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Most people want every vacation checklist template to be memorable and well spent so as not to have any regrets, since for adults, a vacation (no matter how short it may be) is hard to come by. Also, a vacation can really turn out to be a total waste of time, money, and energy if you don’t make the most out of it.

A well-spent vacation is really worth the time and effort. It is a good way to reduce all the stress you’ve accumulated since your last vacation (or since the beginning of time). And of course, a good activity helps you bond with your friends and family. Without knowing it, you’ll feel more relaxed, more refreshed, and closer to each other than ever before. It is thus important to plan your vacation well. There are many effective tools you may use in planning a successful vacation. One of such tools is a blank checklist.

Vacation Checklist Template

vacation checklist template
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Vacation Rental Checklist Template

vacation rental checklist template
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Vacation Packing Checklist Template

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Packing Checklist

packing checklist


Carry On Checklist

carry on checklist


Importance of a Vacation Checklist

Going on vacation from time to time has been proven to have positive effects on the human mind and body. This, of course, depends on how one spends one’s time off work. This is probably the primary reason why people yearn for a well-planned and well-spent vacation. To make the most out of every vacation, a vacation printable checklist would come in really handy.

A good vacation checklist should cover every detail of an individual’s long awaited vacation. It may include the activities before and during the said vacation, allowing the user to keep track of all activities he/she needs to do for the entire vacation. With a vacation checklist, an individual will be able to organize the things to be prepared and the activities to be done, ensuring a hassle-free vacation. It will also guide you in making sure that the vacation you’ve long yearned for will not go to waste.

What to Include in a Vacation Checklist

A vacation checklist may contain several important details to be considered. Contents of your vacation checklist may vary depending on what kind of vacation checklist you intend to prepare. Few of such things were mentioned above.

Here are some other basic items you need to list down (or make space for) in your vacation checklist.

  • Things to bring
  • Activities you intend to do during the vacation
  • Tasks you need to accomplish before leaving for the vacation
  • Duration of the vacation
  • Details of departure and arrival (in case you plan on going on a trip)
  • Places to visit, including the date and time for visiting each one
  • Souvenirs to buy to bring back
  • Safety checklist precautions and warnings
  • Reminders before, during, and after the vacation
  • Additional things you want to include
  • Blank space where you can write a few additional things and remarks before, during, or after the vacation, such as notes to remember for next time’s vacation

Pre-Vacation Checklist

before vacation


Vacation Traveling Checklist

traveling with a baby packing list wit wander


Tips in Creating an Effective Vacation Checklist

An effective vacation checklist is just the right tool for someone who wants make the most out of his/her precious vacation days. However, while creating a vacation checklist can be pretty easy, there are several things one needs to consider to ensure checklist efficiency. Below are some tips in creating an effective vacation checklist.

  • Know the purpose and importance of creating a checklist. Knowing such things will allow you to remain focused on the main goal for creating a checklist. Make sure you achieve such goals in the process of creating your vacation checklist.
  • Decide on the design or template to use. You can find a few ideas online. This post also contains different ideas for designs or templates, which can give you an idea as to what template or design to use in creating your vacation checklist. You can also see checklist example in excel.
  • List down the items for consideration. This includes a list of things you need prepared before the vacation, and those that you need to bring with you.
  • Plan the activities you’d like to do during the vacation. This includes planning the budget, duration, and/or destination of the vacation. Also, make a list of people who are going with you.
  • Sort the items listed on your checklist. Create an arrangement for the items listed. For example, you might want to create different categories for different things (e.g., medicine, clothes, toiletries, etc.).
  • Prioritize items which are more important than others. For example, booking a flight will be one of the first things you need to consider if you want to travel.
  • Review the items and information listed on your checklist. Take note of the gaps or areas for improvement in your checklist and decide on how you can improve them.
  • Revise as needed. As you go, I’m sure you’ll be able come across a few errors to correct. Do you really need everything you listed out? Is there something you’re missing? Did you cross-check and double-check all the logistics?

Blank Vacation Checklist



Summer To-do Checklist



How to Use a Vacation Checklist

Using a vacation checklist can be pretty easy—you just need to periodically go over it, while doing the planned activities for your vacation.

For the sake of spontaneity and fun, don’t glue your nose to your checklist or travel itinerary. It is a plan not set in stone. If nothing unexpected beckons, it should be a lifesaver ensuring your time does not go to waste. But if you do find that your plans dim in comparison to what presents itself to you, go with the flow. The checklist should help you make sure the basics are all covered as you go forth on your adventures.

One thing you need to make sure, though, is to tick or check off the boxes indicated for each item after doing or considering them to avoid the wastefulness of considering the same item more than once. Every minute is precious on a vacation. If you’ve suddenly decided not to do something, check it off as if done, and make a note to future self marking it as “later” or “next time.” Check out different formats such as checklist examples in pdf.

If you think about checklists as a list of your intentions, it should follow that especially on your time off your intentions may change. Whether you prefer every last detail planned out or whether you’re more of a free spirit, a vacation checklist will ensure that you at the very least plan to have fun.

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