Letter of Apology for Poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire

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If your business receives poor service rating from customers, you have to make ways on how to make it up to them rather than taking things negatively. Though not all instances will allow you to develop instant changes to satisfy the needs, demands, and expectations of all customers; what you can do in an instant is create a formal letter of apology.

A letter of apology for poor service rating on customer questionnaire is actually not necessary. However, this document can showcase your concern with how customers think about the business. If you can make an impression that you care about the impression of people who trust the business, then it is most likely that they will still repeat transaction even after giving a poor service rating for a particular time period.

How to Create a Letter of Apology for Poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire?

The way you transact with your customers, may they be satisfied with your products and/or services or not, can say a lot about your ethics as a corporate entity. Here is how you can come up with a relevant and usable letter of apology which you can give or send to the customers who have given you a poor service rating in the questionnaire that you have given them:

  • Refer to samples and templates of the letter of apology for poor service rating on customer questionnaire so you can have an idea on how to properly create the document.
  • List down all the essential details regarding the issue so you can easily place it in the discussion if you will already write the letter of apology.
  • Divide your letter of apology to several parts which include the apology introduction, the body which discusses the supporting details of the apology, and the conclusion of the letter.
  • Review the letter of apology and look for grammatical errors and other mistakes or details that you would like to change.

What to Put in a Letter of Apology for Poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire

A letter of apology for poor service rating on customer questionnaire can only work if it is comprehensive and detailed. If you want to come up with a complete and organized document, here are the items that the intended letter received should see in the apology letter:

  • The date when the letter of apology has been written.
  • The name of the person or the customer who provided  poor service rating on the customer questionnaire
  • The statement of apology.
  • The reason why the letter of apology has been made.
  • The date when the poor service rating has been made and the date when the management has reviewed it.
  • The essential details that can remind the customer about the poor service rating.
  • The possible actions that can be taken to improve the poor service rating
  • The name of the representative of the business who wrote the letter of apology
  • The work designation of the letter sender.

Tips to Follow while Developing a Letter of Apology for Poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire

Creating a letter of apology after receiving an unsatisfactory rating requires the full efforts of the letter sender to provide an objective and professional response to the result of the customer questionnaire. If you want to make sure that the letter of apology that you will create will not lead to anything negative or unnecessary for the operations of the business, then we highly suggest for you to take note of these tips:

  • Be specific when stating the purpose of the document by developing a communication plan. Properly apologize for not meeting the standards of the customers.
  • Ensure that you will use a professional language when writing the letter of apology. Do not use foul and offending words.
  • Create an organized document by using a draft first before writing the actual document. Make sure that your point will be understood properly for the letter’s purpose to not be wasted.
  • Give focus on the call to actions that you are planning to give light to the issue and promise realistic changes as much as possible so you will not lose the trust of the customers who have given you poor service rating.

Why Create a Letter of Apology for Poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire?

Whether it will be in a form of a client email or a physical letter document, a letter of apology is not really included in the business practices of all establishments. Companies have the free will to create this document or not depending on the system that they have related to the matter. We think that writing a letter of apology for poor service rating on customer questionnaire is commendable and essential for the following reasons:

  • It can help you show your empathy which only a few businesses can give their clients with. Hence, this will allow you to be favored compared to your competitors who will not provide the letter.
  • It ensures the customers that their comments are reviewed. Customers allot time and effort to rate the service of the business. If they will know that the company is really looking at what they have written, then it can give them an idea that there are activities that are already done to address their concerns.
  • It can develop your professional relationship with the people who pay your business in exchange for the services that you provide. This can make your business grow as repeat transactions can be made more possible.

Once you have already decided to write a letter of apology for your customers, you have to ensure that you will review the document so you can still revise certain parts which you think can further be improved. Relationship marketing is very important nowadays which is why you have to ensure that your customers will feel taken care of, understood, heard and validated.

Writing a letter of apology may be a simple gesture but trust us when we say that it can impact the operations of the business in a positive manner as clients or customers can feel that you really hear to what they say and that you are willing to improve your products and services to give them the satisfaction that they wish to have. Create a letter of apology for poor service rating on customer questionnaire now and take note of how it can positively affect customer retention and market relationship maintenance.

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