31 Advertising Flyer Examples

One of the most affordable types of advertising posters come in flyers. These are full-paged prints commonly posted or distributed in public areas. We often encounter company representatives handing these out in store entrances and mall escalators on a daily basis. Flyers are low-cost marketing tools used to advertise events and promote products and services.

They are so inexpensive to produce that representatives carry them in bulks and confidently hand you five copies of the same kind. They are also known to be throw-away marketing tools for small to medium market distributions. They’re often lightweight and plain, containing limited information enough for an audience to absorb in a single glance.

Job Advertising Flyers

Job Vacancy

job vacancy advertising flyer

Job Conference

job conference advertising flyer

Job Consultant

job consultant advertising flyer

Restaurant Advertising Flyer Examples

Pizza Restaurant Advertisement

pizza restaurant advertisement1

Burger Restaurant

burger restaurant advertising flyer

Chinese Restaurant

chinese restaurant advertising flyer

Contractor Advertising Flyers

Building Contractor

building contractor advertising flyer

Painting Contractor

painting contractor advertising flyer

Roofing Contractor

roofing contractor advertising flyer

How to Design an Advertising Flyer

Flyers examples are often designed as one-paged prints that come in various shapes and sizes. They are creatively made pieces that are made for one primary purpose: to attract attention. However, to be able to design an effective advertising flyer is easier said than done. Read on for some tips and techniques on how to design the perfect flyer.

  • Draft Your Design.
    Creating an outline for any form of project is the best way to start out. You have to think about the basics. What information is absolutely necessary? Who are our target audience? How can we make something different? From color schemes to catchy headlines, every detail must be well thought through.
  • Inform.
    As much as you desperately want to unleash your inner Picasso, it’s important to keep in mind that a event flyer is also meant to inform your audience. Nobody has the time, nor the willingness to waste it, to read something as long and as boring as the morning paper. Keep it brief. Avoid unnecessary information. Lengthy texts and 5-sentenced paragraphs won’t be doing you any favors. Be sure to clearly emphasize the message you want to get across in the simplest way possible.
  • Organize.
    Let’s be real, a messy layout isn’t even worth a second look. Dividing your content into sections is a good way to start out. Make use of bullet points and text boxes to properly organize your content.
  • Highlight.
    From company brochures information to special deals and offers, it’s always good to highlight anything promising to your audience. It’s important that you provide them with everything that they need to know without them having to question the obvious.
  • Set a Mood.
    Dull flyers are bound to end up in the nearest trash bin. Cool color tones, witty taglines, graphics, and high quality images will add that extra appeal to your flyers.

Vintage Advertising Flyer

Vintage Car Wash

vintage car wash advertising flyer1

Business Advertising Flyers

Business and Commerce Advertising Flyer

business and commerce advertising flyer

Minimal Business

minimal business advertising flyer

Marketing Flyers

Corporate Marketing Flyer

corporate marketing advertising flyer

Vector Marketing Flyer

vector marketing advertising flyer

Digital Marketing

digital marketing advertising flyer

Travel Advertising Flyers

Travel Agency

travel agency advertising flyer

Travel and Tourism Advertising Flyer

travel and tourism advertising flyer

Travel Company

travel company advertising flyer

Promotion Advertising Flyers

Sales Promotion Advertising Flyer

sales promotion advertising flyer

Mobile App Promotion Advertising Flyer

mobile app promotion advertising flyer

Business Promotion

business promotion advertising flyer

Why Choose Flyers?

Flyers are often used for event and company announcements, product information, and other service promos. It has become an effective approach for marketing your business through the use of creative and informative print materials. If you need a little convincing, here are some reasons why advertising flyers are the way to go:

You Easily Reach Your Audience.

Nowadays, there are multiple ways for advertising flyers to be distributed: door-to-door mail drops, newspaper and magazine inserts, street distribution and even through emails. Personal interaction with a marketer and a consumer may also help leave an impression and encourage communication.

But of course, it’s always good to send out your most charming and enthusiastic employees to do the job.

They’re Handy.

Flyers come in all sizes, most of which are designed to come in handy. They are something a person can hold on to for a look later on. Just make sure your flyer is even worth a second glance.

Easy to Produce, Easy on the Budget.

Small businesses can turn to flyer examples for a good form of advertising on a budget. They don’t necessarily require a lot of money to produce. Some flyers are printed on plain paper, others come in special glossy papers. As long as a flyer is designed according to its purpose, it will deliver.

Long-term Feedback.

Flyers that are actually worth keeping receive a special place in a consumer’s daily life: in a refrigerator door, car compartment, or in a pocket of a bag.

Remember, not everyone would want to avail to whatever you have to offer in an instant. It might even take a little more time. But when a consumer might be in need of your services, that’s when a marketing flyer might come in handy.

Printed flyers are easy to keep and good quality ones might even last longer.

Medical Advertising Flyers

Medical Clinic

medical clinic advertising flyer

Medical Insurance

medical insurance advertising flyer

Medical Equipment

medical equipment advertising flyer

Cosmetics Advertising Flyers

Free Cosmetics Advertising Flyer

free cosmetics advertising flyer

Cosmetics Products Advertising Flyer Template

cosmetics products advertising flyer

Salon Advertising Flyers

Beauty Salon Flyer

beauty salon advertising flyer

Hair Salon Flyer

hair salon advertising flyer

Fitness Advertising Flyers

Fitness Gym Advertising

fitness gym advertising

Yoga Fitness Advertising

yoga fitness advertising

The Different Types of Flyers

Flyers, which also referred to as pamphlets or leaflets, have been utilized over the years by individuals, businesses, and other organizations as a from of event promotion and item advancement. Flyers are often designed to be straightforward, with the intention to attract and inform its audience with whatever it has to offer.

There are various types of flyers according to its purpose, namely: mailers, catalogs, and gift certificates.

  • Mailers. This is the most popular type of flyer which is used to promote a product or service.
  • Catalogs. This type of flyer is similar to a business brochure. It goes beyond the standard one-page flyer that thoroughly discusses a product or service.
  • Gift certificates. Coupons, gift certificates, and other forms of vouchers are one of the most effective types of flyers. They are most likely to attract consumers and boost a business.

We often encounter these invitation flyers on a daily basis, they could either be distributed in public places or sent to us through mail. As consumers, we have the option to accept them from the chirpy company representative or politely decline it. Some are designed creatively and professionally, others aren’t even worth a second glance. But as a means of marketing, it’s important to design a flyer that is sure to attract your audience.

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