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Everyday in our schools, workplace, and even neighborhood, we saw varieties of designs associated with a company or a product. Some are somewhat familiar, but other designs do not ring a bell. More often, after we saw a familiar design, we usually associate it with the company or to our experience with the product.

There are also times where we remember the design or the drawing that represents the company than the company name itself. This design is what you call a logo design. It is specially designed so people would easily remember a certain company or entity.

Basics About Logos

A logo is a design used by a business to represent their company and placed on its products for it to be identified as their own. People can often remember an entity through its logo. The design or the symbol is meaningless if it does not convey any information to the people about that certain entity.

King Church Ministry Logo

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Colorful Church Logo

What Is in a Logo

In creating a logo, one must not only artistic but also mindful of the essentials that a logo must have. Remember that a logo conveys your message to the people and gives a background on what type of entity you are and what can you offer to the people.

Below are principles for creating a logo design.

  • Relevant. Your logo design must be appropriate to and relevant to your entity. Know your entity well so you can have an idea that fits your entity’s characteristics. Brainstorming can help you a lot especially in understanding your mission. By understanding your mission, you will understand what your company is pushing through. With this, you will have an organized thought about what your entity is all about.
  • Simple. Do not try to fit all the things that you are offering, or what you have, or what you can offer; instead, keep your designs to a minimum. The more you are trying to incorporate all your thoughts to the logo, the more complicated the logo will be, and in effect, people will get confused about what you are really trying to express in your logo. Choose simple colors. It is also advised to use less than three colors unless it is absolutely necessary. You can also be as deep as you want in your logo design, but provide an explanation at the backstage. It is important that people will understand your logo and have a hint of what type of entity you are.
  • Memorable. Keep in mind that logos represent your entity or yourself. Your logo must make a mark to people’s hearts and minds. For business entities, logos can be an advertisement to your company. People will often prefer to buy those products with familiar logo that those without a logo or those that are unfamiliar ones. As for nonprofit organizations, your logo is your pride and honor and badge that you want to show to the world what organization you are and you want them to remember you through your logo.
  • Timely. Think of a design that will not depreciate through time. Ask yourself, will this still be trendy after 10 or 20 years? Do people still embrace this design after a decade? Will this still be a great logo even as time passes by? The moment your logo loses its appeal to people, it is no longer memorable for them and it can easily be forgotten. So, choose a design carefully that is timely and can still be used many years after.

Importance of Having a Logo


Logos are important for the identification of an entity. It can tell the world what you are, what type of entity you are, whether a profit or non-profit organization, what can you offer to the people, what is your edge over other entities with similar industry, and many others. It can serve as the whole picture of what your entity is all about.


For entities that are dealing with money or those that are in the business world, marketing your name and establish a branding is important so that your company will rise and become one of the top companies. Being on top means people know you and you are quite popular. Popularity has an advantage since people tend to prefer those that are popular over those that are still unheard in the market. So, it better to hard hard to gain prestige and trust of people, and this can be done primarily by making a solid foundation to your logo.

Distinguishes You From Competition

For most entities, especially those that are striving in a competition, they need to have an identity and be distinguished from their competitors. Have you experienced buying something because you thought it is an original one but you discover afterwards there is a little difference to the original logo? You may think that those companies imitating the logo wanted to deceive the buyers, but actually, that is not only the point. Because of their imitation to the logo or maybe just a little modification, they attracted people’s attention, and it turn, many people will become willing buyers to the imitated products. However, if you want to attract people to your own name, you must not imitate other designs. You better make a design on your own and market it properly.

Logo Is Versatile

At this point, you already have a background and know many importance of logo. Additionally, logos are important because they are versatile: they can be everywhere. You can place logos in whatever item your entity owns. It is advisable that you add your logo to your properties to avoid theft. At the same time, you are showing to the world your identity. You may print different sizes of your logo for your chairs, tables, notebooks, mugs, and many others. With this, you are showing ownership towards the thing while making everyone know who and what you are.

Facilitates Brand Loyalty

Logos are usually associated with branding. What is the difference between a logo and a brand? For simplicity, a logo, as discussed above, is a design used by a company, especially in marketing, to serve as an identification for it to be distinct from other companies or products. On the other hand, branding involves, apart from logo, the marketing and advertising of a certain product or company in any means. It is the pouring out of the company image to the market, and it is a measure of popularity to the people and brand loyalty. If people can distinguish your logo, you achieved a successful branding since you leave an imprint to the people about your company. It is natural that a familiar logo goes a long way towards building brand loyalty.

Church Logo Examples

Even though branding is used commonly for business entities, churches can also benefit from having a logo. Because logos primarily serve as an identity of an entity, a church should also convey its identity to the whole world.

Few examples of church logos that may help you in creating one or might give you an idea if you are planning to make revisions to your current. Hope these can help.

Grace Church Logo Template

Community Church Logo

Cross Logo

Church Flame Cross Logo

Newhope Church Logo

Church Membership Logo

Minimalist Church Logo

Renewal Church Logo

Baptist Church Logo

Roman Catholic Church Tower Logo

Cross Point Church Logo

Cross Timbers Church Logo

The Fountain Church Logo

Livinghope Church Logo

Why Should You Have a Church Logo

For Your Church to Have an Identity

Just like many businesses, churches too must have an identity for them to be distinct from other churches. In choosing a design for your church logo, of course, you should pick those designs that can very well give you an identification as a church. Not only that, your logo should be distinct from other churches so it can be easily recognized. Make your logo unique so you won’t be confused with other churches. Every church has a mission that is very specific, and there are even small details that makes them different from others. So, a different logo must be created so you will be identified apart from the others.

To Leave an Impression

Churchgoers will somehow remember you through your logo. It is undeniable that some people are too visual and can memorize the logo easily rather than the name. So, make sure your logo is interconnected to your church name as well as the activities of the church. You are taking care of the name of the church; thus, it is fitting and proper that you design a logo that can leave an impression and mark to the hearts of the churchgoers.

To Welcome People Who Are Seeking a Church

By having a logo relevant to your entity as a church, people who are seeking a church can easily recognize that you are indeed a church through your logo. Your logo design can somehow be inviting to people who are new to the church or even a passerby. Hanging your logo across the stress can attract people who are looking for a refuge or even just curious people. With this, carefully choose a design that can show to the world your identity as a church. Apart from the ushers of the church, the logo itself will serve as a welcoming note to the guests and visitors to your church.

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