16 Examples of Chocolate Branding Design

Quick Overview of Branding

If you will be asked, what is the most popular smartphone brand? What is the most popular coffee? What is the most effective coffee to keep you awake? You might already have an answer to reading these questions. That only means that certain brands have already infiltrated the market and that their marketing and advertising strategy is effective since you remembered their brands. This is the importance of branding.

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The brand alone voices out your company’s mission and will help you out in your advertising. Knowing the principles of branding and having a brand is better than those without a brand since people would most likely choose products that have brands and are already popular in the market than those that are not yet known.

Creating your brand is the most important since this is how people know and acknowledge your branding. A good marketing and advertising for the branding of your food means that your product already marked something in the hearts of your customers.

Production of Chocolates

  • Roasting of cocoa beans. In the production of chocolate, first, the raw material, which is the cocoa, is being screened and tested for defects. The ones that passed the screening is then roasted on screens and then in revolving cylinders. In this process, the cocoa will turn a dark brown.
  • Separation of cocoa shell and nibs. The next step is the separation of cocoa shell and nibs. The nib is the meat of the cocoa. The cocoa will pass through a cracker and a fanner, which loosens the hulls from the beans. Then, it will pass through a process called winnowing. Winnowing is done through the exposure of the cocoa to a current of air, separating the cocoa shells from the nib. The shells will separate from the nib because the nib is heavier and the shells can be easily carried by the wind.
  • Nib crushing. The nibs are then crushed in a grinder made of revolving granite blocks. The resulting paste is called liquor. This paste is usually dark brown in color.
  • Refining. The liquor is further refined by going through the revolving metals. The liquor is ground until it becomes smoother and flows easily.
  • Deflating the chocolate liquor. Through a giant press, the cocoa is being pressed to remove the cocoa butter from the liquor. This process is also called deflation. The press cake, the resulting solid material from the deflating process, is then broken down or crushed and then sifted to produce a cocoa powder.
  • Mixing. If milk chocolates are to be produced, sugar and milk are being mixed with the liquor. Otherwise, if plain bars are to be produced, extra cocoa butter is added.
  • Through the spinning rollers. The moisture of the liquor will be removed by an evaporator and what remains are crumbs of chocolates. The crumbs are then rolled again, and the grains are being squeezed out to make them smoother.
  • Adding of flavors. Some companies would add their secret ingredients to enhance the flavor of the chocolate. After adding, the mixture is stirred well until a very fine and smooth mixture is achieved.
  • Tempering and molding. The mixture is then poured into a mold so different sizes and shapes will be formed. The molds are carefully shaken to fill all the spaces with the chocolate mixture. In tempering process, the chocolate mixture is cooled down until it becomes brittle and shiny.
  • Final touches and wrapping. After cooling, it is then cut and wrapped in a foil or other packaging and then sent to stores.

Marketing Your Chocolates

  • Establish your target market. Who will most probably buy chocolates? Usually, the answer is children. But did you know you can also market your chocolate to adults? Do not limit your target market for people you think who are the primary consumers; instead, widen your perspective and include those that are prospective chocolate lovers. You have to think of ideas on how to capture the attention of these groups of people so they will adopt the idea of loving chocolates.
  • Enhance chocolate flavor. It may be true that chocolate alone will suffice the taste buds of many, but more will be captivated by chocolates when additional flavors are being introduced to enhance the taste of the chocolate. Try to search for novel ideas that could take chocolate flavors to the next level. One idea might be incorporating other flavors into chocolates, and test if it complements with the chocolate flavor. You have to think creatively and open your minds to new ideas that might probably put chocolates into the spotlight. Remember, once people will be satisfied by the new taste of chocolate you are offering, he or she can be an instrument that will encourage others to try your chocolate; thus, you’ll start gaining a brand for your chocolate product.
  • Emphasize health benefits. Do not just talk about how tasty and mouthwatering your chocolate is. Try also to emphasize the health benefits of your chocolates. You may explain in detail the process of creating your chocolate and the raw materials that you are using. The biggest portion of your ingredients is cocoa. Highlight the health benefits of cocoa, and search for information that you believe can catch their attention and become curious about your product. Include also the wonders of cocoa and some trivia about it and other ingredients that are added to your product. You see, many people are still conscious of their health.
  • Increase accessibility. Look for areas that you are very accessible to people. It may be quite expensive but think of it as an investment in your product. Grab the most accessible spot you think and place your chocolate products there. It is not necessary that you place great quantities of your product; it is enough that you let people know about your product. However, just make sure your product is everywhere or, if not everywhere, almost everywhere—in malls, sari-sari stores, cafe, schools, stalls, and especially in areas where most people meet.
  • State the uses of chocolates. Brainstorm as often as you may. Give your customers some ideas on other uses of chocolates, for example, give chocolates to your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, children, etc. It may be for a peace offering, a symbol of courtship, a mere gesture of friendship, or just a way of showing someone you care about them. It may be during Valentine’s Day or even just during ordinary days, for ordinary days become extraordinary if you do something special. You might also just give it as a gift to yourself! Your strategies in marketing can help you so much if you are still building your brand name in the industry. Work hard to make your brand known to market for if you already established a name, people will prefer your product over those that have not yet made their names known to the public. It is said that people often associate the brand name to the experiences they have before. Thus, it is so important to give people meaningful memories to your product and keep the goodwill of your company high.
  • Marketing strategies. You might as well adopt trending marketing strategies such as discounts, buy 1 take 1, freebies, or coupons because people are naturally attracted to sales and discounts.

Examples of Chocolate Producer Branding

Confused about how and what to include in our branding? Check out these cool and examples of chocolate producer branding.

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Top Producers of Chocolates

There is no doubt that there are some companies that shine over the other companies in terms of their brand and popularity to people. Below are some of the top producers of chocolates. This is not intended to compare us to these leading companies and let us feel down; instead, this is a way to motivate and inspire us so we can be great achievers like them.

On top of the list is the well-known company Mars Inc., which is established in McLean, VA, USA. This company produces a variety of products including chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, and filled chocolates, molded chocolate figures and shapes, and many others.

Next is the Mondeléz International Inc., which is in Deerfield, IL, USA. Similar to Mars Inc., it produces products like chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, and filled chocolates, molded chocolate figures and shapes, toffee and caramel.

The third is a producer from Mexico City, Mexico, the Barcel S.A., division of Grupo Bimbo. It offers similar products to the first two, but all of them had their own unique taste.

Other known producers that remain on top are Nestlé, Hershey Foods Corp., Ferrero Group, Meiji Co., Ltd., Perfetti Van Melle, Haribo, and Lindt.

Most of them offer similar products, but you can still distinguish one company from the other. That is because they have their own unique style of marketing their product and each had already established a brand name in the market. Who knows you may be one of them in the future. Just work with dedication and perseverance, and everything good will follow.

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