16 Examples of Chocolate Branding Design

Chocolate Packaging

Quick Overview of Branding

If you will be asked, what is the most popular smartphone brand? What is the most popular coffee? What is the most effective coffee to keep you awake? You might already have an answer to reading these questions. That only means that certain brands have already infiltrated the market and that their marketing and advertising strategy is effective since you remembered their brands. This is the importance of branding.

The brand alone voices out your company’s mission and will help you out in your advertising. Knowing the principles of branding and having a brand is better than those without a brand since people would most likely choose products that have brands and are already popular in the market than those that are not yet known.

Creating your brand is the most important since this is how people know and acknowledge your branding. A good marketing and advertising for the branding of your food means that your product already marked something in the hearts of your customers.

Production of Chocolates

Marketing Your Chocolates

Examples of Chocolate Producer Branding

Confused about how and what to include in our branding? Check out these cool and examples of chocolate producer branding.

Hot Chocolate Bar Printable Kit


Chocolate Packaging Design

chocolate packaging design

Chocolate Template

chocolate template

Hot Cocoa Bundle


Colorful Chocolate Branding Design

colorful chocolate branding design

Artisian Chocolate Branding

artisian chocolate branding

Dark Chocolate Branding Design

dark chocolate branding design

Chocolate Bars and Candy Vector


Dark and Milk Chocolate


Sweet Chocolate Bars

sweet chocolate bars

Splashes of Melted Chocolate and Milk


Caramel Chocolate Packaging

caramel chocolate packaging

Top Producers of Chocolates

There is no doubt that there are some companies that shine over the other companies in terms of their brand and popularity to people. Below are some of the top producers of chocolates. This is not intended to compare us to these leading companies and let us feel down; instead, this is a way to motivate and inspire us so we can be great achievers like them.

On top of the list is the well-known company Mars Inc., which is established in McLean, VA, USA. This company produces a variety of products including chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, and filled chocolates, molded chocolate figures and shapes, and many others.

Next is the Mondeléz International Inc., which is in Deerfield, IL, USA. Similar to Mars Inc., it produces products like chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, and filled chocolates, molded chocolate figures and shapes, toffee and caramel.

The third is a producer from Mexico City, Mexico, the Barcel S.A., division of Grupo Bimbo. It offers similar products to the first two, but all of them had their own unique taste.

Other known producers that remain on top are Nestlé, Hershey Foods Corp., Ferrero Group, Meiji Co., Ltd., Perfetti Van Melle, Haribo, and Lindt.

Most of them offer similar products, but you can still distinguish one company from the other. That is because they have their own unique style of marketing their product and each had already established a brand name in the market. Who knows you may be one of them in the future. Just work with dedication and perseverance, and everything good will follow.

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