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When we think of carnivals, two things would come into our head: one, carnival as a festival, and two, carnival as something to do with the circus. Carnivals are actually a type of festival that, according to Encyclopædia Britannica, “is a Western Christian and Greek Orthodox festive season that occurs before the liturgical season of Lent.” This makes carnivals as a type of festival that has roots in religion. However, nowadays, carnivals have become less and less basis for celebrating religious figures and have become a venue for people to “party hard.” You may also see summer party ticket examples.

If you base on tradition, carnivals are celebrated at a time before the Lenten season where people or its religious followers would have to sacrifice in the form of fasting and abstinence for 40 days. And since 40 days can be quite a long time for most people, this is why they celebrate carnival and treat it as their last chance to indulge in all the kinds of the food, drink, and other luxurious activities in their lives before they are going to abstain themselves from it. You may also be interested in ticket designs.

Carnivals are usually held in the streets, accompanied with bright-colored parades that are filled with nothing but people and various floats. Attendees of this kind of festival would wear costumes and masks and streets will be adorned with lots of confetti, balloons, and the most important carnival element of all, music. You may also see invitation ticket examples.

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The Best Carnivals Around the World

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – the crowned king of all carnivals

Rio’s carnival is perhaps the biggest carnival in the world enough to be called as the king of all carnivals in history.

During this carnival, around two million people would gather for this five-day long carnival ever since it began in 1723. If you could only mention one thing that stands out during this carnival is that its attendance is adorned with flashy and colorful decorations and even “fleshy” costumes.

In Rio, there are around 200 samba schools, and during this festival, they would showcase their talents resulting in this big and iconic Samba Parade. And all the while, the entire community would dance, sing, and party their hearts out along with them.

2. New Orleans, USA – Louisiana’s Mardi Gras

Even if this is not exactly a carnival, it can match up being one since Mardi Gras has the same atmosphere as that of a carnival. Louisiana’s Mardi Gras can be easily considered as the top festival that is celebrated in the United States.

Louisiana’s Mardi Gras is held as the final day of various festivities right before Ash Wednesday or the day when the Lenten season commences. This very event is started with a myriad of celebration parades for about two weeks until the actual day of the Mardi Gras—just imagine how big of a party that is! Accompanied by loud and lively music, bright parades, and exciting parties in the street, you will surely have the time of your life when you happen to attend this event.

One of the remarkable things about Louisiana’s Mardi Gras is that there are floats and the riders of these floats would throw out gifts, such as Moon Pies, doubloons, and even small, inexpensive toys to the attendees of the event as a tradition. So this means that if you happen to be attending this big event, make sure you came in prepared with an empty bag where you can put in all the free goodies you would collect all throughout this event.

3. Venice, Italy – the Venetian carnival

If you have seen movies or drama series where the rich would be mingling with the poor folks, then this is the carnival form of such movies and drama series. Back in the 13th century, the nobles of Venice would often disguise themselves using masks when they would interact and be among the poor folks of that city and this is what gave birth to the Venetian carnival that is based on tradition and remarkable history.

Up until this day, this carnival still has its traditional and formal glory where its attendees would wear traditional costumes paired with wonderfully designed papier mâché or paper mache masks. Wearing such, they would turn up at the noble palaces of the beautiful city of Venice.

Again, if you have seen movies or drama series wherein the main leads would be dancing their nights away wearing masks, then this is the perfect carnival where such a movie scene could happen in reality. If you happen to be in Venice just in time for this carnival, you should never miss attending the ultimate masked ball that is called as the Gran Ballo delle Maschere, witness a catwalk that is coined as the Best Mask Catwalk held at the St. Mark’s Square, and see the event that kick-starts the entire festivities which is the Flight of the Angel.

4. Binche, Belgium – the Intangible and Oral Heritage of Humanity

The carnival in Binche, Belgium, is among the list that is recognized by UNESCO as an “Intangible and Oral Heritage of Humanity.” How so? This carnival is celebrated as a tribute to their country’s heritage and traditions that dates way back the 14th century. There are various events that are held that builds up until the actual day of the carnival as early as seven weeks before the major or primary celebrations would commence.

Like the Mardi Gras, this event starts before the Lenten season starts, and for this event, the festivities would start at 49 days before the Lenten season. During its 47th, 48th, and 49th day are the main events where around thousands of men and boys called as the Gilles would wear masks as they cause mischief and mayhem in the party crowds by throwing oranges. However, the oranges they throw at the crowds are actually considered as a good luck and are even considered as a gift. And if you ever think of throwing one back into the crowds when you are just in time for this event, be wary because this is considered as an insult.


We hope that you have learned a thing or two about carnivals with the help of this article.

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