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With the digital age in its peak of its popularity nowadays; it is more convenient for people to communicate to others from different parts of the world without spending too much money. They can also call, chat, and message people any time, or anywhere they go.

Back then it was extremely difficult for people to send a word towards their loved ones back then. It was almost impossible until the technology advanced rapidly and so does communicating with people. Before the internet was accessible for everyone, sending letters and postcards were the easiest form of communication by the masses. Nowadays, even letter writing is dwindling, sending postcards are still done by many people. It’s not just the message from the sender that matters, it can also be a souvenir from another country with its pretty pictures of landscapes, scenery, etc.

Children Postcard Design

children postcard design

Cute Dog Postcard Design

cute dog postcard design

Party Postcard Example

party postcard example

History of Postcards

Only a few of cards with messages had been created and posted by people since the  dawn of postal services. The earliest known picture simple postcard was a hand-painted design on card and bearing a penny black stamp. The image was a caricature of workers in the post office.  

In the United States, the custom of sending a letter through the mail, was a picture or blank card stock that held a message. It started back in 1848 in which it contained printed advertising. Years later, the commercially produced post card was created in 1861. The first American general postcard was developed in 1873 and later that year, postal cards were produced since people were looking for an easier way to send brief messages.

In Britain, postcards without images were first issued in 1870, and printed with a stamp as part of the design. The first known printed picture superb postcard was created in France in 1870. The cards had an image on one side and had a lithographed design printed on them containing images of armaments on either side of a scroll topped by the arms of the Duchy of Brittany. 

In the following year another picture basic postcard was created in which the image served as a souvenir was sent from Vienna. Postcards with images increased in number during the 1880s. Images of the newly built Eiffel Tower in 1889 and 1890 were famously printed for post cards with images. Some early postcards often have nude images of women which were later called “French postcards” as they were produced in large quantities in France.

Postcards, were now in the form of government postal cards and privately printed souvenir cards, now became widely known and in 1908, around 700 millions of postcards were mailed.

Years later, around the 1930s to the 1950s, linen postcards were produced in great quantity. Despite the name, linen postcards were not produced on an actual linen fabric but it used newer printing processes that used inexpensive card stock and were then designed with a pattern which resembled linen. The reverse portion of the simple card is smooth, like the earlier postcards. The rag content in the card stock gave a more colorful and vibrant image to be printed. Because of its inexpensive production and bright realistic images, they became widely known.

Another type of postcard were also made, in which the images on these cards are generally based on colored photos, and are readily identified by the glossy appearance given by the paper’s coating.

Floral Postcard Collection Example

floral postcard collection example

Postcards With Woodland Animals

postcards with woodland animals

Cute Girl Postcard Design

cute girl postcard design

How to design and create your own postcards

1. Cereal box postcards

Love eating cereals? How about the next time you purchased a cereal, don’t throw the box right away. You can reuse it as a postcard. Try out a simple homemade postcards using old cereal boxes.

All you need are a few cereal boxes, colored pens or pencils, vibrant colored fabric scraps, glitter, colored paper and all you need to do is cut out the cereal boxes, decorate it the way you like it and write a message you want to put in your postcard and that’s it. You have your very own handmade postcard. This is a perfect project for kids to do to pass the time and a perfect way for them to send letters to their friends. You may also see small business postcard examples.

2. Fabric DIY psotcards

If you’ve got scraps of fabrics that you don’t need, turn them into postcards. Have yourself or your kids send out these personalized DIY Postcards. Style your greeting cards with the following fabrics you have and have fun making them. This postcard is perfect for saying hello to friends or relatives far away from you.

3. DIY quilted postcards

If you love to quilt and still has remaining fabrics lying around, why not make a quilted postcard? It’s easy if you know how to quilt; however if you want to learn to do it, the internet has various websites that gives tutorials on on how to do it. After you quilted your fabrics together, paste it on a card stock to write down your message for your friends or family who live far away from you. They will surely be delighted by your creative postcard. You may also like business postcard examples.

