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Living life in the twenty-first century is as easy as clicking the buttons of your mouse. Curious about certain matters like buying a new house or renting an industrial property? Just “google” it and voilà! There are lots of landing pages and retargeting ads that provide you with all the details that you need to know. So why bother acquiring some real estate brochures and postcards when you can just simply turn your computer on and check on some real estate offers? Surely you’ll get more than what you ask for, including reviews of their clients.

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Real estate postcards have been used over the course of time and all businesses are considering the distribution of these as a very good investment. They might just look like some fancy papers that pleases the eyes, but there is just so much in it that will water the fresh start of a real estate business. Due to postcards demands, there are websites that offer different types of postcards designs and templates for any types of businesses. This article would point out the importance of postcards as one of the many ways ineffective advertising of a business, and why chances are great in closing client deals.

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Why Use Postcards in the Digital Age

Marketing agents still use postcards in the now because it remains effective despite the technological advancements that make marketing more alluring to prospects and convenient to the agents. These electronic devices have developed digital platforms that increase the public awareness of your business.

Not only that, almost everyone in spends most of their time with their electronic devices for purposes of work and individual interests. So why is there still a need for cards, or pamphlets and leaflets to advertise your business card? Here are the reasons why:

1. They Are a Good Future Investment for Your Business

On the first distribution of real estate postcards, there is only little chance for the targeted audience to be aware of your business. This happens to most businesses and it’s only natural for a startup to experience such.

This usually happens in the early phases of a startup. The distribution of postcards can help a business achieve the public awareness that it desires, but don’t expect that your targets will eventually make a deal with you in the first distribution of postcards. The more that your postcards will be seen everywhere, the greater the chances are that your real estate business will be notable to the market that you are penetrating. This is when postcard indirectly builds trust to your target, thus chances are great that the targeted audience will reach out to you in the future.

2. Postcards Display the Expenses of Your Advertisement

In sending real estate postcards with current listings, it would seem to the clients that you are spending a fortune of money just for your target to be aware of what’s in it for them. Thus, they will feel like your targets are reputable firms or people because of the aggressiveness in your advertising campaign. This does not only increase public awareness, this also makes your clients become confident in being inclined to your market deals.

3. They Are Reasonably Cheap

The digital revolution has paved a way to a cheaper production of pamphlets, leaflets, and cards. The greater the number that you are going to produce for your real-estate business cards distribution, the cheaper the rate will become. Since postcards are distributed with a curated target rather than an assumed audience, this lessens the chances that the postcard will be received by a wrong audience, making the production of real estate postcards cost-effective.

4. Your Competitors Are Using Postcards

Let’s face it, businesses have their struggles and the major reason for that is their competitors. Before prospects make a purchase of their most recent products or services, they always make reference to various types of marketing because these feed them only enough information to be hungry for more. Since you are competing against established real estate businesses, you have to make sure that your ads are more convincing and interesting than your competitors, including postcards.

Prospects usually look up comparisons between two businesses or brands in Google since there are customers reviews that can be seen on the website. Despite making a careful deliberation, a prospect’s decisiveness is greatly affected by advertisements, be it in any forms.

Since other real estate businesses are using postcards, you have to make sure that you are willing to compete with them for your business’ progress not to be in great impediment. This also displays your willingness to serve both of your clients and prospects, which increases the positive reviews on your website, thus increasing the sphere of your influence.

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What to Dos When Creating an Effective Real Estate Postcard

Advertising can be a real challenge even if these are on digital platforms or infancy papers. Your targets will most likely just throw it in a bin or delete it after just a second of glance. Compared with other business advertisements, postcards are not meant to be open to deliver important information to your clients. These are open letters that hit straight to the point using the art of typography and relevant images.

There are two reasons why postcards are thrown in a trash bin after looking at it: first reason, the person is not interested in what you are promoting; second reason, your postcard is not interesting. There are ways where you can decrease the chances of the latter from happening. In this section, you will know the techniques to give justice to real estate postcards and to promote your business using them.

1. Know What Your Target or Client Wants

As a businessman or a salesperson, you need to know what your clients and target want. You need to put yourself in their shoes since they always themselves how a product or service benefits them. It would be a failed business if you mainly focusing on selling what interests you. Always remember that your clients and targeted audience are your sources of profit. But, what exactly does your audience want? Below are some reasons why your audience will keep your postcard:

Buy or sell houses. Real estate businesses have agents that help your prospects look for houses with a convenient location that has easy access to malls, near to their workplace, or a peaceful neighborhood. Not only that, real estate agents can help prospect sell their houses. Because of the distribution of postcards, these prospects will know who to call.

Part of your prospects social circle might be interested in buying or selling their houses. When your prospects are handed with a postcard, they are most likely going to keep it, especially if they are planning to buy a new house or sell their house, or if they know someone who is interested in buying a new house or sell their own. Your prospects will share your postcard to someone who might be willing to make a deal with your company.

Other promotions that it includes. If there are special rates or limited offers that are offered in a real estate postcards, prospects are most likely to keep the postcard. Those who are selling or buying houses soon will be phoning your company to inquire more about what’s offered in the postcard. Other promotions include coupons, cash reward if a property is not sold in a specific span of time, and shorter sales contract. Long-term contracts are a great hindrance when it comes to closing a deal. Other services usually have two-year contracts with special promotions that come along with it, but there might come certain circumstances where the services or products no longer satisfies the customer. As a result, they are more likely to end the contract and be fined on being what is agreed upon should there be an occurrence of the latter. This is one thing that makes clients and targets hesitant in making a deal with you.

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2. Make Your Postcard Simple Yet Compelling

You might have received a postcard via e-mail or mail and don’t give yourself a chance to read what’s in it. That’s because the postcard that your received was not very compelling enough to make you spend some seconds on it, instead of just deleting that e-mail or throw in a trash bin. There is a need for you to make postcard compelling and demanding to be read at the same time simple.

To ensure the quality of your postcard, you need to check if your postcard contains information that spikes up your target’s interests. If not, it’s best to assume that the real estate postcard will be deleted or thrown. Here are some tips to make your targets read your postcard:

  1. The quality of the image that is used in it
  2. A practiced typography convinces your target that your postcard is worthy of their time
  3. Catchy slogan
  4. Limit up to 3 font styles and make sure they go well with the desired design and images, and readable

Therefore, you need to make sure that you are knowledgeable about the basics of creating and using real estate postcards so you can effectively make one that can benefit your business and its operations. Simple as a postcard is, this is a business document that consists of vital information which both a client and your company will greatly profit. Exert great effort in crafting a real estate postcard and watch your business flourish in the long run.

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