Video Marketing

Last Updated: March 5, 2024

Video Marketing

What have you noticed in both television and the internet? If you have seen short video clips of dramatic and often heart-wrenching stories that surprisingly end up with a brand or product reveal— then welcome to video marketing. You may also like marketing presentation examples.

It appears that business owners have seen the capability of video marketing in the growth of businesses. To be able to sell, you would need an effective video marketing strategy. Most of the companies these days use video marketing because it is an effective marketing tool that can easily grab the attention (and pockets) of a target audience.

With technology taking over, the use of video marketing is here to stay. Sure, video marketing is not entirely new but with the different strategies and software that can be used to create such videos, each video release will definitely be a hit. You may also like marketing style examples.

Listed below are some video marketing examples which can aid you in your company’s video marketing efforts.

Video marketing also offers the most engaging form of content you can come up with, and it’s perfectly suited to any gadget or device. Video marketing won’t automatically grab the attention of your business and success is not a guarantee even if you posted a video online. You may also like marketing styles in a doc.

Before you begin filming or shooting a video for your product or service, you must first understand the concept of video marketing. We have provided examples, tips, videos, and other vital information for you to follow. Read on!

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of video in the promotion or marketing of products and services.

How Does it Work?

Video marketing enables you to promote your products and services to your target audience. But studies have shown that video marketing has taken over traditional marketing in terms of reach and effectiveness since most consumers are using the internet for their daily work and personal transactions. You may also see marketing flow chart examples.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Through the use of video marketing in the internet, it generates more online consumers. A recent study showed that 57 percent of online consumers were most likely going to purchase a product after seeing a product demonstration.

The use of video as a marketing tool is a great way to increase visibility in the market. Through search engine optimization (SEO), there is a great possibility of your video easily reaching your target audience. Social media and added functionality in websites have made it easy for you to attach and stream videos. For example, making a brand awareness video and finding out that it is not effective when being broadcasted through mainstream media (broadcast television). Now, you have the option to upload the video in numerous platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may also like marketing checklist examples.

Unlike advertising via print media, it is more cost-effective when you upload a video for your brand, product or service. Creating a video requires minimal effort and you can even tap a third party to make one for you at a negotiable fee, compared to spending for print media materials which is very expensive especially if you are planning to make a billboard. Most of the time, if your video advertisement has been done effectively, it will be shared throughout thousands if not millions of users within a fortnight.

Have you ever seen someone buy magazines or newspapers just to look at product advertisements or promotions attached in the pages? Most likely not. You may also like marketing email examples.

Types of Video Marketing

There are various types of video marketing that are being used nowadays, here are some of them:

1.  Animated Videos

It is a proven fact that animated videos bring excitement to viewers as it showcases creativity while also creating interest. Most animated videos are short but it really depends on the kind of product or service that is being advertised.

Here is an example of an animated video:


2. Augmented Reality Videos

To further explain this kind of video, here is an example:


3. Brand videos

Brand videos showcase a company’s vision and mission that is also instilled in their products or services. Brand videos also aim to build awareness about the company. You may also see marketing report examples.

Here is an example of a brand video:


Here is another example of a brand video:


4. Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

There are viewers who are hesitant to buy your product or avail of your service. One way of assuring them is a case study or a customer testimonial video. You may also see strategy memo examples.

Here is an example of a customer testimonial video:


5. Demo Videos

It’s nice to see how one product works. You can show how your latest product would work with the use of demonstration videos. For example, make an “unboxing” video and put the product to the test. While you are taking a video of the product, give some personal comments and opinions. Just make your voice is loud and clear to avoid any a problems for your viewers. You may also see marketing goals examples.

Here is an example of a demonstration video:


6. Event Videos

If you are an event-hosting company or if your company occasionally organizes events (conferences, fundraisers, etc.), creating a video to showcase the said event would be ideal. This will either encourage your target audience to avail of your service or encourage them to attend one of your events. You may also like simple marketing tips.

Here is an example of an event video presented by GoPro:

7. Expert Interviews

Customers always want assurance that they will get their money’s worth whenever they buy a product or avail a service. Aside from customer testimonials, you can also provide a video incorporating expert interviews. This kind of video will give your customers’ an assurance since experts are reviewing your products. Just make sure you get real experts. Additionally, you may also invite influencers like bloggers and famous personalities or celebrities to test your product. You may also see startup marketing plans.

Here is an example of an expert interview video:


8. Educational (How-To) Videos

Everyone loves learning new things, concepts, and gaining new ideas. An educational or how-to video will be an effective way to help your target viewers gain new knowledge or skill set. These kinds of videos also make learning fun and fast, and will definitely be more appreciated by your target audience. You may also see a market analysis.

Here is an example of a how-to video:


9. Explainer Videos

Here is an example of an explainer video that describes how explainer videos work:

10. Live Videos

Through live videos, your viewers will be able to have access of what happens behind every product and service. You may also like content marketing examples.

Here is a video that shows the live and behind-the-scenes of a company:


11. Personalized Messages

This kind of video helps you in attracting your target audience who has not responded to your other marketing tactics. You can hire or invite someone, like an influencer to give comments and promote your products. You may also see digital marketing plans.

Here is an example of a video that gives a recommendation of product:


12. 360-Degree & Virtual Reality Videos

As the name suggests, a 360-degree video gives the viewers an all-angle, 360-degree view of the product.

Here is an example of a 360-Degree video:


4 Tips for a Successful Video Marketing

Here are four simple tips to achieve a successful video marketing:

1. Tell a unique story

Who does not love listening to a well-told story? And who does not love watching the story unfold right in front of their eyes?

When you add stories in your videos as a way to market your brand, you will surely keep your viewers hooked.

Simply narrating your product is just plain jane or adding a story for the sake of it would not bring you anywhere. Meticulously plan the plot of your story as well identify the video software you are going to use. You may also like marketing questionnaire examples. Inspiring and heart-wrenching stories are the most common tactics used in video marketing; however, you can surely go with humor or horror-filled videos.

Have you noticed that most of the viral videos have a story? While getting the video viral should not be your main goal, it is also important for your video to be effective enough to get people interested. You may also like marketing segmentation.

2. Keep it short and simple (KISS)

Yes, even in videos, KISS is the foolproof way to go when it comes to video marketing. You may also like marketing trends.

Not all people have long attention spans so keep the lengths of your videos at a desirable and tolerable length.

If your target audience is part of the commuting workforce, keep them entertained with your own videos. According to the Census, the average number of minutes going to and from work everyday is 26 minutes, so keep your videos between 10 to 15 minutes. Although you can keep your videos as short as 3 to 5 minutes long. You may also like marketing research questionnaire examples.

3. Have an on-going interaction

Do not make the mistake of letting a perfect video jump into the abyss by making them a one-hit wonder.

To keep the flame going, encourage interaction with your target audience. This will help you keep up with their ever-changing behavior and also to assist you in identifying trends related to your brand. Do not be afraid to put the power in the hands of the viewers because their power is also your strength. You may also see marketing tips.

Give methods in which your target audience can be able to contact you and do not forget to inform how they can avail of your products or services.

4. Utilize the web

Utilize technology through the use of websites and social media. With social media, you are not the only person doing all the advertising and promoting as users will definitely assist you especially if they enjoy watching your video. The “share” button is a powerful tool which creates a whole new network of possibilities. You may also see internet marketing.

Video marketing can be very helpful and effective if you use it correctly. It is not an entirely new concept but the possibilities are still endless especially with the help of technology. Since videos are here to stay, take advantage of it and utilize it for your own company. You may also see the executive summary of a marketing plan.

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