4. Recycled postcards

Help save mother earth by recycling old, unused postcards or greeting cards and make your own and new design. This project only needs old greeting cards, scissors, glue, various designs and of course, your creativity and craftiness and before you know it, you already have a brand new postcard that is just waiting to be sent for your loved ones. You can also stock them up to pack in your luggage if you’re going away on holiday, so you are ready to send them out once you’ve arrived.

5. Printable postcards

If you don’t have time to quilt or make new designs out of old stuff, why not print out postcards designs from free printable postcards in various websites in the internet? Most printable designs have colored objects and designs and it’s up to you on how you’re going to decorate your postcards. These cute postcards can be quickly sent in the mail for a get together or a party or maybe these will  inspire you to make your own illustrations on postcards to invite your guests. You may also check out travel postcard designs.

6. Cake postcards

How about trying an off the wall idea? How about surprise your recipients when you sent them a postcard the next time? Nothing says like ‘you had me at hello’ like a postcard inside a piece of cake. Truly. With an edible and easy to mail slice of cake is an awesome way of sending your postcard. Building the unexpected into your postcards is such a cool and fun treat. You can also use this idea to send out a birthday invite too. You might be interested in corporate postcard designs.

So the next time you’re going to mail a postcard, use these ideas to surprise your friends and families and they will surely value your postcards more.

Flower Postcard Example

flower postcard example

Cute Summer Postcard Example

cute summer postcard example

Cute Postcard Design Example

cute postcard design example

Golden Cute Postcard Design

golden cute postcard design

Cute Lovely Design Animal Postcard

cute lovely design animal postcard

How to make a postcard for business

Postcards are cute, easy way to engage quick people to write a sincere and personal brief message with creativity and flamboyant colors. Postcards can also be used for businesses too! postcards give salespeople the chance to increase their sales and engage with customers on a personal level by being cheap too. Here are some tips for the business savvy for their postcards to be effective. You may also see event postcard designs.

1. Grab your customer’s attention

Postcards are a great way to grab the your potential customer’s attention if you’re trying to promote offers and discounts. Postcards can interest both new and existing customers and entice them to your special deals, offers, promotions, sales, etc. To successfully encourage the customers to be more interested in your postcards, and will eventually lead to a sale, the postcard must be customized and attracts the customers on a personal level. You may also like restaurant postcard samples.

2. Think about the content

Your content in the postcard must be short, sweet and straight to the point in order to interest your customer and make them want to enquire about your business. Short, bold, and strong headlines will trigger their curiosity.

Interest your readers by adding humor in the postcards that they will enjoy. Also, keep your content as minimalistic as possible; and it should only be including important information. Try to be a little bit mysterious by not giving away all the details about your offer or advertisement. You want the reader to inquire about your service, so don’t forget to add your contact number. You may also check out examples of church postcards.

3. Designs can help make a cool postcard

For you to have a successful postcard, it is important that you don’t cut corners by putting to much decorations in it; make sure you have borders. An overcrowded, tacky or cheap looking design is more likely to be discarded before glancing to the written content of the postcard. When you choose the right color, graphics, and images helps the postcard to stand out and make an impression. You might be interested in holiday postcard examples.

A nice quality postcard with a fantastic design will give your reader a good first impression and draw them into having an interest in your postcard and they will be inquiring into your services.

4. Consider the quality of paper you will use

And finally, to make a high end quality of your postcard, the quality of paper you choose to use is very vital for a successful postcard. The reason for this is that it will give your postcard a professional look and it is also one of the things that create a first impression for your customers. And, so giving them an impressive first opinion in your product helps draw your customers to inquire about your product.

If you hand over a postcard to someone which has a poor quality, flimsy and easy to bend  or easy to tear, these will likely be discarded by your customers without any consideration about your design or your message. Make your postcards have a high quality such as gloss printed, laminated and the type of paper that doesn’t bend easily. Your customers will be more interested to read your postcard. As simple as it may be, having a high quality printed postcard gives you a much better chance of a customer inquiry or a sale. You may also see marketing postcard examples.

Cute Girl Postcard Design Example

cute girl postcard design example

Cute Rabbit Postcard Example

cute rabbit postcard example

Cute Sloths Postcard Design

cute sloths postcard design

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