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Billboards have been with us, especially the business entities, for a long time now, and they greatly play their roles in advertisement. They carry information from a certain business entity for the whole to know, especially their target market. A lot of marketers favored billboards for their advertisement since these are among the effective advertising tools as they have observed. Billboards are effective not only because of their huge sizes but also because it is simple and comprehensible enough for everyone. Most billboards contain designs that our minds can quickly decipher, a perfect fit for advertisement or promotion of the product. However, we cannot deny that there are also some billboards that are full of clutter or overloaded with texts that are no longer readable by moving audience.

Hence, to help you with billboard advertising designs, here are awesome examples of minimal billboards that are surely perfect for your businesses. Check them out in the next section. You may also want to check other billboard designs as well:

Simple Billboard Mock-Up

Cleaning Services Billboard Template

Killer Tips for Billboard Advertising

Posting on a billboard is not all about putting anything on the board relating your product because when you do so, you cannot captivate the attention of the people. Instead, billboard advertising is about knowing how to express your company or products and services in a few words incorporating graphics, with the proper layout and font and other things that you need to consider. Many companies would fail in doing so because they want to put much information in their billboard or they are overdecorating their post.

In the next discussion, presented are the killer tips for billboard advertising that you might need in order to create a successful billboard design that can grab the interest of the onlookers. These will also help you know the strengths and weaknesses of billboard advertising that other company’s failed to see, resulting to a great waste of their time and effort for creating their billboard. You may also see signage and billboard designs and examples.

1. Focus on Your Objective

First, you must know that in every billboard, the general objective is to promote awareness. Billboard advertising is just similar to any other types of advertisement like television and radio, only that the billboard is speaking on your behalf and not a certain person just in the television and radio. So, you must talk and reach out to people. Talk to everyone who may be interested on your products and services, especially your target market. Let them be aware that a company like you, offering a certain type of products and services, exists. You may also like real estate billboard designs and examples.

But take note that billboards are not similar to elegant flyers and attractive brochures where you need to include details regarding the things that you are offering, but instead, you cut down the information into smallest part as possible. This is also not a place for a direct response, so do not expect that people will immediately respond to your offer. Remember that your objective is to build awareness. Why? Because the more the people will be aware of your product, the more they will be confident about your brand and the more they will prefer you over other brands that they are not yet aware of. This is also among the psychological tactics that most marketers know—building awareness to establish branding.

Hence, make your billboard simple. At most, never include numbers. A simple URL link will do.

2. Be Noticeable

There are three important things that you must consider if you work on the notice-ability of your billboard: words, time, readability.

The rule of thumb in creating a billboard is that your number of words must be six or less. The more words you include in your billboard, the harder it is for the readers to finish reading your simple billboard in just a flash. Hence, make your words concise. Avoid including the details or the description of your product or services. Never include flowery words or adjective that are not really beneficial for the presentation of your billboard. Cut down up to the smallest number of words as possible so that people can easily read and understand what is written in your billboard.

The next thing that you must not forget is the average time that most people can have a look at your billboard which is 5 to 10 seconds. This is because the usual audience of your billboard are drivers, bikers, and pedestrians. These people are not staying in one position but are constantly moving in 65 km per hour or more. Hence, the first point is connected with this second point in a way that you must be concise in your words because you only have 5 to 10 min to flash your advertisement to the people. You may also see restaurant billboard designs and examples.

The third thing that you must consider is the readability of your billboard. This involves getting together the design, layout, colors, texts, and fonts to have coherence and unity, that when placed together, create a harmonious and uncluttered masterpiece. To test the readability of your billboards, print out your design in a business card size, hold it out in an arm’s length, and see if you still clearly see and read the whole thing. If not, you must consider revising your work until you can come up with the design that you want.

High-Quality Billboard Mock-Up

Hair and Beauty Salon Business Billboard

Simple Realistic Billboard Mock-Up

3. Understand Your Target Market

Your target market means the people you intend to see your products and services. These people are those that you expect to buy from your company. These are also those whose needs and wants are something that you can provide. If you are not yet sure who your target market is, better understand first the nature of your products or service. If you have already understood what can you offer to the people, that is when you can already determine who might be those people who needed your products and services. You may also check out food billboard designs & examples.

Knowing who are your target market is also the key in deciding which area is the best spot to build your billboards. But mostly, billboards are placed on areas conducive to people such as the downtown area in a city where people from different places converge.

4. Know Your Competitors

The next thing that you need to know, understand, and consider is your competitors. Know what your competitors are up to. Know what they are doing. Know the methods and strategies they are implementing. In this way, you can understand them and you know their strengths and weakness. You can pull their strengths, use those against them, and own them. Know their weaknesses, learn from them, and do something to improve them. They might fail in some cases, but it is good to know that you are making an effort more than your competitors. You might be interested in examples of advertisement design.

