Snapchat Marketing

The widespread use of social media as a platform for marketing has increased considerably over the years. But with competitors barging in from every angle in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, maybe it’s time for marketers to pay attention to another popular app: Snapchat. This social app is home to over a hundred million subscribers and active users, making it the perfect channel for content marketing online.

Why Snapchat Is the Perfect Marketing Platform

Snapchat marketing is no different from the typical Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing, as the social media app has also become a common platform for marketers to advertise their brand to an online audience.

But because the app’s scope isn’t as broad as the others, it’s important for brands to launch the right marketing strategies to achieve maximum results. The value of Snapchat marketing is higher than what most people could’ve imagined, with an estimated 200 million active users every month and approximately 500 million views per day. Studies also show that Snapchat has more users than Twitter, despite the network being one of the front-runners in the social media business for years. Not only can your brand benefit from the app’s distinctive features, but viewers can also appreciate the authenticity of every post.

With the right marketing campaigns in place, the brand can benefit incredibly from the millions of users that visit the app on a daily basis. Most of the advertising tools are free for you to use, and the app’s unique approach to marketing will definitely appeal to audiences a lot more.

10 Examples of Snapchat Marketing Done Right

Snapchat was once nothing more than a photo messaging app designed for users to interact with friends in a unique and creative way. But over the years, numerous brands and influencers have turned the social network into an online platform for digital marketing. The app currently has over 161 million users and counting, all ranging from ages 13-24 years old.

But if you’re new to the game, maybe you could learn a thing or two from companies that have already established themselves on the social app. Listed below are ten examples of brands that have successfully mastered the art of Snapchat marketing:

1. Sour Patch Kids (@sourpatchkids)

A majority of Snapchat users are teenagers who spend a good sum of their time interacting with friends and strangers on the app. So as one of the brand’s marketing goals, Sour Patch Kids was determined to raise brand awareness in the network by creating fun and enjoyable content for teens to share with one another.

Each month, the brand would release a series of Stories showing their Sour Patch Kids characters in cute costumes and everyday settings. The videos had a mischievous feel to them, which blended perfectly with the app’s quirky nature. Towards the end of the campaign, the brand had already gained over 120,000 new followers, 2.3 million impressions in its final story, and around 1,900 mentions on Twitter. Although the brand’s targeted audience is known for being one of the most difficult to please, their 2014 marketing campaign proves how short yet fun content can increase viewer engagement. You may also see brand marketing.

2. Domino’s Pizza UK (@DOMINOS_UK)

From a 2015 Valentine’s Day stunt on Tinder to a ‘Tweet to Eat’ campaign on Twitter, Domino’s Pizza has always been a risk-taker in social media marketing. Their wide range of bold yet creative campaigns have left the online community buzzing every time, making the company one of the best in the digital marketing game.

While the folks at Domino’s Australia had already made its rounds in the Snapchat universe since 2013, it wasn’t until 2016 for their U.K. team to join in on the virtual fun. It all started with their short film Dough to Door which was uploaded to their Snapchat Story. The film featured their delivery guy on a quest to deliver a box of pizza to a customer amidst an alien invasion. It also revealed a sequence of random letters that customers can use as an exclusive discount code online. This low-budget effort to increase sales was proven to be incredibly effective after driving more orders than what the team had originally expected. You may also see marketing reports.

3. DJ Khaled (@djkhaled305)

With around 3 million to 4 million views per snap, DJ Khaled may not be your average corporate brand but he certainly set the bar high in digital celebrity marketing.

So, what makes the producer who shouts “Dj Khaled! and says “and another one!” at the start of his songs one of the most popular personalities on Snapchat?

If you’ve watched any of his Stories before then you may have noticed how the music producer just loves to combine daily routines with witty commentaries and one-liners. Some of his famous mantras include “anotha one” and “bless up” which you can also hear in his music collaborations with other well-known artists. If you’re looking for raw and entertaining Snapchat Stories, then DJ Khaled should definitely be on your list of must-sees! You may also see marketing styles.

4. NASA (@nasa)

Whether you’re a space junkie or a casual Snapchat user looking for something interesting to watch, NASA is one of the top accounts on the network to follow. The organization’s Snapchat account passionately posts videos featuring special interviews with significant people in the respective field, as well as the latest stories about space. You may also see marketing flowcharts.

One example for this is the recent arrival of astronaut Scott Kelly after his yearlong mission in space. Because Kelly has successfully established his online presence across various social platforms to educate the public about the depths of the universe, his return from space was a much-awaited event of the year. Here, viewers were greeted with a well-constructed Snapchat Story using images, text, narration, and emojis. You may also see marketing checklists.

