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Are you about to hold a bachelorette party or a bridal shower for your friend who is going to be married soon? You can make use of these bridal shower banner examples that we have collected and compiled here in this article.

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Nautical Bridal Shower Banner Example

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Cheers Bridal Shower Banner Example

cheers bridal shower banner example

Black and Gold Bridal Shower Banner Example

black and gold bridal shower banner example

What Is a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is an event that usually happens before the bride’s big day. It allows the family members and mostly close friends of the bride to spend time together and it also allows them to “shower” the bride with gifts that can help her in her married life.

Basing on the historical traditions, bridal showers go a long way back during when dowries were still a thing. It usually happens when women would like to marry lads who are “unsuitable” and that their families refused to provide a dowry. This is when the role of friends would come as they would gather to give gifts that would make up for the lack of a dowry. The gifts they are to give could help the would-be husband and wife in setting up their home. You may also see bridal shower greeting card designs & examples.

The bridal showers we have now are spent on sharing inspiring family-related or wedded couple-related stories and most especially pieces of advice that could help the bride in her married life. It is also an event where they would be having fun, eat, drink, and, of course, pay special attention to the bride who is the reason for the event. You may also like bridal shower invitation examples.

If you are a close friend to a bride, make sure that before you would prepare and simply plan for the bridal shower, you have already asked the bride whether she wants a bridal shower in the first place. There are brides who do not want bridal showers as these could give them a feeling of being uncomfortable and that they feel like they are too needy for wanting an event that gives them attention and more gifts than necessary.

Gold Confetti Bridal Shower Banner Example

gold confetti bridal shower banner example e1528773597874

White and Gold Bridal Shower Banner Example

white and gold bridal shower banner example

Great Gatsby Bridal Shower Banner Example

great gatsby bridal shower banner example e1528773625479

What Happens During a Bridal Shower?

What usually happens during bridal showers are just the following: eating, laughing, telling stories, sharing pieces of advice, giving presents, and, of course, opening presents. Sounds fun, right?

The food that can be served during a bridal shower are those kinds of food that are simple such as finger foods or light bites, sweets like pastries, and if the bride would like to keep a healthy bridal shower (so she can still fit in her wedding gown) you can serve crudites. You may also see bridal shower card designs and examples.

It would also be best to always have the best music that will be played in the background especially during games, during the opening of the presents, and especially during the time when the bride would be given pieces of advice from the guests. Music simply makes everything more memorable. You may also like bridal sower label designs and examples.

Who Throws the Bridal Shower?

Typically, the bride’s maid of honor would be the one hosting the bridal shower, although nowadays, the family members of the bride would also be involved. Before, when family members would get involved in the bridal shower, they would be seen as rude or greedy, especially when the family members would ask gifts for their own relative. However, it is now widely accepted. You may also see bridal shower thank-you cards.

When it comes to the financial assistance when holding a bridal shower, the hosts would be shouldering the entire costs in an informal and casual bridal shower. However, for a more elaborate bridal shower, the host can always ask the other bridesmaids about chipping in or splitting the costs.

The host may also include the bride in the planning process especially if it is not a surprise bridal shower. It will be easier for you to ask the bride in creating a registry if she has not made one yet.

It will also be easier to ask what kind of theme she has in mind for her bridal shower. But if you are planning to give a surprise bridal shower, then you need not to worry as you are the maid of honor; you are the closest person to the bride and you already know what kind of theme she would love to have for her bridal shower. You may also like examples of anniversary banner designs.

Pink Floral Bridal Shower Banner ExamplePink Floral Bridal Shower Banner Example

Rustic Floral Bridal Shower Banner Example

rustic floral bridal shower banner example e1528773667715

Sip Sip Hooray Bridal Shower Banner Example

sip sip hooray bridal shower banner example

Where to Have the Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower can practically take place anywhere. If you are creative enough,  you can make a bare place look like a five-star hotel’s function area. But traditionally, bridal showers can be held in the home of the host or the maid of honor. But seriously, any place will and can work. You can set it up in the favorite places of the bride such as her favorite fast food, restaurant, beauty salon, and park. You may also see event banner examples.

