10+ Company Portfolio Examples & Templates [Download Now]

When you want to attract new clients, it’s imperative that you make a great first impression. And nothing does this better than a well-crafted company portfolio. This document provides a detailed look into your company and past projects. Through a company portfolio, a prospective client will be able to get a rough idea about your staff’s experience, company strengths, and what is like to work with you.

In this article, we show you 10+ company portfolio examples and templates that you can use to create an award-winning portfolio that gives you the best chance of nailing down that business. You can also find more inspiration from these attractive portfolio examples.

Company Portfolio Examples & Templates

1. Company Portfolio Brochure

Use this uniquely-designed company portfolio brochure to provide a summary of what your business is all about. Easy to use, the template allows you to introduce your company to prospective clients who may not necessarily be familiar with your organization. The template is detailed and covers all the important areas of an effective company portfolio. This is important because you cannot forget to include an important detail.  The template is readymade, and all you need to do is to plug in your information on the relevant sections. To get started, just download the template.

2. Graphic Design Company Portfolio

With this graphics design company portfolio template, you get an opportunity to quickly tell a prospective client what you can do when they hire you. The template captures the most important parts of a professionally-produced company portfolio, ensuring that no detail is missed. It has sections for mission statement and vision, educational qualification and experience of your staff, and product or services that you offer. It does everything for you, so your only work will be to enter information into the respective sections and have your portfolio within minutes. Download this instantly available template today and get started creating yours.

3. Software Company Portfolio

Use this software company portfolio template to create a detailed company portfolio that gives potential customers detailed information regarding your business’ capabilities, goals and successful projects. The template also lets you include stories about how you completed successful projects. With the use of this template, you will also be able to include biographies of the major players of your organization by showing their relevant training, credentials, and experience.

To start off creating your company portfolio, just download this template and you can have it in minutes. It is customizable and easily editable.

4. Business Company Portfolio Brochure

Your company portfolio is much like a resume for your organization. You need to treat it as a CV that you supply when applying for a new job. This business company portfolio brochure helps you to show off your work history, skills, and strengths. These are the things that are going to make that potential client want to hire you.

This template is fully researched, thorough and has been proofed so you don’t have to worry about grammatical issues. The fact that it is through means that it includes every possible element of a company portfolio so you cannot miss out on an important detail. To start off, just download the template.

5. Company Portfolio Example

It’s okay if you feel a little intimidated by the prospect of creating a company portfolio for the first time. Because the primary purpose of a company portfolio is basically to try and win you, new clients, you want it to be not only thorough but also to highlight the best sides of your business.

This company portfolio example has been designed to help you create your own document quickly, easily and without the hassle of starting it all from scratch. Available on instant download, the template is easy to use and can be customized to match your own company.

6. Fashion Company Profile

This is an example of a company portfolio template that you can use to provide a professional overview of your business and its activities. If you are looking to raise more capital and woo investors, you will need a strong company portfolio that highlights your company’s greatest strengths and skills.

This template has been designed by industry experts, and it helps you create a well-researched company portfolio quickly and easily. It can be downloaded instantly from the internet.

7. Web Design For Company Portfolio

If you are in the web design industry, then you know you have to be vying for business every now and then. This web design company portfolio offers a perfect template to use when creating your own company profile. More than just a brochure, this template lets you show the client what your company is all about. It enables you to include your achievements, sample works you’ve done in the past, qualifications of the major players in the company, your mission, vision and company objectives and any professional affiliations you may have. With this template, you’ll realize how easy it is to create a professional company portfolio that’s sure to win your business.

8. Company Portfolio Brochure Catalog

Use this template to create a great-looking company portfolio document that shows your best side in the eyes of the customer.  The template helps you to introduce yourself to a client who may not know you and gives them a brief overview of what you do and why they should give you their business. Download it today!

9. Company Profile Template

With this professionally-created template, making your own company profile doesn’t have to be difficult. The template is comprehensive and fully researched, and includes every important element of a standard company portfolio. With it, you don’t have to worry about missing an important detail.

10. Portfolio For Art Company

Use this portfolio for an art company template to get inspirations on how to create a top-notch company portfolio. Available instantly upon download, this template features all the elements of a standard document, leaving no chance that you can forget anything. You can download it anytime and from anywhere.

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