But never dive into competition to the extent that you are going to say negative things about your competitors just to excel. Never do that. Instead, just focus on your edge and your advantage over them and build your own name to the people. Competition is always present in the business world and you cannot totally eliminate them. Competition is also a way to enhance the offers of the companies who are in the competition as they will be working on their quality and efficiency for the lowest price possible just to stay on top of the competition. You may also see vector billboard designs and examples.

5. Get in Early

If you have already decided on where to put your billboard, snatch up for the perfect location before your competitors can do so. Act fast before anyone else can acquire your spot. Most advertisers will only rent for billboard spaces for a given period of time. If you happen to lease a spot and you think you are needing it for a long time, better renew your contract before it ends. In that way, you will never get replaced and you can still own your spot. You may constantly change your message as long as you have the budget, but never up that space immediately or else you will have regrets later. You may also see vertical billboard designs and examples.

There is a perfect time on giving up and that is when your target market are no longer in that area. Better move to another billboard space ad location than staying unproductive on that same spot. But before doing so, clearly assess if your target market is really out of the scope of your billboard.

Billboard Mock-Up

Simple Billboard Mock-Up Design

Simple Product Billboard Mock-Up

6. Weigh the Advantages on Going Digital

Having digital boards might be on trend and you might want to join the bandwagon. But consider first the factors before deciding on whether to do on digital boards.

First, ask yourself: do I really need to digitalize my board? If the answer is say, this may lead to more questions like “Why?” and “Can your budget cover the production cost?” You must consider the purpose on converting your billboards to a digital one. If your purpose is only to be in with the trend and nothing else, maybe you are really needing a digital one. You must tailor your design to that of the digital one because it is useless if you go with digital boards and your design is just similar to that of the printed ones. You may also see digital billboard examples.

You must also consider the cost in making digital boards. The truth is billboards are really costly. Even big companies would still weight the cost of creating billboards over the benefit that it can provide for the company.

Lastly, you must consider the spot whether it is conducive to extreme weather conditions like heat and storm. From that, you can decide if it is good to put up a digital billboard or not.

7. Put Some Twists

Do not settle for traditional billboards where the advertisements are plain and too information. Instead, go beyond the traditional boards and incorporate concepts, humor, and stories—the things that people can usually remember. Also consider the space around your billboard; they are also included as your canvas. Do not limit yourself in that rectangular space, and instead, widen your scope by utilizing the space outside your board. You may also think of uncommon and unique designs for your post rather than the usual straight metal bars. There are also some billboards that utilize and adopt to the change of weather or to the change in the position of the sun or the moon. You may also like billboard mock-up designs and examples.

Brainstorm, and you will really come up with a great unique idea on how to make your billboard stand out from the rest.

Minimalist Multipurpose Business Billboard Template

Simple Urban Billboard Mock-Up

8. Think Beyond

Billboards are just among the many outdoor advertisements that you can use for your promotion. Take one step backward and see that there are countless opportunities outside where you can place your advertisement such as in larger metro area, buses, cabs, transit stops, airport kiosks, and even aboard the trains. The more you are being exposed to the public, the more they will notice your product or your brand and the more this builds awareness to the people. And this will take us back to the first discussion that building awareness is important because people will prefer those brands that they know over those that did not ring a bell to them. You may also see examples of billboard advertising.

There are many out-of-home possibilities out there that you need to explore in order to fully maximize the reach of your advertisement.

9. Make Use of Directional Boards

When you make directional boards, you might think that you are just making a simple signpost as a guide to direct your guest to your property. Do not miss this opportunity to showcase your branding in a unique way with use of warmth, humor, riddle, and whatever it takes so that your viewers can associate your post with your company and that they can easily identify you every time they see similar directional boards. This will also help enhance your popularity, leading to enhanced branding for your company. You may also like retro billboard designs and examples.

Simple Multipurpose Business Billboard Template

Plain Orange Billboard

Editable Multipurpose Business Billboard Template

Double City Billboard Mock-Up

Clean Business Billboards

High-Resolution Simple Public Transport Billboard

Quick Review

Billboards are just among the wide range of out-of-home advertising possibilities that every business entity can utilize in order to widen their scope of promotion and advertisement. However, creating a billboard is not as easy as placing all the information about your product or your company; it requires precision and clarity or message, direct enough so that people can understand and decipher them in just a matter of 5 to 10 seconds. You may also see minimal brochure examples and designs.

If you want to maximize the capacity of your billboards, you must know the killer tips as suggested by the marketers on how to create your billboards which are as follows: focus on your objective, be noticeable, understand your market, know your competitors, get in early, know the advantages of going digital, put some twists, think beyond, and make use of directional boards for your promotion. Knowing these things will help you especially when you are starting from scraps. You know what are the things that are crucial and what must be included in your billboard and what are those that are absolutely a turn down. You may also like fitness billboard examples.

Now, it is expected that you already possess a knowledge, enough to start creating your billboard. But we are always here to give you an assistance if you needed billboard designs. You might check again at the above examples of minimal billboard designs.

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