower. If the place is pretty difficult to find, you can also include a miniature map into the invite. But that often destroys the card’s aesthetic, and the bride won’t appreciate that. Also, smartphones exist. You may also check out summer party ticket designs & examples.

5. Mention the hosts.

Although they are not the bridal shower’s main star, it’s still important for the guests to know the brains behind the whole scheme. This can be useful in case they have questions or requests regarding the event.

6. RSVP.

Not including an RSVP into your invite is basically not caring if any of your guests will actually be in attendance. You’ll want to know who will be attending your shenanigan, so don’t forget to add that into your invitation. With that, people can send you back their confirmation. You might be interested in event show time ticket examples.

7. The wedding registry is a must.

Most couples create a wedding registry for the occasion. You might want your guests to have a copy of it so that gift-buying will be easier for them. After all, bridal showers are traditionally invented so that people can shower the bride with gifts. Save everyone countless hours of planning and brainstorming. Send them the wedding registry for reference. You may also see ticket invitation designs & examples.

Blue Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Blue Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Paris Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Design Example

Paris Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Design Example


Now that you already know the basics of what bridal showers are all about, here are a few things you must remember in organizing the event for the lovely bride-to-be.

1. Taking the initiative needed to plan the whole soiree is great, but asking for help is okay too.

You don’t have to do all the stressing alone. After all, you’re not the only girl in the bride’s life. (That sounded a little weird, but you get the point.)

Taking the other members of the bridal party, and even the bride’s family members, into the planning process is never a bad idea. You can all combine what you know about the bride so that you can organize a bridal shower she’ll love. But instead of assigning tasks, simply ask each person what they want to do to help. You may also see invitation ticket examples.

2. Give guidelines about which gifts the guests can bring. 

It’s okay to let the guests in on a theme for the gifts they can bring, especially if you want the gift giving to be tied to the party’s theme. If there is a wedding registry available, then the job is already half done for you. But there will always be rule breakers who’ll bring things not included in the general list. This is where you come in. Remind them that the party must remain an all-ages affair, and that outright naughty gifts must be avoided.

We don’t want anyone bringing sex toys to such a wholesome event. They can give that to the bride personally and in private if they want.

3. Send invitations.

Even if half of the bridal shower guest list helped you with the planning, it’s still necessary for you to send out wedding invitations. They can bring finality to the occasion. Also, with such an important event, texts and emails are not an option. But, don’t worry, no one’s expecting you to get crazy on the invites. If the designing is a challenge for you, there are always ready-made ones available. In fact, we have a few great choices posted on this article to make your job easier.

4. Create a schedule.

To avoid what the theater calls a dead air, and to keep your event from being plain boring, make sure you’ve planned how the night will go, and make sure you keep that momentum going.

You should have a clear idea on what to do during the beginning, middle, and end of the shower. But this doesn’t mean that you should control every second of the party. If everyone’s having fun exchanging stories, then let them be. A schedule is just your backup plan to avoid any unexpected lull during the party. You may also like concert ticket examples.

Vintage Boarding Pass Ticket Country Western Bridal Shower Example

Vintage Boarding Pass Ticket Country Western Bridal Shower Example

Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket With Photo

Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket With Photo

Now that you know what every bridal shower needs, and what its host needs to do to get it all done, you are well on your way to creating the most unforgettable bash for the bride-to-be.

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