HR Training Budget

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

HR Training Budget

Did you know that with any company big or small, there is always going to be someone in charge of the training budget. Human resources or HR for short are the people who are in charge of the training budget. It is not only part of their job, but it is also expected that any kind of training, whether it be for new employees, monthly or annual training, you will expect the budget from them. If you are part of the HR team, you will know that a training budget is a requirement. To make them, let’s take a look at examples of HR training budgets.

3+ HR Training Budget Examples

1. HR Training Budget Template

HR Training Budget Template
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2. HR Training and Development Budget

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3. HR Management and Training Budget

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4. HR Training Budget Report

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What Is an HR Training Budget?

There are departments that handle training budgets just like the HR department handles its own. HR training budgets are the type of financial aid or financially planned aid that ensures that any training being held is always going to be financially supported. The HR team is responsible for making sure that there is always going to be some money left in order to make the training a success. In addition training budgets cover the training costs, training allowances, training materials and resources. Anything that may be necessary for it to be a success is covered within the budget. This includes all training agendas as part of the budget.

How to Make an HR Training Budget

How do you start with an HR training budget? The most common question asked when making the budget. What you must know before you begin is the fact that how much are you willing to cover for the entire training and how much should be saved in case of any issues or emergencies regarding the training. In short, to make an HR training budget, you will have to be specific about what should be covered, and here is how:

Step 1: Start with Outlining Your Training Budget

To start it off, outlining your training budget will help with smooth sailing from start to finish. The outline will give you a specific type of summary of what to expect in a training budget and what can you do to make the training budget a success. In addition, your training budget outline will also include your training budget goal.

Step 2: Reviewing of past Training Budgets

Make a review of your past training budgets. Assess any of the budgets that have been used and make some comparisons to the current training budget to your past training budget.  This includes the costs, materials and resources from previous training budgets. In order to see if there are any significant differences between both.

Step 3: Always Have a Back up Financial Plan

It is important to have a back up financial plan for your training plan. In case of any scenarios that may prevent the training budget to happen, as well as the training in itself. As the saying goes, it is always best to be safe than sorry, and it goes well with this as well. Having a back up budget is not a bad thing, it is merely showing you are responsible and careful for anything that may go wrong.

Step 4: Finalize the Entire Training Budget

The last important step is to finalize the overall training budget. This step will mean that you have already completed the list of materials and resources needed for the training. Their costs and expenses have also been covered. Finalizing the training budget will help you move forward with the budget in itself.


Why do you need an HR training budget?

In any company, there is a team that is assigned to handle the training and the budget that goes with it. The HR team is given the task of making any training budget that fits the financial needs, which includes the trainer’s fee, the materials, resources and the location if done outside of the company or business premises.

What are the elements of an HR training budget?

The elements of an HR training budget are:

  • Budget
  • Goal
  • Costs
  • Expenses
  • Resources or Materials

When is the right time to start an HR training budget?

The best time to start making your HR training budget is now. Why wait for another time or day to start when you can do it now?

It is a known fact that for any company or business to have the right training, the HR department must also provide the right set of training budgets. Training budgets help by giving the right or exact amount to start training and to provide the necessary tools and materials for it.

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