However, you should choose a venue that will be appropriate for the size of the guest list. You cannot just invite twenty guests and your venue would be in a dainty beauty salon. That is why it would also be ideal if you would determine the number of your guests beforehand so that you will be able to effectively choose a venue that will fit all of the invited guests. You may also like congratulations banner designs and examples.

When to Have the Bridal Shower?

Do not hold a bridal shower too early and too late—you can hold one anywhere from six months or a week before the grand day. You should consider the places where your invited guests are currently living in. If most of the guests are from far places, you can simply schedule the bridal shower a week before the wedding so the time is just right before the wedding and that they can plan and file a week-long leave from their jobs.

Otherwise, you can hold the bridal shower earlier from the wedding day, six months from the wedding day would be the earliest. The perks of holding a bridal shower earlier are that it would add just the right amount of anticipation as well as decrease the amount of possible stress on the bride’s end. You may also check out party banner designs and examples.

For the ideal time for a bridal shower, any time would actually do but the common time is during the afternoon or early evening that serves as a luncheon or dinner party. It would not harm if you would like to hold a bridal shower that happens on a brunch since these are not that uncommon.

Who to Invite?

The invited guests play a vital role in a bridal shower since they could make or break the success of the event. Make sure that you are already absolutely sure that you are not inviting someone that is not invited during the wedding day. You can refer to the guest list so that you will have an easy process of choosing the guest for the bridal shower. If the bridal shower will be a surprise, you can always ask her relatives for the copy of the guest list.

You are not only to stick to the people on the side of the bride but you should also consider the people on the groom’s side as they can be of the bride’s acquaintance as well, and even if they are not, the bridal shower could be their chance to get acquainted. You may also like examples of banner ads.

Before, the guests during a bridal shower are usually women, however, nowadays, there are a lot of coed affairs that would celebrate both the bride and groom. These are usually called as “Jack and Jill” showers.

Blank Bridal Shower Banner Example

blank bridal shower banner example1

Beach Bridal Shower Banner Example

beach bridal shower banner example1 e1528773558917

Detailed Bridal Shower Banner Example

detailed bridal shower banner example1

Miss to Mrs. Bridal Shower Banner Example

miss to mrs bridal shower banner example

Floral Bridal Shower Banner Example

floral bridal shower banner example1

Dos and Don’ts: Planning for a Bridal Shower

If you are the maid of honor or the one who is to take on the task of honoring the bride with a shower, you can make use of some of these dos and don’ts in order to help you get started with the preparation of the bridal shower:

Do initiate the planning of the bridal shower; don’t plan and prepare for yourself.

It is not wrong to initiate the planning of the bridal shower for the bride, especially if you are an honor attendant or a family member. But just because you are the one who initiated it, it does not mean that you will be in charge of every single thing. You can always enlist the help of the other invited guests—they may be more willing to help you. You may also see tips for designing effective banner ads.

It would be best if you would ask what each guest would like to help with instead of just assigning them tasks that they might be not good at or that they are simply unwilling to do such task. Make sure that the guest you are enlisting help from is invited to the wedding day itself. You may also like vintage banner designs and examples.

Do have a theme for the bridal shower; don’t make the bride uncomfortable about it.

Having a theme for the bridal shower would make the planning stage of organizing one way easier. However, you should ensure that the bride will love it. If you are the maid of honor, it is also understandable that you already know the bride and that you know what she likes and what she does not like. This means that you would already know what kind of theme that she would not be comfortable about. You may also check out modern banner designs and examples.

Do pick an early date for the bridal shower; don’t forget to ask the availability of the guests.

It has been said earlier that bridal showers are usually held six months or a week before the actual wedding day. However, before you plot the final date of the bridal shower, you must not forget to ask the availability of the guests especially if they are living in far places. You might be interested in printable banner examples.

If your guests live far, they have to make travel plans as well as file for leave from their jobs; hence, holding the bridal shower a week before the wedding would be ideal. Otherwise, you can hold a bridal shower as early as six months before the wedding day. You may also see roll up banner examples.

Do you want to make the bridal shower more special? You can make use of the bridal shower banners that we have here in this article to make a difference in the event.

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