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If you are considering to establish your own business or have just started your business or already business for many years, you must constantly be reminded that having a powerful tool for marketing and branding is all it takes for the enhancement and improvement of your business.

Simple Creative Painter Business Card Template

creative painter business card
File Format
  • Illustrator
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  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Simple Barber Business Card Template

barber business card
File Format
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  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Malina Business Cards Logo Example

malina business cards logo example

Photo Realistic Business Card Example

photo realistic business card example

Audio Engineer Business Card Logo Example

audio engineer business card logo example

Business is all about promotions and connections, and thus, it is important to work hard on your collaterals for your branding. Branding includes the company logo. But it does not stop there. Branding is a lot broader than what you actually think. It also encompasses any feature that distinguishes your company from your competitors as well as the way on how you convey your message regarding your products and services to the public to let them know and remember your name in the industry.

As a minimum, a company must have a best logo for them to be distinguished as well as a business card to establish communication with the clients and customers, suppliers, and other parties that may be interested in the business.

In line with this, we are providing you examples of logo and business card designs to help you get started with your business or help you in the change of your logo or business card design.

Business Collateral Item Ideas

The moment you enter and even before you enter the business world, you must ready your gears and you must fully equip your entity advertising tools and marketing materials for you promotion, advertising, and branding.

You must constantly search for trending ideas on what to use for your marketing collaterals to for the people to be attracted in your business. You need to invest a reasonable amount in marketing because this will fuel the entry of more and more people to your shop or store. With advertising, you get your products and services noticed by the public and create familiarity to the people. You may also see marketing business cards.

In this section, we will provide you the most common and trendy collaterals when it comes to collateral item ideas. You can use them to boost the advertisement of your business.

1. Shirts, Bags, and Mugs

Upon hearing the word “marketing collaterals,” the first thing that would always come to our minds are shirts, bags, and mugs. Even from before, they are the first things that serve as marketing collateral. Their surfaces can be printed with the logo or any feature identifiable to the company for promotional purposes. You may also like round logo design examples.

2. Handouts, Flyers, and Posters

Of course, the traditional printed media, handouts, elegant flyers, and attractive posters, are surely a very useful tool in the dissemination of the company’s products, services, and everything that a company is offering. They are proven effective as a marketing tool because people get to see them everyday especially in public places.

3. Signages and Billboards

Another commonly used collaterals are signages and billboards that are often used by established companies. These collaterals can provide a great impact since they can target a larger group of audience for they usually come in huge sizes that even those who are just passersby can see the material clearly.

4. Menus, Brochures, and Catalogs

Awesome menus, professional brochures, and fashion catalogs contain the list of products or services that an entity if offering as well as their related prices and a short description for each item. They must also contain the logo of the company so that customers can immediately recognize the company’s name through its logo.

5. Labels and Packaging

Another important marketing collateral that you must also work on are the labels and packaging of your products. In terms of packaging, you must see to it that your packaging goes well with the product. Additionally, you must not forget to include your brand name as well as the modern logo of the company or individual.

Classy Retro Logo and Business Card Example

classy retro logo and business card example

6. Postcards, Notecards, and Greeting Cards

General Postcards, notecards, and best greeting cards are also among those that can please the customers or other parties related to your business. Always include, maybe in a subtle way, in the design of those cards your company logo or any graphics identifiable to your business.

7. Business Cards

Creative business cards are among the must-haves for a company or an individual dealing with business. They are a way to maintain a communication to your clients and prospects, suppliers, and other parties who may be interested in your business. Design them well in such a way that they can be seen as a representative for you or your company.

8. Gift Cards, Coupons, and Vouchers

Gift cards, coupons, and simple vouchers are the promos that are commonly sought after by most people as this provides them the benefit of a lower price or a deduction from the original amount. Do not forget to design them with graphics that can be associated with your company.

9. Stamps and Stickers

A company stamp is also encourage to be used by the companies, commonly bearing the attractive logo of the company and the tagline of the business, at times. For your stickers, you must include in the design any graphics or figures that can be attributed to your company.

10. Invitations

If you are making beautiful invitations such as invitation for the launching of a new product line, a grand sale, anniversary sale, and other events of the company, always include the name of the company as well as the logo. This is to make sure that the recipient will know who is the sender of such invitation.

Ferns Business Card and Logo Example

ferns business card and logo example

Eye Center Card Template Example

eye center card template example

11. Worksheets and Checklists

Worksheets and general checklists, which are generally known as content upgrades, provide an incentive for people to subscribe to your list. You can send your loyal customers some or discounted free worksheets or checklist. In this way, other people may get motivated to be a part of your business.

12. Documents—Contracts, Timelines, and Quotes

In a business entity, it is common that there are documents related to selling of goods or offering services. The most common of which are simple contracts, timelines, and quotes. Make them something creative, for example, by adding colors related to the color palette of your logo.

13. Desktop Wallpaper

Another way that you could promote your business in a subtle way is through desktop wallpapers. You may not see it as a marketing collateral, but with a little touch of your company’s identification in a form of graphics or colors, your desktop wallpaper can surely be a marketing tool.

14. Email Signatures

Include in your email signature your company name and logo for it to be recognized by the public. You will be constantly sending mails to clients and prospects; so make sure that your email signature bear your company identity.

15. Website Banners

You can also design your website banners with some decorations attributable to the identity of your company. Visitors would most likely visit your site. So welcome them with your customized best banner.

Wood BBQ Business Cards Logo Example

wood bbq business cards logo example

Classy Real Estate Business Card Example

classy real estate business card example

16. IG Story Graphics and FB Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Your social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook must also bear your company identities, for example, through IG story graphics and FB profile and cover photo.

17. Promo Graphics and Blog Posters

In your online promotional materials such as promo graphics and blog perfect posters, make sure that you design them with anything that helps the audience remember about your company.

18. Webinar and Podcasts

Your webinar and podcasts, too, must subtly contain your company identities, especially your company logo. Many people will view them either intentionally or unintentionally so make sure that they bear your company identification.

19. Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up ads are also a great way to advertise on the internet. This is a direct advertisement in which you need to partner with other sites so that you can post pop-up ads in their sites. Maximize this opportunity and include in your ad the identities of your company, not just your goods and services. You may also see examples of business logos.

20. Event Badges and Tokens

You may also create cool badges and tokens for the attendees of your conference or any event, as these will make your event more legit. Again, add your company identifications to their designs.

Drinks Business Cards Mock-Up Example

drinks business cards mock up example

Super Wings Business Cards Logo Example

super wings business cards logo example

Custom Basic Logo Card Package Example

custom basic logo card package example

Chef Minimal Logo Business Card Example

chef minimal logo business card example

Quick Wrap Up

You might already be overwhelmed of the list of the marketing collaterals that are effective for the promotion of a company’s products and services. There are so much more than what is enumerated if you only squeeze out your creative juices and think for novel ways on how you will introduce your name to the public. But the above list of items alone are enough for you to get started on your way to the spotlight.

Now that you already know the important marketing collaterals and have been provided with the examples of flat logo and fashion business cards, it is expected that you can already start your advertisements and promotion by using those collaterals to boost your brand name and make your business known in the market that you are operating.

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