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Logos, as we know today, have been through a metamorphosis of sorts since the early days of using cylinder seals and coins in the 6th century BC. Choosing the correct style and image for your company logo can influence the public’s perception of your logo and of what you expect from your company or organization. Having the perfect representation of your company improves brand recognition which is especially important to target audiences or clientele.

Examples of the modern logo can be found on this page. They can be downloaded by simply clicking on the download button. Have a look around and maybe these examples will help you come up with a great concept for a restaurant logo design.

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History of the Logo

The development of logo design has been attributed to different inventions and techniques which include coins, cylinder seals, coat of arms, watermarks, and advances of printing technology during the late 1800s.

  • Coins – Primarily used as a medium of exchange or legal tender in order to facilitate a trade for an item or produce. These are usually small, flat, round pieces of metal used in universal trading between merchants from the same country or region and between merchants of different countries. A form of a business logo is imbued into the coins. Some coins are made from valuable metals such as gold and silver.
  • Cylinder Seals – These were used as signatures to represent the owner of the seal and notify that the bearer is an official representative of the person or family owning the seal. Again, this was aimed at promoting recognition to whoever is in possession of the seal. Most of these seals were impressed onto objects such as clay documents and jewelry. A popular seal during the old days was the ring seal which bore the seal of the king or lord of the house.
  • Coat of Arms – First used by ancient Romans to signify the military unit which they belonged to. These were etched, impressed, or painted onto their shields. The coat of arms was later on made to represent noble families. This was later adapted by institutions and trading company logos. The development of the flag is also attributed to the coat of arms.
  • Watermarks – First used in Fabiano, Italy, the watermark was generally used to prevent counterfeit of postage stamps and currency. Fabiano is a city in Italy renowned for producing the finest watermarked printing papers in 1282. From here the method of applying watermarks showing photography logos to currencies and postage stamps spread across Europe as another means to ascertain the origin of a document or currency which is still being practiced or used to this current age.
  • Printing Technology – Different inventions and process improvements in printing led to easier and faster methods of disseminating information. This, in turn, made the propagation and use of the aforementioned techniques widely known to the rest of the world.

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Types of Logo Design

  • Symbol or Icon – This representation of a company or identity shows an image that is uniquely designed to closely relate to the symbol of the company. Corporate logos would sometimes be as simple as the apple logo or the aptly designed logo of Shell Oil Company. Some would have complex designs but would identify the symbol or icon distinctive enough to identify the company at a glance, say for example the tri-pointed star of the Mercedes-Benz logo.
  • Wordmark – They say that brand recognition starts with knowing a company and nothing identifies your company than the spelled out company name with a creatively styled font that will be identified at first glance. Examples of these are vintage logos for Coca-Cola, Google, and Visa among others. An example from this page would be that of a Modern Beauty Salon Logo or the Free Typography Logo sample.
  • Lettermark – Some companies make use of initial familiarity to get recognition of their company brand. These logos are typographic and usually are the initials of a company name that would sometimes be hard to pronounce or too long to memorize. Take for example IBM for International Business Machines Corp., HP for Hewlett-Packard, or NASA for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, to name a few.
  • Combination Mark – Combination marks as the name would suggest are a combination of graphic and text elements to represent the brand name or company. This type and style make use of good balance between a striking image or symbol and the brand name. Some combination marks are recognizable with just the symbol icon alone but they create all the more impact when put together. Best company logo designs would include Addidas and its three stripes; Lacoste with its alligator; and WWF with its panda, to cite a few. The Modern Electrical Business Logo example on this page is of this type.
  • Emblem – Emblems encase the company name into the design of the logo. Popular examples include Pringles, Starbucks, and Harley Davidson logos. The sample Minimalist Food Logo in this page also illustrates this type of logo.

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Tips on Creating your own Logo

  • Style – Choose the proper style to best suit the functions or services of your company. Futuristic styling would complement an information and technology-oriented company. Take for example the IT Company Logo shown here on this page shows cutting edge design.
  • Symbolism – Make sure that the relationship between the symbols or icons you choose in your design are closely related to the company. Explaining its ties to historical or cultural relevance to your idea or company would help in the clarification or explanation. The Music and Entertainment flat  Logo designs on this page clearly connects the microphone symbol to the music contest. The Modern Vehicle Company Logo ties the company Victoria Motors company to the symbol via the motor exhaust symbol.
  • Typography – The type face used in your logo should co-relate with the company or idea being presented. Type faces showing digital font usually signify technology or the use of technology. The IT Consulting Logo found on this page clearly shows that connection between the type face used to the nature of the company.
  • Color – Emphasize the color choices within the design of the logo. Bright colors usually represent energy, fun, or vibrant. Darker shades tend to show or align with deeper moods. Make sure this makes a connection with the company, business, or product this wedding logo represents. An accurate example in making use of color would be the Landscape Business Logo sample shown in this page since the color green depicts the earth or land.
  • Relationship – Perhaps the most important aspect in logo design is reflecting the company’s personality, vision, and core values into the logo. The emotional and personal connection between the logo and the company it represents is vital in building up brand awareness. An example on this page for Modern Commercial Real Estate Logo shows cooperation or partnership through the shaking hands sysmbol within the image outline of a house.

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