39+ Invitation Flyer Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | Vector EPS

Whether it’s your birthday, wedding, anniversary or just a simple get-together, a good invitation, either physical or digital, can be a great way to convey that you are thinking about them. Sending an invitation to someone means that they are a special to you, and that person would also feel important because they know that you took your time by creating and giving them invitations.

Thus, giving them invitation will create zero hassles because the time, venue, and even the motive of the occasions are all there. No need to text, call or post your invites, just a simple and one-of-a-kind invitation is all you need. So, what are you waiting for? Check these creative invitation flyers to get you started. Feel free to browse our event flyers to jump-start your ideas!

Invitation Flyer Example

invitation flyer template
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Free Christmas Invitation Flyer

free christmas invitation flyer template
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Merry Christmas Invitation Flyer

free merry christmas invitation flyer template
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Free Thanksgiving Invitation Flyer

free supreme thanksgiving invitation flyer
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Free Halloween Party Invitation Flyer

free premium halloween party invitation flyer
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Party Invitation Flyers

Free Party Invitation Flyer

free party invitation flyer

Anniversary Party Invitations Flyer

anniversary party invitations flyer

Retro Party Invitation Flyer

retro party invitation flyer

Church Invitation Flyers

Vintage Church Invitation Flyer

vintage church invitation flyer

Creative Church Invitation Flyer

creative church invitation flyer

Birthday Invitation Flyers

Kid’s Birthday Invitation Flyer

kids birthday invitation flyer

Vintage Birthday Invitation Flyer

vintage birthday invitation flyer

Bridal Shower Invitation Flyers

Bridal Shower Invitation PSD Flyer

bridal shower invitation psd flyer

BBQ Invitation Flyer Examples

BBQ Party Invitation Flyer

bbq party invitation flyer

Holiday BBQ Invitation Flyer

holiday bbq invitation flyer

Dinner Invitation Flyers

Dinner Party Invitation Flyer

dinner party invitation flyer

What to Think About When Designing Your Invitation Flyers

Invitation  party flyers gives the idea of how important that occasion is. It also gives the receiving end of the invitation a sneak peek of what the occasion is all about, the motive, the colors, the drama and the formality of the occasion. Here are some basic guidelines of what should be there in your invitation to fully picture out your party.

  • The Motive – It is the theme of your party or the occasion. It is where you set what the occasion or the party would look like, whether a modern style or a vintage one. Just make sure to convey what you really want your attendees to see.
  • The Colors –  Choosing a color that complements the motive of your occasion is highly recommended. You should pick a color that is also relevant to your motive so it will not create confusion in your attendees.
  • The Drama –   This is where you set the mood of your occasion. It may be a fun party, like a birthday card promising a lot fun ideas, a romantic type, or a simple one full of emotion.
  • The Formality –  it is where you give your  attendees a glimpse of how formal your party is. Either a suit and tie, a classic dress, a hipster kind of party, or a business occasion. Speaking of business, these samples of  business invitations might be more in line with what you’re looking for.
  • The Setting – Last, but definitely not the least and not to be ignored, is the setting of your occasion or your party. Setting up the date, time and venue of your occasion is very important.

Event Invitation Flyers

Creative Event Invitation Flyer

creative event invitation flyer

Event Invitation PSD Flyer

event invitation psd flyer

Free Invitation Flyer Examples

Free Wedding Invitation Flyer

free wedding invitation flyer

Free Printable Invitation Flyer

free printable invitation flyer

Free BBQ Invitation Flyer

free bbq invitation flyer

Graduation Invitation Flyers

Printable Graduation Invitation Flyer

printable graduation invitation flyer

Free Graduation Invitation Flyer

free graduation invitation flyer

Holiday Invitation Flyer Samples

Holiday Invitation PSD Flyer

holiday invitation psd flyer

Free Holiday Invitation Flyer

free holiday invitation flyer

What to Include in a Detailed Invitation

Every invitation business flyer should have detailed information so that the receiving end would not be confused and will automatically get the information that you intended to give.

You don’t have to put every piece of information in your invitation, just what will help the reader understand and be excited about. Here is a list of information that should be there in your invitation.

  • Name of the addressee – In every invitation, this is very important and should not be disregard. The name of the attendees should be there. A complete full name would be very helpful. It is where you address them and gives them the idea that they are the person who is invited and not someone else.
  • Date and Time – Setting up the date and time is obviously very important. This information will help the receiving end know when and whether they are going to attend.
  • Location – This is also very important. Give them the exact location and provide them the easiest possible directions, so that they will not be lost and will get there right on time. This will also give the attendees the impression that your party invitation or occasion is well planned.
  • Motive and Theme – This is where you put the information needed as to what your occasion is going to be so that the attendees will dress according to your motive.
  • Extra Instructions – Optional, but also very important in case there are extra precautions or preparations needed from the attendees’ end for the occasion to be successful. For example, “Wear comfortable clothes because this party has a lot of games,” or even a list of things people should bring for a pool party or a sleepover; extra set of clothes, sleeping bag, etc.

Get this all down and your party is good to go.

You can also check our thank-you letter samples, so that after your invitees have attended your event, you can send them your deepest gratitude.

Open House Invitation Flyers

School Open House Invitation Flyer

school open house invitation flyer

Real Estate Open House Invitation Flyer

real estate open house invitation flyer

Concert Invitation Flyer Examples

Music Concert Invitation Flyer

music concert invitation flyer

Dance Concert Invitation Flyer

dance concert invitation flyer

Training Invitation Flyer

Fitness Training Invitation Flyer

fitness training invitation flyer

Wedding Invitation Flyer

Wedding Invitation Card Flyer

wedding invitation card flyer

Workshop Invitation Flyer

Business Workshop Invitation Flyer

business workshop invitation flyer

Retirement Invitation Flyer

Retirement Party Invitation Flyer

retirement party invitation flyer

Free Retirement Invitation Flyer

free retirement invitation flyer

School Invitation Flyer Example

School Event Invitation Flyer

school event invitation flyer

Free School Invitation Flyer

free school invitation flyer

Why You Should Care about Your Invitation Design

A detailed and creative invitation flyer creates a one-of-a-kind invitation. These are the ones that will leave a mark to the attendees and will be remembered because of its uniqueness and fully packed detailed information.

Invitation advertising flyers are great way to express your feelings to all the people you intended to send your invitation to.

Giving them an invitation is also another way of saying that, the person is very important to you and you will be glad if that person attends. Leaving them the idea that they are also special and would be flattered thinking that you took your precious time by creating and giving them invitations.

So whether it’s your birthday (which got me thinking of our wide variety of birthday invitations), or your wedding (which also reminds me that we are packed with wedding card examples), be sure to send an invitation.

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