Double Replacement Reaction

A chemical change is the product of a chemical reaction between two or more substances, commodities, products, or materials that will or will not produce both chemical energy and physical change. A double replacement reaction is one of the types of chemical reactions that will create two different compounds.

1. Double Replacement Reactions Template

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2. Single and Double Replacement Reaction Notes

Single and Double Replacement Reaction Notes
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What Is a Double Replacement Reaction?

A double replacement reaction is a type of chemical reaction that will occur when two ionic compounds will transfer their positive and negative ions to another ionic compound. This will create two different compounds with different chemical properties and physical properties.

How to Write Down a Double Replacement Reaction

A double replacement reaction can only occur if both compounds are ionic and have compatible positive and negative ions. This can also occur when one of the variables in this reaction is only a positive ion as this will still create two products, albeit only one is a compound.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself or Obtain a Copy of the Basic Double Replacement Reaction Formula

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the basic outline or outline format of the basic double replacement reaction formula. The basic form of a double replacement reaction formula is AY + BX ? AX + BY.

Step 2: List Down and Substitute the Compounds to the Double Replacement Reaction

You must list down and substitute the given ionic compounds to the double replacement reaction where A and B are the positive ions and X and Y are the negative ions. This will allow you to create four different sets of ionic compounds.

Step 3: Determine if The Ionic Compound is Balanced

You must determine if each ionic compound in the double replacement reaction is properly balanced. This means that each element in the compound has the correct charges and numbers to equal a net zero in charges. For example, H (Hydrogen) has a +1 charge while O (Oxygen) has a -2 charge, this means that there must be two hydrogen ions to balance the whole compound.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for Each Compound in the Reaction

A double replacement reaction will always have more than one ionic compound. This means you must determine if all of the compounds in the double replacement reaction have balanced charges.


When I mix baking soda and vinegar does it produce a double replacement reaction?

Yes, baking soda and vinegar are two ionic compounds that can mix and create two new compounds that will be neutralized and have balanced electrical charges. This reaction will create CO2 compounds that escape the mixture leaving H2O behind.

What is the main use or purpose of a double replacement reaction? 

Double replacement reaction has a lot of practical uses that range from metallurgy to the neutralization of acids into bases. For example, aqua regia (royal water) can melt down gold into liquid form, which will allow people to easily transfer large amounts of gold from one place to another. People can also neutralize or lessen the corrosiveness of specific acids through the application of base liquids, which will allow people to dissolve specific things without incurring any damage.

How does the human body make use of double replacement reactions?

When we consume food and other substances to increase our energy and nutrients, our body creates acids that will digest the said substances. The double replacement reaction will occur in the stomach, which will allow the body to easily absorb the latent energy and nutrients without damaging the insides of our stomach lining.

A double replacement reaction is a type of chemical reaction where two or more ionic substances or compounds will replace each other positive and negative ions in a balanced chemical mixture. It is important to know and understand what these types of reactions are, as there are many household items and compounds that may inadvertently cause a double replacement reaction to occur. Some of the compounds this reaction will create might be potentially fatal or dangerous, which might prove to be detrimental.

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