5. Taco Bell (@tacobell)

While we all know Taco Bell for its scrumptious variety of tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas, the famous American fast food chain is also known for something else: it’s killer Snapchat game. You may also see retail marketing.

In 2016, social media giant Taco Bell broke records with its Cinco de Mayo Snapchat lens with 224 million views within its 24-hour airtime, earning the title as the most successful marketing campaign in the app’s history. But what makes a taco head filter so appealing to young fans? Or maybe the real question is: who wouldn’t want to have a taco for a head?

Although the company has said to have invested around $750,000 for the one-day campaign, there’s no denying how this simple yet relevant tactic has brought the brand massive marketing success. You may also see marketing examples.

6. Gatorade

Despite not having a Snapchat account of their own, Gatorade still managed to dominate the app thanks to its epic Super Bowl sponsored lens.

It’s tradition for players to dump whatever sports drink onto their coach’s head whenever the said football team wins a game. So in 2016, Gatorade made the smart and timely move to partner with Snapchat to design a lens that allowed users to experience their own virtual Gatorade bath in the app. The brand even came out with an ad featuring tennis superstar Serena Williams to add an extra edge to their campaign. After the company posted a GIF of the said ad on Twitter, the sponsored lens generated over 100 million views over the course of Super Bowl weekend. By the very end of the campaign, it had reportedly gained a total view count of over 165 million. You may also see mass marketing.

7. Grubhub (@grubhub)

Grubhub was one of the first large companies to ever use Snapchat as a channel for marketing, starting with their 2013 campaign that was launched as an effort to connect with their younger audiences. Unlike other promotional attempts, Grubhub uses the app as a platform to interact directly with every one of their followers. With the help of the app, the company could send out messages that required responses, give out discount coupons to followers, and hold exclusive giveaways for their active followers.

But one of their most notable campaigns has to be their 2014 recruitment drive which aimed to reach out to social media savvy individuals who were interested to work as marketing interns for the company. The company’s approach was nothing dramatic. Grubhub simply posted a series of images telling users that an opening was available and that they could apply by completing a Google form and sending their best doodles to the company. Due to the wide success of the campaign, it only took less than two weeks for the company to close the applications. You may also see marketing presentations.

8. Dunkin Donuts (@dunkindonuts)

Dunkin Donuts has always dominated the donut- and food-photography world for years now. So to live up to this title, the company teamed up with Snapchat’s design team to create a special Dunkin geofilter for Valentine’s Day.

The ‘Dunkin Love’ geofilter was part of the company’s Valentine’s Day campaign to stir up sales. The company’s intensive push towards mobile-based campaigns shows just how determined they were to cater to on-the-go customers who were constantly connected to their phones or mobile devices. This helped the company reach out to guests who were seeking for a fun way to celebrate the season, without spending much for a sweet and casual meal. You may also see email marketing.

9. The New York Times (@thenytimes)

Though The New York Times is widely recognized for its print and online publications on the latest national and international news, their Snapchat account features images and clips that are rather different than what people would expect from a respected media outlet. You may also see internet marketing.

Like other brands, The New York Times’ Snapchat account gives followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the life of an average journalist. The clips are mostly raw files featuring members of their staff along with their impromptu dialogues. While some Stories are taken to poke fun at their misuse of the given social media network, the company also uses the app as a platform to deliver relevant news to their respective audiences. The simple nature of these narratives makes it easier for the company to draw in viewers and engross them.You may also see marketing segmentation.

10. Lilly Pulitzer (@lilly_pulitzer)

Like every other example on this list, decorating your snaps with colorful overlays is a fun way to interact with your followers. Geofilters are just one of many Snapchat filters that users can enjoy, but this is only available to users who have their location services and filters enabled, and if the location you are at has a specially-designed filter for you to use. You may also see marketing trends.

Due to the popularity of geofilters in the network, Lilly Pulitzer was smart enough to join in on the trend by offering geofilters in thirty-one of their retail stores. The brand worked with Snapchat to create a variety of bright and patterned overlays to attain a wider brand recognition. This encouraged shoppers to share one-of-a-kind snaps with their friends from inside their stores. This type of Snapchat marketing offered customers a unique shopping experience that other businesses have yet to follow. You may also see instagram marketing.

Since Snapchat is slightly different than the standard social platforms that we’ve become accustomed to, it’s important to adapt our marketing tactics and strategies to the platform’s features and its audience. Although there’s no guarantee that the app would be ideal for every business type, it’s still extremely beneficial to those who want to cater to a targeted market on the app. If you can come up with the right strategies to engage an audience, you’ll be off to a great start. You may also see video marketing.

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