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Welcoming another life into this world is nothing short of exciting and memorable. They say that having baby is a blessing, therefore it should be welcomed and celebrated in the most special way.

Aside from that, there are women who have tried so hard to have a baby of their own, some are blessed to have been able to conceive, some not so much. With that circumstances in mind, you truly feel like you have to celebrate the life that is about to come. You may also see best greeting card designs & examples.

Childbirth is not only an extraordinary experience, it is also the beginning of a new life. The child is given the chance to experience how it feels to be loved by his/her family and friends, to feel the joy that comes with living, to have the chance to fight through the struggles, and to feel and experience everything else in between. You may also like examples of christmas greeting cards.

The child will be given the chance to start his/her journey into life the moment he/she comes out of his/her mother’s womb. Isn’t that the most beautiful yet daunting thing on this Earth?

Not only is it about the child’s new beginning, it is should also be about the admiration of how strong women are. Giving birth is not an easy feat, to an extreme some women have died during childbirth and to undermine the strength of the woman giving birth to her baby is nothing short of appalling. You may also check out greeting card designs & examples.

A quote says, “Birth is the pinnacle where women discover the courage to become mothers.” And it is true, some are not prepared to become mothers but their resilience and courage has led them to become better mothers than they have imagined, and it should definitely be recognized and given merit. You might be interested in examples of romantic greeting cards.

Simple Baby Greeting Card Example

Baby Boy Greeting Card Example

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Sometimes, you need a little spark of creativity to surprise everyone, including you and your partner, with the gender of your baby. You want to skip the ordinary way of just reading or looking at the picture after your ultrasound so you ask your doctor to keep it a secret and just let one family member or friend to know so he/she can organize a gender reveal party. To help you with that, here are some creative gender reveal ides:

1. Balloon Box Launch

You will need to mark the box with the label “Girl or Boy” or “Brother or Sister” and fill it with some helium-filled balloons of the appropriate color. Make your guests make there guesses and when the momentum is right, open the box and let the blue or pink colored balloons fly. You can also do this without the box, and jut holding the balloons and popping it revealing the appropriate colored confetti. You may also see photo greeting card designs & examples.

2. Bath Bomb Bonanza

These both bombs reveal either a pink or blue fizz when dropped in the water. Set a mini tub or a small inflatable pool in your backyard with a sign “Waddle it be,” get because ducks and waddle? Okay, you then gather your guest around and have fun dropping these little ducklings bath bombs into the pool and announce to your loved ones the gender of your baby. You may also like retirement greeting card examples.

3. Silly String

For those naughty and fun couples, this gender reveal is for you. You need your family member or friend that knows the gender of your baby to buy the silly strings with the appropriate color. There should be label for each container with the lids removed do no one will know the hue, you stand on the center and let your guests go crazy with spraying you with the colored strings. You may also check out thank you greeting cards.

4. Confetti Canons

These confetti canons can be distributed to your guests prior to the start of your event, after the whole party, it’s time to pop these little canon of confetti. This activity can be done by showering the mom and the dad with the colored confetti to reveal the gender of their child. Let the colored confetti rain down on the couple and let all the emotions pour at the same time. You might be interested in examples of creative greeting cards.

5. Piñata Play

Not only is piñata a fun game, it is also an interactive and entertaining one. You can hang a piñata in the middle of your venue and have your partner smash the piñata. And more fun to that, your partner’s eyes should be covered in a blindfold while turning in place for a couple times to make it more challenging as well. This is a fun and exciting way to reveal the gender of your baby to everyone in attendance. You may also see congratulations greeting card examples.

Twins Baby Greeting Card Example

6. Popped Up

You will need to take note of the number guests you have for this gender reveal idea. You also need to allocate one balloon for each guest while making sure the right balloon is filled with either blue or pink confetti before inflating it. When the time is right, let you guest pop one balloon each and when the right balloon is popped, you will know if you will have a boy or girl on the way. You may also see fall greeting card designs & examples.

