Real Estate Marketing

Last Updated: February 29, 2024

Real Estate Marketing

Marketing has always been a huge factor that affects the success of a business, especially in a field as lucrative as real estate. Yet, as unpredictable as the real estate industry can be for realtors and agencies alike, there are so-called ‘hidden secrets’ to success that allow them to make a sale more efficiently and effectively than ever before with the help of the right marketing strategies. Attracting the right clients is crucial to your market performance, which is why it’s important to develop these tactics for the growth of your business.

Easy Real Estate Marketing Ideas for You

The competition in the real estate industry is fierce. You have competitors offering one-of-a-kind deals that are hard to ignore, not to mention their eye-catching ads that can effortlessly prompt a response from clients. Because of this, you’ll need to heighten your online and offline marketing skills ASAP if you want to be a part of the game. But driving the purchasing powers of buyers in this specific field isn’t as easy as it seems, which is why it is vital for realtors to increase their market presence by creating active and engaging content. You may also see marketing checklists.

Here are 12 real estate marketing tactics to inspire you:

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1. Create a Professional Website.

Those who are familiar with the art of online marketing, know just how important professional websites are for the brand to build its online presence. But what makes a professional website different from a regular website in terms of real estate marketing?

For real estate agents and agencies under such industry, looking for means to strengthen your credibility can be difficult in the competitive market. Not only can a website say a lot about who you are, but it is also a major factor that clients will take into consideration when choosing an agency that they can trust. From the address of the property to images of its interior and exterior designs, customers like to do a lot of legwork themselves when making major purchases. You may also see marketing questionnaire examples.

That being said, it is important to design a website that focuses on both functionality and aesthetics. Keep in mind that your potential clients could come from different age groups, so you must create a website that would cater to the majority. Be sure to address the basic needs of users, such as navigation speed and control, content standard, and photo quality. You may also see marketing styles.

2. Work with a Real Estate Photographer.

Photos have always been a critical component of online advertising. This is one of the most significant factors that affect the buying decision of customers, especially when it comes to real estate. You may also see brand marketing.

Living in an age of action cams and DSLR cameras, real estate marketers have no excuse for using poor-quality photographs in their listings. If you want to sell a house, then a hurried snap isn’t going to do you any favors. Luckily, there are many professional photographers who you can hire for a reasonable price to do the work for you. But if you don’t have the budget to cover the expenses, then you can always utilize camera phones that produce exceptional quality images to generate similar results. Mastering the art of photography is highly achievable these days thanks to the many tips and tricks you can find online. Potential buyers are sure to notice the extra effort you put into your marketing campaign.

3. Craft Video Walkthroughs.

Notice how TV shows that showcase home interiors have those award-winning shots that make you want to buy a house just then and there?

Given how video marketing has become a rising digital marketing trend in 2018, optimizing video walkthroughs to promote your business will offer prospects a realistic insight of your listings. You don’t need to break the bank to create an attention-grabbing shot, as high-quality smartphones and drones can easily do the trick. This real estate marketing strategy will give prospective buyers a better sense of what a given space really looks like in person, which is something that 3D visuals fail to do.

4. Keep an Eye on Competitors.

When running a business, being one step ahead of the competition is a marketing goal you should aim for. What are other realtors doing? What have they done to achieve success? What can you do to replicate this success? Learn from their mistakes and study unforeseen marketing lapses. In order to stand out, you need to understand what others are doing wrong. This will help you refine your own marketing strategies to obtain better results. Avoid copying what your competitors are doing but instead, try turning an original idea into your own unique version. You may also see marketing flowcharts.

5. Design a Killer Business Card.

Business cards have always been prominent in the field of real estate, which is why optimizing the said marketing tool is your best option. Your real estate business card must contain all the necessary details that clients must know about, such as your full name, contact information, website, and agency.

But since business cards can seem a bit ancient in the digital times, you have to step up your game a little. There are many ways to design an eye-catching business card with the help of a few templates, or you may even opt for an e-business card that you can distribute online. Once finished, you can then hand out your card to prospective clients during personal encounters in public areas. You may also see marketing goals.