7. Scratch-n-surprise

This is one of the most creative ways of announcing to your guests the gender of your baby. You will need the participation of all your guests in scratching your gender reveal scratch cards. Your guests will for sure scratching these cards just like lottery tickets in order to uncover the surprise. Not to mention this is also a good addition to the baby shower give away your guests can leave with after the party. You may also like fall greeting card designs & examples.

8. Pack a Punch

You can set up to pitchers of an alcoholic punch or Kool-Aid with pink or blue colors. When it’s time for your to announce the gender of your baby, have your guests fill their cups with the color which thy think is appropriate for the gender of your baby. Afterwards, you can all cheers to the big news.

9. Eat It Up

This can be done in various ways but still with the same idea behind everything, filling the cake or any dessert of choice with the corresponding color to the gender of the baby. Enlist with your local bakery or bake your own with your trusted girlfriend. Coat the cupcake, cake or cake pops with your favorite icing and fill the either pink or blue filling. Watch everyone eat the dessert with excitement and surprise when they see what’s the filling inside. You may also check out examples of funny greeting cards.

10. Sports Theme Reveal

If both of you and your partner are sports buff or have favorite teams in certain sports, you can use this to your advantage. For baseball, you can make a ball that will easily break filled with colored powder and watch the color fill the air as the bat hits the ball.

Hilarious Baby Greeting Card Example

Princess and Unicorn Baby Greeting Card Example

Unicorn Baby Greeting Card Example

What to Write in a Newborn Baby Greeting Card

Sometimes, you can get confused on what to write a greeting card congratulating a family member or a friend for their new born baby. Here are some comforting messages or quotes you can write in a newborn baby greeting card that will surely warm the parents’ hearts:

1. This is the start of something special, the next few years are going to be the most memorable.

2. Congratulations! This is a beginning of something wonderful for your family. I hope that this journey is filled with lots of laughter, love and warm cuddles. You may also see floral greeting card examples.

3. Welcome to the new big world little one, this is a place full of excitements and wonders.

4. Time to celebrate the safe arrival of your newest baby born!! May babyhood be filled with lots of love and memories. All the best!

5. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your new family member addition! Wishing you all but the very best and as always, please let me know whether I can help out in any way. Lots of love! You may also like vacation greeting card examples.

6. This is such exciting news!! Congratulations on the new family addition.

7. Congratulations on the arrival of your new happy and healthy baby! May you cherish this extraordinary time that only comes around once and may it make for lots of wonderful memories. All the best and with lots of love.

8. Welcome to parenthood, may your new baby born bring you happiness, love and joy. You may also check out graduation greeting cards.

9. Parenthood is such a wonderful experience, lots of memories will be made. Wishing your family the very best.

10. Congrats! This is a rewarding experience part of your lifetime.

Baby Girl Greeting Card Example

Sweet Baby Greeting Card Example

Funny Newborn Baby Greetings/Well Wishes

1. Hello yummy mummy goodbye tummy.

2. You don’t have to stay up late accidentally anymore, I’m sure your baby will keep you wide awake. I hope you’ve been practicing your vocals. You may also see printable greeting cards.

3. Forget about spending time with the girls and boys, it’s not about you anymore.

4. I’ve put my number on speed dial on your phone just in case you want to get out of diaper changing.

5. I left a loving message inside one of the books I gave, it explains how they were born. No need to explain to them, I got you covered! You may also like corporate greeting card examples.

6. I hope you have prepared many low-cost shirts and pants, I heard you will need to change these at least 5 times a day. If you know what I mean…

7. Life will only get harder I tell you, just wait until they start talking and walking.

8. I hope your newborn inherits only the best features, I can’t say the same for you.

9. I hope you like the gift I gave you, I thought you might need a stronger perfume from all the nappy changing.

Last Words

Welcoming a baby into this world is an exciting experience be it your own, your sister’s, your friends’. You see the spark in the new parents’t eyes and you just know the child will be filled with love and happiness while growing up. We hope this guide was able to help you. You may also check out wedding greeting card designs & examples.

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