6. Create a Virtual Tour of the Property.

Similar to a video walkthrough, creating a virtual tour is an excellent way to entice probable buyers. This gives clients a comprehensive preview of the property for them to analyze and consider. This is also useful for out-of-town clients who want to take a peek at a their options before they go further with the deal. Other than that, virtual tours are also quite entertaining. They create a level of excitement that urges clients to make inquiries before it’s too late. So if you do create your own virtual tour, make sure to make it as appealing as possible. You may also see marketing presentations.

7. Form Pinterest Boards.

Pinterest is one of the best social platforms to use for showcasing product and service offerings to customers online. Think of it as a website that can draw in more visitors thanks to the magic of hashtags and pins. You can fill your Pinterest board with images and information of a single property on your listing to give buyers a glimpse of what’s in store for them. This allows you to highlight special benefits and deals for people to take advantage of as well. This will certainly add a huge boost to your social media marketing game plan.

8. Optimize Emotional Storytelling.

One way to build an emotional connection with clients is to tell a compelling story that will keep them engaged. You can use testimonials from previous clients or various visual elements for effective storytelling. This could be anything inspiring or touching enough to encourage potential buyers to do business with you. You can post these stories on your website or social media pages, or you may even invest on a commercial ad for a massive impact on a targeted group. Tell a good one and you’re bound to have clients pouring in in no time! You may also see relationship marketing examples.

9. Host Open House Events.

Open house events aren’t new in the field of real estate, but they’re definitely an effective marketing method to draw in a crowd. All you need to do is plan the event, promote it through different channels, and give groups of individuals a tour around the area. Though not every guest is a potential buyer, as some individuals simply enjoy going around these properties to gain inspiration, it’s still an incredible way to promote your brand. Think about the amount of publicity you get for advertising the event alone. The end goal of the whole thing is to give clients that extra push to make a sale. You may also see mass marketing.

10. Collaborate with Local Businesses.

Building relationships with other businesses is critical in marketing, especially when you want to expand your reach to different markets. For example, you can collaborate with a local furniture company to furnish a given property for advertising purposes. You get the goods to decorate a house, while they get enough screen time to attract their own clients. It’s a give-and-take situation where both sides can benefit from the promotional stunt. Don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow business owners for partnership deals, as you never know how this marketing venture may be used to your full advantage. You may also see instagram marketing.

11. Start Blogging.

For many buyers, the internet has always been a source for valuable information. Apart from developing a professional website, creating an online blog to serve as a platform for internet marketing is a great way to connect with audiences. The key is to create content that will interest and engage customers to your business. Content marketing for your blog can range from mortgage rates to home prices — anything that is deemed relevant to the nature of your business.

However, bear in mind that using mere words is not enough to engross potential clients. Using infographics to deliver useful information is a great way to reach out to your target audience in an informative and enthralling manner. You can also integrate videos and other forms of media to widen your reach to different social platforms. You may also see snapchat marketing.

12. Keep in Touch.

It’s not everyday that people seek for your services but when they do, you want to make sure you’re the one they call. Staying in touch with past clients portrays consistency in its purest form. It shows that you’re ready to serve, even when a sale isn’t guaranteed at first. You can start by sending newsletters to your clients on a regular basis to inform them of anything they may be interested in. You may also see retail marketing.

When a transaction has been made, you can then extend your sincerest gratitude to your clients for doing business with you. But your interaction shouldn’t stop there, it wouldn’t hurt to send a few greeting cards over the holidays or check in with past clients every now and then. This will help boost your customer service rating and make customers feel greatly appreciated.

There are many ways to spice up your real estate marketing efforts through the use of various online and offline digital marketing campaigns. Although success doesn’t happen overnight, you’re sure to see positive results with proper planning and execution. The future of real estate marketing heavily relies on the creative use of these different channels and platforms to carry out effective promotional tactics.

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